For Richer or For Poorer

Hey Pumps and Gloss-ers,

Wedding season is approaching very quickly. Many brides are finalizing reception, floral arrangements, and other related wedding activities.

I have discussed many aspects of wedding attire and accessories, but not the actual wedding/reception party planning.

Wedding Reception

We all know that weddings/receptions can be expensive. If possible, your best bet is to begin the planning process early. Please bare in mind that the actual wedding is not as costly as the reception. You can probably get away with faux flowers and tulle on the pews and a few flowers, columns, and so forth on the rostrum.

The reception is probably 60-80% of the budget, assuming that all of the bridal party will be paying out of their own pockets, which is pretty much standard, unless you are aware of financial hardship with a couple of bridal participants. Here is Mix Maven’s rule of thumb, “If you cannot afford the reception, you need to keep the wedding invites to a minimum.” Opt for a destination ceremony that will limit who can come to the wedding, which, ultimately, means less money flowing out of your pocket.

Preston Bailey’s Sandals Destination Wedding

I must stress that you cannot have a caviar and saltfish reception. You must either keep the reception elegant or decide on a casual event. Do not mix the two. A friend of mine was telling me about a wedding that the friend was planning with the bride. The bride asked the friend to help because she likes my friend’s taste, which is quite impeccable. The friend told me how the bride wanted to use plastic or paper plates for dining *gasp* as well as setting up a lobby for the reception. *double gasp*!!! To add insult to injury, the bride and groom wanted to serve a specific ethnic menu to all guests, but the menu would cater to 25% of guests. Why? Because the menu was the cheapest. Now, the best solution would be to cater to both sets, negotiating rates that will be conducive to their budget. (Sidebar: if you have a significant amount of guests that are vegetarian, do not relegate them to eating cheese and pasta. Make sure that substantive food i.e. protein is provided for them.)

Spring Rolls - Source:

I am not saying that you should not find bargains, but be careful of where you decide to cut costs. I am a bargain shopper, but I know that you get what you pay for. Do not cut costs on food. If you cannot afford to feed people good food, DO NOT have a reception. I heard about a bride wanting to have a potluck for her wedding reception, thankfully, a relative stepped in and helped to make sure the event was catered.

Do not treat guests with disdain by providing them substandard fair, yet still wanting gifts from them . Elegance does not have to be butchered, if your budget is not the amount you want it to be, be open to creative affordable options that will still add the touch of elegance you desire. You, your spouse, family and guests are definitely worth it! Always REMEMBER, Your wedding day is a reflection of you and your new spouse, so make sure the look you want is cohesive and charming.

Keep It Classy,

Mix Maven

Glossy Monday – The Pink Edition

Hey Glossy Ones!

Hope all of you are doing well, staying warm, and living stress free….well, as stress free as you possibly can! 🙂


Keyshia Cole stepped up her game in the video for “I Remember.”


I had the BIGGEST crush on The D.O.C. – whew, so fine!  Check him out in “Funky Enough.”


Sensual Element can tell you how hot Dooney and Bourke is – not only does she have a D&B, she has a fabulous matching wristlet that she better watch closely or it will be in my possession! 🙂  The D&B Crossword Bucket bag is darling in light pink.

The Shop Girl 2 Tote by Kenneth Cole is a must have.


I love the color of this shoe!  So bright and pretty.  The Nine West Lecia is a must have for you ladies getting glammed up for Valentine’s Day.


I have been coming across some really cool pink items for the ladies, including those suede bad boys above this section!

How I LOVE these jeans!  The pink cat is too fly.  The Baby Phat Large Black Cat Hipster Jean will be purchased with my next check! LOL!  They come in sizes 0 through 13 and 14 through 24.

Are these Baby Phat Silvie Wedges adorable or what?

I love this Coach Heritage Stripe Wristlet with the two dramaticlly different shades of pink.

Why Sprint couldn’t come out with this pink Palm Centro before Christmas, I don’t know!  I’m not hating on my red one, but oh, this pink one is sooooooooo cute!


Kirk Franklin is back with “The Fight of My Life.”  I call myself hip to Contemporary Gospel, but this cd came out without much publicity.


I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

~2 Timothy 4:7

Have a GREAT week!


Zane is looking for APF Members!



The Sorors of APF would appreciate it if you would pass this on to all the freaky people you know!

Thanks, Soror Cum Hard and Soror Three Input

Introduction from “The Sisters of APF” by Zane

 In the beginning, there was sex.  Boring, passionless sex with the women in the missionary position looking at the ceiling and wishing the man would hurry up and bust a nut so they could go to sleep.  That type of meaningless sex lasted for generations, from the days of the cave man to the days of the covered wagons to the days of the bouffant.

Men thinking they could just get their jollies off and not give anything in return.

Then something strange began to happen, right around the time women finally obtained the right to vote.  Sexual inhibitions began to vanish.  Sistahs began to realize that if they could work hard every day, bring home the bacon and raise a family, then they deserved a little hellified sex in their lives.  No, make that a lot of hellified sex.  They started telling men what they liked and disliked in the bedroom.  They started instructing them on how to please them.  Most importantly, they learned how to please themselves when men couldn’t do it for them.

Now is the time for the revolution!

The female sexual revolution!

As we embark on the new millennium,

it is time for all the real sexual divas

to stand up and be counted.

Embrace your freakiness.

Come out of the closets.

If your man can’t handle it,

trade his ass in for another one.

Where does it all begin?

Who knows?






“I know where the revolution begins.  It begins with the illustrious sorors of ALPHA PHI FUCKEM SORORITY, INC.  But even we began somewhere.  Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end.  This is ours.”

-Soror Ride Dick—Circa 2002

In 2008, The REVOLUTION Continues:

Zane officially presents the APF Toy Collection—not your ordinary adult toy collection but hand-picked selections from the Queen of Erotic Fiction. For years Zane has proclaimed that she would enlist the freakiest sisters on the planet to implement her plan to free the minds and yes, the pussies, of women everywhere.


The Illustrious Sorors of Alpha Phi Fuckem Sorority, Inc. will begin our first official rush beginning on Valentine’s Day 2008. Only women who are serious about their business when it comes to their sexuality will be considered. “The Head Bangers” will be the inaugural line and will be limited so that all parties involved can be guaranteed hellified experiences.


The APF Toy Collection will premiere in conjunction with “Zane’s Sex Chronicles” on Cinemax in May, where five freaky women: Zane/Patience, Lyric, Maricruz, Eboni and Ana Marie, will show the world what female empowerment is truly about.


If you are interested in being considered as a Soror and feel you are uninhibited enough to market The APF Toy Collection, please send an essay of at least 250 words to (see essays below from those who have already applied).


Tell us why you are up to the task of enlightening sisters and helping them to explore their sensuality. You will be notified within the next 90 days if you are Alpha Phi Fuckem material. We do not want boring adult toy parties, like so many other companies promote. We want—no, we demand—that APF parties be an “experience.” Therefore, you must be on top of your game. It is not as simple as signing onto a web site and paying to get in like the other companies. You have to fit in. Please include your desired “line name” in the subject line of your email. Just make sure you can live up to it. Even though the official rush does not begin until Valentine’s Day, we suggest you get your essay in earlier because we already know that a lot of sisters will want to be Head Bangers and once that line is closed, others will have to wait until the next rush to be considered.



Soror Ride Dick





Life is too short to spend scared of anything. Let alone to be scared of the power of pussy. Better yet of my own pussy. I’ve known this ever since I was a teenager. I realized I wasn’t like all the other females. Mind you, anybody can have sex. But, it takes a chosen few, real bad bitches, to have PHENOMENAL sex. I learned from an early age the secret to having PHENOMENAL sex was to just let go.


I’ve been scared of heights. Scared of water (large bodies, oceans, lakes). Scared of guns. Scared of success. But, never, in all my phobias and fears have I ever been scared of sex. Or dick. Why? God couldn’t have put a more beautiful thing on this earth than the black man’s dick. It’s artwork in its most purest and living form. I’m not happy until I wrap these extra thick, usually extra lip glossed succulent pillows around one to suck it dry or unless I’m wrapping the softest lips on this planet, locking one down in these dripping wet set of vice grips otherwise known as my pussy or better yet, what I call her, my “cookies.” Yes, there’s nothing more deliciously enjoyable than getting dick, good dick, and taking it, over and over again. I know I’m not the only one.


I have no problem, no issue discussing sex. I’d rather talk about sex. It’s easier to talk about sex. It’s something that everybody does and there’s always something new you can learn. I’ve been reading Cosmo, Playboy, Variations since I was 16 (yeah, I could have been reading Seventeen or Word Up! but damn, I figure if it’s something you like to do, you should learn to get better at it). Athletes do it, writers do it, musicians do it, why not people who like to fuck? I’ve never been afraid to ask about sex, seek advice, give advice, speak about sex. Never once have I been afraid to touch my body, give myself an amazing orgasm or tell someone, if they ask, what I suggest they do to give themselves or someone else an amazing orgasm.


Life is too short to ‘play a role’. To be this ‘good girl’ who pretends to not be knowledgeable or at the very worst, to pretend to not like sex. That is a crime. You can still be a lady and like to fuck and be a freak and be GREAT in bed. In fact, I don’t know any man who wouldn’t like that, enjoy it, revel in it.


So, is it a question whether I can be a Soror of Alpha Phi Fuckem, Inc? Naw. Not hardly. I’d love the privilege, the honor. I’d consider it to be as such. Can I host a Head Banger party? Shit, I don’t see why not. I could and have without the prestige of the title. Would I, if allowed, be a Soror of APF? Hell yeah. Because one thing I’ve learned in my brief twenty seven and ¾ years on this planet, life is short, play hard. And, I do, so oh so, seriously.








I am interested in becoming a rep for your sex toy line. Let me begin by introducing myself.

I am a twenty five year old freak that has been in the making for almost twelve years…yes, I said twelve years. The third man I ever slept with turned me completely upside down; I was fourteen and he was seventeen.  Even though he and I ended our relationship almost two years in, I must still thank him for opening my eyes to the pleasures that lie within my mind and my pussy.

After him I fucked a few men here and there but somehow they could never compare to my previous lover. This man would suck my pussy, massage my clit and take me to unforeseen places. It was not until a few months later that I met the man I now have been exclusive with for the last ten years. This man had a beautiful dick. I am talking chocolate, thick, sensual and tasty; the only problem was that he was not sexually liberated at all. I, as a matter of fact, was the first woman to ever suck his dick. Of course when I first slid my mouth down his, shaft I was thinking he had this done several times….well this man came in my mouth in less than a minute. At first I was furious, to say the least, but then I began to think. This will be my opportunity to turn this man out just as I was turned out.

My motto when I first would become sexually active with a man was that if you don’t eat pussy, I will not be taking a ride on your dick. It’s funny because men used to look at me in amazement. This man was no different; however he was stern with his answer. I am never doing that, that shit is nasty. Let’s put it like this; this man can’t get enough of my sweet cream. He does things he never thought he would…anal sex, oral sex, sex in public (and loving it), getting whipped, getting his body covered in just about any food of my choice, using sex toys on both he and I, hell this man has been so turned out he now even enjoys tossing that salad.


Please say hello to Soror Turn Em Out 



I would love to become a soror of the APF.  Let me explain.  I am 25 and honestly, I’ve had a little bit of freak in me for a long time.  I use toys, creams, etc. alone and with my boyfriend.  Unfortunately, I’ve been an undercover freak.  I’ve been undercover for the simple fact that I didn’t want to be portrayed as a whore, yet I wanted to be satisfied and satisfying.  Well I work with some women who shared a lot of sexual information with me about the things they’ve done to their men.  At that point, I was shocked that they were so open about it.  They were even willing to give me lessons and suggested I practice oral sex using a banana.  Of course, I’ve been a big fan of yours and I’ve read all of your books.  The only thing is that I wished that I could be as liberated as the characters.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t boring and I tend to keep it interesting but again I didn’t want to be too freaky because of society’s idea of being a whore.  Then I bought Dear G-Spot.  It wasn’t until then that I realized that it was ok to be wild and crazy in bed.  Now I know it is ok to be sexually uninhibited.  I aim to please.  I have been to several sex parties and I have enjoyed most.  I enjoy toys and movies and so does my man.  At first I would be flustered if someone said dick or pussy and somewhat embarrassed when I’d frequent the party shop.  Now, let me tell you, they know me on a first name basis.  I have even shared some tips to my horny co-workers. LOL.  So I would be honored to become a Soror of the Alpha Phi Fuckem committee.  Thank you for being bold enough to write erotic books, and thank you for writing Dear G Spot.  That book has opened doors for me sexually, and I am truly grateful.  Thank you again.  Love ya.



Well, I’m Lynnette, but my nickname is MILKY. After being married to a man 16 years older than me for ten years I have come to learn some things about myself. Once upon a time I used to be sexually shy, my THEN husband didn’t excite me, and never wanted to try new things with me. As his attention for me gazed away, I sought solace on the internet. I found men who loved my full figured body and all that I had to offer.’


I started with taking sexy provocative pictures of myself, and posted them on the web. Damn, what a huge response I got. I then found voice chat rooms online. I purchased a mic and would engage in lewd conduct and behavior when it was my turn to talk on the mic. I started feeling fuckstrated every damn day, and my husband was nowhere to be found. This prompted my 1st affair, with a 45-year-old man that lived in Philly. I have to admit he turned me the hell out… Then by chance my husband went away to jail (thank God), and I found myself meeting more men, fucking them, and learning to do things like give head.


After ten years, I divorced that jerk and started making my own home movies of me masturbating with various toys, and such. I even went as far as to have a beginner’s threesome with 2 male companions. That shyt made me realize I had a lot going for myself. I’m married to my NEW husband now, and we try any and everything. I even started writing short blogs awhile back, telling of these adventures I had, or that I would have liked to have. I know this email may be more than 1000 words, but ZANE, girl I am sorry. I always have a lot to say.

Any who, I think I would be a great business partner for your online toys. Hell, I may turn out to be your biggest customer as well.








Why am I uninhibited enough to become a soror of Alpha Phi Fuckem, Inc.

Sex is an act. At times, it’s not a feeling…well, most of the time. Some may think this is nasty or may think I’m whore. But in order for me to fulfill some of my wildest fantasies, I must think this way! Cum with me for a minute. Relax your mind and your muscles—all of your muscles. You may enjoy it. I know I did!

As I walked in, the music was okay. It was reggae night. I wasn’t feeling much like dancing, but I could definitely use a drink and sit at the bar. I was already horny as hell and the shot of Patron I had before leaving home did not sit well. I was a little stressed and needed to fuck desperately. I went to the bar upstairs in search of a boy toy. I got a Tokyo Tea and went back downstairs. Everyone was grooving. Sadly, they still weren’t playing any reggae, so I took a seat in the corner at the bar.

The drink was finally relaxing me! While scanning the area, I spotted this tall fine brotha walking my way! Now, I’m a fine-thick-ass-sista with a warm juicy pussy. In front of me, there was a slender chick. That brotha started my way, then he stopped to talk to her! “Damn ain’t that some shit!” I thought.  Oh well.

I kept bobbing my head and drinking my Tokyo Tea. At this time, I’m on my second one and my pussy was still wet. Now, even more! I lock eyes with the same brotha. Okay wait a minute! He lifted that slender chick from her stool and sat her on top of the bar! He comes up to me and says, “I’ve been watching you since you arrived and I want to touch and feel you because I know you got some bomb ass pussy!”

By now, my pussy was thumping and all of my prayers were being answered. I needed to release some frustration and tension and he was perfect. I placed my hand on the bulge in his pants and DAY-UM he was blessed! He whispered to me about his loft up the street and invited me there for drinks or whatever. My mind was focused on the “whatever.” Bam! I bounced back to reality! I didn’t drive that night! I rode with friends! SHIT! What can I do? I don’t normally jump into the car with strangers. But my pussy was talking and I had to listen. “Tonight,” I thought, “she’s the boss!”

He was parked across the street. He grabbed my hand as we jaywalked to his ride. His hand was so warm and twice the size of mine. Damn, I can’t wait to feel his Dick inside of me! But before that, there would be a primer. When we got into the car, he drove with one hand. The other was quite nicely occupied reaching up my skirt. He immediately slipped his finger through my sugar walls. Thankfully, I shaved that morning, so my shit was bare as a baby’s bottom. I knew he had skills—he can drive and finger fuck me! I sat back and placed one leg on the dashboard so that he could dig deep! I slid my ass down so that he could go deeper and deeper. I had to mentally tell myself not to cum! I’m enjoying every minute of this finger fucking and the anticipation of Mr. Mandingo’s Dick has me wet as hell!

When we arrived at the loft, I bent over the marble desk as he undressed me. Tonight was the night where…oops, I forgot my panties! He started kissing me from head to toe. He gently slid his tongue up my inner thigh and got to my pearl. “Wet,” he said as he licked out my juices. I was ready to explode. I wanted to feel that big ol’ Mandingo inside of me.

He put on a condom, bent me over and began licking my ass! Oh my God, he’s trying to turn me out. Finally, I felt his manhood go into my pussy. “Mmmm,” I moan and he went to work. I came instantly. We went from the desk, then to the chair, and then to the floor. The entire time his Dick never left my pussy. As I gyrated, I squeezed, and he pumped. I came, then he came! I came a total of six times!

I looked at the clock and it had been two hours since we left the club. My friends were waiting for me. They were drunk in the car. I kissed Mr. Mandingo on the forehead, then he asked if I would call him. I answered “yes,” but I knew it was a lie. There was really no need. I got what I needed. I got rid of some tension and he got some good pussy! This was definitely only about fucking.

Damn! Just thinking about it still makes my pussy wet! I’m the next Soror of Alpha Phi Fuckem, Inc. I’m ready and I definitely have what it takes. I would be a great asset to your organization. Accept me…as I am!

Do You Believe The Children Are The Future?

Hey Pumps and Gloss-ers,

Mr. Maven and I were watching a program on C-SPAN, which featured US House Representative Danny K. Davis giving a speech at The City Club of Chicago. He stated that more male teachers are needed in early childhood development and elementary education. He said that boys often think learning is for girls because most, if not all, of the teachers are women.

So I suggested to Mr. Maven that he could do some in-kind contributions, i.e. reading, to local Headstart programs and elementary schools. I ran the idea by Mama Maven, a HeadStart teacher. She thought the guest story time reader was a great idea, so we set up a date for Mr. Maven to go to the school.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 was the date that was set for Mr. Maven to read to the students, ages 3-5 years old. He selected, Do Not Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus!

Do Not Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus

The children were very excited about the book and Mr. Maven made the book quite fun and interactive for the children. He asked the children several times, “should you let the pigeon drive the bus?” The children screamed, “NO!!” The reading was too much fun for teachers, students and guests.

Mr. Maven will make more visits to the HeadStart to read to the children, our future!

I recommend that you nudge all your male loved ones (especially those who are making positive contributions to the society at-large) to participate in this type of in-kind giving. Bear in mind that interested parties will need to have background checks, BUT the process is well worth it.

Find Your Strength In Love,

Mix Maven

Remembering Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Video:  Morehouse Remembers Dr. King


Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Our God is Marching On” speech resonates still

(Source) Seattle Times staff reporter


Listen — and you’ll hear the words of a man who was more than just an orator. Listen, and in those words you’ll hear not only yesterday’s struggles but the challenges of today.

Nearly 43 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech under the most trying of circumstances, forging rays of hope amid tragedy and strife of landmark resonance. On Monday, the Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas (CD Forum) will present “Our God Is Marching On,” a staged reading of that speech, at Seattle Center’s Center House Pavilion.

The reading is the fifth in an ongoing partnership between the CD Forum and Seattle Center’s annual holiday celebration. Past readings have included King’s most famous speech, “I Have A Dream,” as well as his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.

Through his words, a much broader picture of King emerges, showing a civil-rights leader who, steeped in the African-American church experience, addressed issues ranging from segregation and poverty to nuclear proliferation and the Vietnam War.

“All of those issues are relevant today,” says Timeca Briggs, director of Monday’s stage production. “We saw in the last couple of elections problems with voting, with who gets to vote and who doesn’t. … So this is the time for this speech.”

Selma march

By March 1965, the nation’s new Civil Rights Act was on the books. But parts of the South were slow to embrace such a paradigm shift. In particular, in Selma, Ala., African Americans faced corruption, intimidation and gerrymandering on their way to becoming registered voters.

Early that month, two weeks after the assassination of Malcolm X in New York, King and more than 500 demonstrators left Selma on U.S. 80 en route to the state capital of Montgomery to tell Gov. George Wallace their rights had been infringed.

But six blocks away, at the Edmund Pettus Bridge, state troopers and sheriff’s officers attacked the group with bull whips and tear gas.

Prompted by media coverage of the assault, supporters from around the country descended on Selma two days later for a second try. But when King agreed to abide by a federal restraining order, the 2,000-plus marchers made the march purely symbolic, once again halting at the bridge.

That day, after the curtailed demonstration, James Reeb, a Unitarian Universalist minister who had traveled from Boston for the march, was attacked outside a Selma bar. He died two days later.

On March 21, King and thousands more took to the road again. For four days and 54 miles, they braved pouring rain, roadside naps and “trying hills,” finally arriving in Montgomery, a place often called “The Cradle of the Confederacy.” There — like Jonah in the belly of the whale, as one historical account put it — King faced an eventual throng of 25,000 from the capitol building steps.

They told us we wouldn’t get here. And there were those who said that we would get here only over their dead bodies, but all the world today knows that we are here and we are standing before the forces of power in the state of Alabama saying, “We ain’t gon’ let nobody turn us around.”

A history lesson

They were here to talk about voting rights.

But King saw the injustice they faced was rooted in the post-Civil War period, and he took his listeners there with him, giving focus to a speech at once broad and epic. “There were no laws segregating the races then,” King noted. But “toward the end of the Reconstruction era, something very significant happened,” he said. Segregation became a weapon used by Southern business interests threatened by the Populist Movement that had united both poor whites and African Americans.

If it may be said of the slavery era that the white man took the world and gave the Negro Jesus, then it may be said of the Reconstruction Era that the Southern aristocracy took the world and gave the poor white man Jim Crow. … And when his wrinkled stomach cried out for the food that his empty pockets could not provide, he ate Jim Crow, a psychological bird that told him that no matter how bad off he was, at least he was a white man, better than the black man. …

And his children, too, learned to feed upon Jim Crow, their last outpost of psychological oblivion.


This is a Dr. King many may not recognize. That’s what CD Forum director Denee McCloud sought when she chose this year’s production.

“I wanted something people had not heard,” she says. “This was a culmination of so many things that were going on. … He goes into so many things — where racism comes from, why we are here at this place. He talks about it in terms of class, of voting rights — which we’re still dealing with. There’s still people being disenfranchised. So in that way, I thought the speech was very powerful.”

Stage director Briggs and her six cast members aim to capture the speech’s religious rhythms, the call-and-response cadences King built his prose upon. The passage above, with its potentially controversial linking of religion to oppression, gave them chills.

“How very revolutionary and forward-thinking,” Briggs says. “How out of the box. He was just heroic. Somebody could read that as blasphemy — but he was courageous enough to be honest about the role that religion played.”

The imagery of eating Jim Crow also struck a chord. “We talk about food and feeding our bodies, but he’s talking about feeding your mind and your souls and your heart,” she says. ” … What we put in is kind of what we are. If we’re eating junk, our bodies are going to reflect that. And if your mind’s eating junk, you’re going to reflect that.”

Reaching out for unity

They were on the move now.

Today I want to say to the people of America and the nations of the world, that we are not about to turn around. We are on the move now.

Yes, we are on the move and no wave of racism can stop us. We are on the move now.

The burning of our churches will not deter us. The bombing of our homes will not dissuade us. We are on the move now. …

Like an idea whose time has come, not even the marching of mighty armies can halt us. We are moving to the land of freedom.

Despite the unnatural divisions King said had led to their circumstances, the speech breathes with hope, which production members say still resonates today. “Though he goes to some really radical places in the speech, he always comes back to remind his audience that the goal is not to divide, but to connect,” says actor Lin Lucas.

While CD Forum’s McCloud hopes the reading will showcase the breadth of King’s work, she also wants “to let people know his dream is still alive today. I heard somebody refer to [presidential candidate Barack] Obama not being Martin Luther King, but Obama is Martin Luther King’s dream. King is still alive, because his dream is alive.”

Briggs says she hopes it inspires people to think and act differently. “That’s what I hope to do with all my art,” she says. “At the end of the speech, he talks about that great day, not of the white man or the black man, but of man,” she says. “He’s still holding out hope. … He’s talking to all people, saying, we can come together. And that hope is always relevant.”

A seemingly inconceivable task. King knew his weary followers would ask: How long?

How long? Not long, because “no lie can live forever.”

How long? Not long, because “you shall reap what you sow.”

… How long? Not long, because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

Weary road

In his conclusion, McCloud says, King offers nothing less than a spiritual call to action. “He’s taking us and shaking us and saying, ‘Listen, people — we’ve been on a long march where we’ve been physically attacked. We’re pushing though a certain moment. It doesn’t matter that the Civil Rights Act just passed — look what’s happened here.’ People were tired.”

The battle, as he said, was in their hands. Against the current backdrop of an oft-divided, election-minded nation, the speech’s relevance remains.

Listen, King was saying. Listen. And in doing so, he invoked a song with spiritual foundations but whose lyrics carried a powerful, universal reach.

How long? Not long, because:

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;

He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;

He has loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword;

His truth is marching on.

Within five months, President Johnson had signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Guard Your Lady Business

There are many euphemisms for the vagina: hoo-hoo, muff (I do not know anyone that uses that word), ki ki, va jay jay, lady business, which is my favorite, any many more. The vagina is an area of the body that we, ladies, tend to be very sensitive about. We buy all kinds of foams, creams, sprays to keep it refreshed and clean.

Thankfully, I am in tuned to my lady business. I must let mine breathe every now and again at night. But I have never left my house without wearing underwear. I stumbled on (under)Garment Guard.

Garment Guard - Source:

The description states, “(under)Garment Guard is a 100% cotton, heart-shaped underwear alternative. It simply adheres to the crotch of pants & shorts, enabling women to ditch the panties while keeping the protection. Say goodbye to panty lines and rogue underwear peeking out the top of low-rider pants.” This product sounds amazing.

I may have to check out this product.

Let us know, if you have used this product and/or similar products.

Keep It Fresh,

Mix Maven

Who Knew?

Who knew…

 …when Soulja Boy says “Superman that ***,” he was referring to this.  YUCK!  I am too mad about that.

…Nicole Richie would join the crowd of celebs who name their kid(s) “off the beaten path” names?  How’s that for tactful?

…Janet Jackson’s new song “Feedback” would be so hot?

…Charlie Wilson would come back with a song produced by T-Pain?  It’s hot – check out “Suppa Sexy.”

…The Simmons Sisters (Rev. Run’s daughters) would have such a big hit with Pastry Shoes?  I like these the best.

Relationship Resolutions You Must Make in 2008

Relationship Resolutions You Must Make in 2008

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2008? If you are like millions of other Americans, you likely have resolved to lose weight, exercise more, pay off credit card debt, or quit smoking. But how about making a resolution that will protect your most important asset of all… your relationship?Even the happiest marriage needs a little TLC every now and then, and there is no better time than the New Year to do a little caretaking. Here are the following relationship resolutions that every couple should make for 2008. (Print it out for your partner, too!)

  • Tell your kids no! According to the old rules of parenting, children come before everything else, including your marriage. Well, out with the old and in with the new! Your marriage should be your number one priority, and your children should see and respect the importance and beauty of your marriage.Make time for your spouse, even if it means denying your kids’ wishes every once in a while. Don’t worry, they will still be well-rounded children without that extra music class — and they will benefit from seeing your happy, healthy marriage.
  • Rediscover your bedroom. Make your bedroom a sanctuary for you and your partner. This is a private space where you can talk and bond with your spouse. This means no cribs in the corner or kids sleeping in between you every night! Keep your bedroom kid-free and clutter-free.You should also remove the television from your bedroom, since studies have shown that bedroom televisions detract from both rest and marital bonding. Get your sitcom fix before heading to the bedroom — consider it a sacred space for only you and your partner.
  • More than just a date night. Conventional marital wisdom tells us to schedule a date night once a week. This is good advice, but we also need to remember to schedule time without the expectation of intimacy at least once a week. Use this time simply to talk with your spouse, or even just cuddle and laugh. One caveat: You are not allowed to discuss errands, grocery lists, or report cards! This is relationship time.
  • Who do we appreciate? A recent study found that people who kept a gratitude journal, in which they wrote down things they were grateful for, were less likely to be stressed and unhappy than people who did not keep a journal.The same rule of appreciation applies to relationships. The more you express appreciation to your partner, the better you will both feel. Remember to say “thank you” for the amazing things your partner does (especially the small things), whether it is loading the dishwasher or remembering your favorite candy at the drugstore.
  • Keep it exciting. When things get dull in your relationship, you will feel the effects of it throughout your life. If you want to keep your relationship exciting, you will have to get out of your comfort zone. Try adventure dating in which you go on a roller coaster, see a scary movie, or even go bungee jumping!The dopamine and adrenaline which flood your brain during these experiences are similar to the initial butterflies you felt when first dating your spouse, so get out there and go on an adventure! Even if you aren’t the daredevil type, you can break out of your routine by trying a new restaurant and investigating a new part of the city.
  • Don’t lose yourself. Every couple needs time apart to explore their own interests and develop their own friendships. Don’t forget your “me” time in 2008, whether it means reconnecting with lost friends, taking a class, or joining an exercise program. Agree to allow your partner the same freedom, and swap babysitting duties while the other person gets to enjoy his relaxation duties.

And your last relationship resolution?  Make your New Year’s Eve kiss with your spouse the best one yet! 

Rock The Vote

I am very glad the holidays are over. I find it to be a very hectic time, as many of you do.

As you all know, January 8, 2008 was the first of 50 presidential primaries. This year, we, the voters, have many choices in both parties. (Please make the right choice 🙂 )

Being a relatively new US citizen, I am still excited about the voting process. I vote pretty much every election. We all need to be engaged in our local politics as well as national politics. Some people say, “Oh I do not like all that political stuff.” But what they do not realize that government affects all of us, even if they do not care. God forbid, a law is passed that they do not like.

All that said, REGISTER TO VOTE TODAY!!!!

You can register online @ Rock The Vote caters to a younger demographic, so the site is a good way to learn about election issues.

Rock The Vote

You can also refer to Declare Yourself – State By State Info. This site gives you information about your state’s primary and general election voter registration deadlines. This website has a plethora of voting information and you can also register to vote.

Declare Yourself

And my favorite resource is C-SPAN. C-SPAN airs many campaign speeches and events, so you can be apart of the process. Please note: If you do not have cable, do not fear because C-SPAN airs programming online. WooHoo!!


See you at the polls,

Mix Maven

Joyful 2008!

Hello Glossy Ones!

Happy New Year and all that good stuff!  I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season as much as I did.  While I didn’t have a whole two weeks off like some people, I enjoyed my holiday time off all the same.

Since we at P&G are getting back into the groove, no formatting from me today.  Just straight blogging! 🙂

Let’s talk about my great Christmas gifts!  Yippee – I must have been a really good girl because I was blessed with such awesome gifts!  First off, I have FINALLY joined the iPod revolution!

My hubby really spoiled me and got me the green (my fave color) iPod nano.  I love, love, love it!!!!  I started loading songs Christmas day and as it stands, I have over 400 songs on it already.  I found a very cool and slender speaker for it at Target for $15.00 and the sound quality is excellent.  So I put the iPod, the cool leather case hubby got for it, the ear buds and the speaker inside a make up bag (got it from BBW and it says “SPF-Stay Pretty Forever” – so cute) and carry it in my bag to work.

Hubby surprised me with this Palm Centro too!  Yummy and I chatted about about this phone when I initially posted it last month.  The phone is a small size and if you wear fake nails, this is not the phone for you!  The buttons are on the small side, but still very functional.  SO MANY great features on this phone, I don’t even know where to begin!  Great access to e-mail, four instant messenger programs, including Yahoo and AOL, awesome On Demand features that let you check the news, weather, entertainment, and even TV Guide, and a Call Tone feature where you buy a song clip to be played when people call you.  So if you are special enough to have my number, you will hear “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder playing while the phone rings on my end.  I haven’t bought a case for it, so it gets carried in one of my Coach wristlets – it’s a perfect fit.

My girl Dani got me the greatest gifts ever, including this Coach signature frame keyfob.  Dani got me black on black with the white stitch, which matches my Coach hobo and shoes perfectly!

I got a number of gift cards – Bath and Body Works, Macy’s and Nordstrom to name a few.  I used the Nordstrom gift card to get the Amazing Grace perfume, which I absolutely love!

No pics of what my folks got me – a fly suit for work, gift cards plus money, and shoes.  They even bought a stocking full of toys for my pup, which have all been chewed to shreds!

Switching gears, the only song that I am really jamming right now is “Falsetto” by The Dream.  “Ooo, Ooo, Baby, I, I, I!”  Love it!

My first must have shoe for 2008 is the Nanette Lepore Snake-Embossed T-Strap.  Four inches high and I love shimmer of the snakeskin against the neutral color.

Gotta leave my Glossy Ones with a Word to carry you all through the week.  Short, but powerfl clip – Martha Munizzi singing “I Know The Plans I Have For You.”

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

~ Jeremiah 29:11

Have a Wonderful Week!