About Pumps and Gloss

Welcome to Pumps and Gloss!

A blog that is interested everything and are not ashamed to talk about it. From fashion and beauty, to faith, to current events, to sex, and everything in between, Pumps and Gloss is the site for variety.

For feedback from our readers or inquiries – please feel free e-mail us at pumpsandgloss@rocketmail.com with suggestions and great websites you want us to see or you can share your comments under any of our posts.

Our Contributors are:

  • Mix Maven mixes up fashion, faith, music, beauty and everything else during the week
  • Joyful Radiance encourages the pursuit of bliss and shares a variety of things
  • Sensual Element helps us understand that there is more to sex than just the basics.

We hope you enjoy Pumps and Gloss!

11 Responses

  1. Totally awesome blog!!

  2. Love your blog.

  3. Hey girls, check out my fic blog for femmes: nashvillefemme.wordpress.com…I’d love your comments!

  4. Nice blog … 🙂 Visit mine sometime too XxxX

  5. This site is great. Please let me know what I can do to get more visitors to your site.

  6. Where is Sensual Element? I miss her tips and stories!

  7. I am interested in the wedding dress worn by Tia Mowry designed by Kevan Hall. Would anyone know how to find information on ordering from his clothing line?

  8. This is awesome. Great job on the blog!!

  9. I loooove your blog you rock!!!!

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  11. I really like the new layout. 😀

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