PROS AND CONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do people feel when it comes to masturbation?  For some, it’s the next best thing to sex. Some even preferring masturbation over intercourse while others want nothing to do with it. Why do some people not feel comfortable with masturbation? To breakdown the answers to the questions, I gathered friends to discuss the pros and cons of masturbation.  


There have been some rave reviews on masturbation.  It ranges from “GO MASTURBATION” to “ITS THE BEST THING FOR YOU.”  Some of the benefits include learning about your body and what helps you to achieve an ORGASM.  Women like that masturbation helps them to become comfortable with their own bodies.  Men and Women both agree that masturbation relieves stress and is excellent act of foreplay. For couples, it provides mutual stimulation and a way to add a little spice your sex life. Additionally ladies and gents, masturbation is a safe alternative to sex. No worries about contracting an STD. And finally, if you find that you are having difficulties getting to sleep at night, try your hand at masturbation. It’s the best “sleep aid” around and just think, you don’t even need a prescription. It works every time especially when you give yourself a really good orgasm.  You’ll be snoring moments later. 


If there are pros there must be cons right? Not really but this is what some people had to say.  Masturbation is only a temporary satisfaction.  It does the job for the moment.  Some partners might feel inept believing that there partner is masturbating because they are not being satisfied. I tell you my friends not true. Go back and read the pros and consider masturbating with your partner. Some felt like they rather have the real deal instead of the temporary relief.  The real deal is always great but don’t deprive your self of a much needed orgasm simply because you don’t have anyone around at the moment. What if your partner is thousands of miles away and you have to resort to phone sex, would you masturbate then? Sure it’s still not the real deal but again remember just because you’re masturbating doesn’t mean you have to do it solo. You’ve got to think out of the box. I believe that masturbation is a healthy part of any sexual relationship just like oral sex and while it should not be a substitute for intercourse it provides sexual awareness and allows for couples and partners to be creative in their relationships. For more information on masturbation, check out Not everyone knows about the horror stories of masturbation so check it. But some things you should just know better. Remember to keep it safe people!!     

Remember: Self service is handy and exciting when done right.

Sensual Element


One of my favorite things to do is laugh!  Nothing picks my spirits up or makes my day like a good laugh.  According to, here is why you should laugh more often:

The Physical Health Benefits of Laughter

  • reduce stress
  • lower blood pressure
  • elevate mood
  • boost immune system
  • improve brain functioning
  • protect the heart
  • connect you to others
  • foster instant relaxation
  • makes you feel good

“The Boondocks” tickles me!

The Mental Health Benefits of Laughter

  • Humor enhances our ability to affiliate or connect with others.
  • Humor helps us replace distressing emotions with pleasurable feelings. You cannot feel angry, depressed, anxious, guilty, or resentful and experience humor at the same time.
  • Lacking humor will cause one’s thought processes to stagnate leading to increased distress.
  • Humor changes behavior – when we experience humor we talk more, make more eye contact with others, touch others, etc.
  • Humor increases energy, and with increased energy we may perform activities that we might otherwise avoid.
  • Finally, humor is good for mental health because it makes us feel good!

I have been blessed with incredibly funny friends, but when they are not available, I can count on The Simpsons and Eddie Murphy for a great laugh… Homer and that pig! LOL!    I don’t care what people say about Eddie – he is the epitome of FUNNY!

I can laugh at people dancing all day: Shaq’s booty pop is too much!  Classic!!!Scrubs” always has funny scenes!

Also, check out what Real Age has to say about laughter. 

I can easily post a bunch of my fave funny clips – I have a bookmark folder dedicated to comedy – but since we all have different senses of humor, I will just encourage you to have a laugh, a giggle, a chuckle every day! 😀

Joyful Radiance

Every Woman Should Have….Part 4 of 4

1.   A Sexy Pair of Pumps

2.   A Computer is a must in this day and age

3.   Knowledge on Current Events – Local, National and International

4.    A Great Pair of Sunglasses

5.   A Cause that you donate time and/or money to

6.   Fond Memories of being in love and/or Current Bliss of being in love 

7.   Peace in her home

8.   A daily Skin Care regimen for face and body

9.   A “Freak Um Dress” or Outfit that makes you feel Sexy!

10.   A Cardigan – See Mix Maven’s “Spring Forward” Post

Spring Forward

Hey Pumps & Gloss Friends,

Spring is here! I love this time of the year because the sun is shining and the weather is warm. We all have that pep in our step, excitement about summer plans. We can begin to peel of the winter layers, and prettify for the Spring season. Here are some items we will need for the season and all seasons for that matter.

I adore cardigans!!! I believe every woman should have at least 5 in various colors and textures, i.e. summer and winter knits. Cardigans can hide a multitude of upper body sins.

Frenchi Half Sleeve Cardigan - Nordstrom

Christian Dior - Crocheted Cardigan

Invest in wraps, including some for warm and cold weather, sequins and beading, and plain cashmere , as well as for most occasions i.e. for dinner parties, church functions, and casual gatherings.

Floral Cashmere Wrap -

Cashmere Sweater Knit Wrap

Loro Piara Maire Stole -

This elegant, white linen stole with brown/gold floral embroidery is great for the summer outings, i.e. weddings and garden parties.

According to Virgil Kraft, “Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.” Please enjoy the wonder and beauty of Spring.

Enjoying Spring,

Mix Maven



What is a Vibrator?

A vibrator is an electric device that massages areas of the body – used most often on the penis, vagina and anus. The most common use of vibrators is by women for masturbation, but many men use vibrators to supplement their sexual experiences as well. Vibrators come in all shapes, textures and sizes, each catering to a particular taste. With the thousands of vibrators on the market today, you’ll almost certainly be able to find one that suits your taste. Those open to vibrators find they add an exciting dimension to everyday sex or masturbation.

What to look for in a Vibrator?

When shopping for vibrators, most people shop from a mail-order catalog or a sex boutique. For those of you that are shy, it can be difficult to ask questions about vibrators because you will have to reveal a bit about your sexual preferences in the process.

Your tastes

The vibrator that you choose will have to be compatible with those who are going to use it. Is the vibrator just for you or is it for you and your partner? If you plan to use this vibrator as a couple then be sure that you and your partner shop for the vibrator together. Include your partner in the decision so that he or she can be most comfortable with the purchase. Sometimes men may be a little uncomfortable when a vibrator enters the picture, especially when it resembles their manhood! If your partner is a little uncomfortable, try the Pocket Rocket Classix Mini. This tiny vibe – designed for specifically for external stimulation – is consistently one of best selling adult toys on the market. Women adore the direct clitoral stimulation. The Pocket Rocket Classix Mini is a perfect first vibrator for couples. But what do you do about solo play?

Vibrators are most often used alone to make masturbation magical and clearly the most important characteristic of a vibrator is its ability to stimulate. So your first task to determine what type of stimulation you find most enjoyable. Let’s start with the strength of vibration. The intensity of the vibrations will depend on what type of vibrator you choose. Electric plug-in vibrators usually produce the greatest intensity of vibration. These models typically come with a number of different settings, giving you a choice of intensities. Be aware that some of the lower settings are too much for some – so if subtle vibration is what you’re looking for, look elsewhere. The most famous electric vibrator has to be the Hitachi Magic Wand. This model has become known across the world for its exceptional power. The vibrating head is shaped like a tennis ball and is used primarily for external stimulation. Because it’s made by Hitachi, the quality and durability are beyond reproach. Those of you who think you would appreciate strong, intense vibrations may want to investigate the Hitachi Magic Wand further.

By contrast, battery powered vibrators usually provide more subtle vibration. It’s a challenge to choose from the thousands of different models available. So start with intensity of vibration. You can normally judge the intensity of vibration by the number of batteries required. A vibrator that takes two C batteries will be stronger than one that takes only AA batteries. Choosing your first vibrator however, is not just looking at battery requirements. Consider which areas of your body you would like to stimulate. Most sex toys are designed to massage a specific area of the body. The vast majority of vibrators on the market can be used for vaginal/clitoral/anal stimulation. A perfect first for first timers is suggested to be the bullet. Its nothing fancy, no lights or sounds. It’s thin and straight. It’s great for stimulation and subtle enough to handle.

Getting what you pay for

When shopping for your first vibrator, you may think that $80-$100 is pricey, but with vibrators you really do get what you pay for. Cheaper vibrators are great if you’re interested in trying a vibrator for the first time – just don’t expect it to last. Toys in the $20 range rarely last as long as you’d like them to. They last but if you use it on a regular, you may be purchasing another one sooner than you think. The point is: if you want a quality product, you’re going to have to pay for it. Women looking for a quality toy should look at the Rabbit Pearl. The rotating head provides incredible vaginal stimulation while the little bunny focuses on the clitoris.

Why use a vibrator?

For Women

Vibrators are often quite accommodating to women who can’t reach orgasm during masturbation or sex. Many women require constant, prolonged clitoral stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm, and the vibrator can provide the required stimulation. The unwavering vibrations on the clitoris and surrounding areas send many women into orgasm much more quickly than a hand, tongue or penis and in addition, produce a more intense climax. The gadget, however, is not just for sexual pleasure; vibrators also have many other sexual health benefits. For those women who have decreased mobility due to accident or disability, vibrators can be a wonderful, soothing addition. Women who have sore genitals because of a pregnancy can use a vibrator to ease their pain. Finally, women may experience reduced sensitivity as they age and the vibrator can be just the device to create the stimulation they were used to in their earlier years. Vibrators are a simple, versatile sexual toy for women who want to explore new avenues of sexual satisfaction.

For Men

Men often overlook the benefits of a vibrator. Men typically do not experience the same difficulty achieving orgasm that women sometimes do, so vibrators are not needed or desired. Yet, many men enjoy the vibrating sensation on their genitals. Vibrators that are made for men include vibrating sleeves, and vibrating penis rings.

For Couples

For couples, vibrators enhance even the healthiest sexual relationship. A vibrator can provide mutual pleasure when a woman presses it against her clitoris during intercourse as the vibrations can also be felt by her mate. Vibrators can also be used to enhance oral sex, by placing the vibrator on the genitals while oral stimulation is being performed. Show your partner how you use your vibrator when alone, so he or she can learn which techniques provide the most intense sensations. A wonderful to use with partners is Partners Pleasure Ring.

Remember that you can ask the sales associate to open packages in which you are interested in viewing. This way you can see if the product is truly worth buying. Be a smart buyer when it comes to your sexual pleasure. Vibe On!!!!!!!!

Sensual Element

Hot Celebrity News – March 22, 2007

Hello All,

Soul Star back at you with the happening in the entertainment world.

Here we go.

Dallas Austin Puts Christina and Joss On Blast

dallas austin -

Producer Dallas Austin has put out some bold accusations about singers Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone. He claims both singers have offered to sleep with him and others in exchange for music tracks. “Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone.. all these bitches be f*ckin for tracks,” Astin said during an interview with Rowdy TV, a video arm of his Atlanta based Rowdy Records. “You go in the studio with the regular girls like Ciara and them, theyjust want to get their work done. F*ck all these bitches f**ckin for tracks. Austin says Aguilera also offered herself to his friends, including her now husband Jordan Bratman Austin – who produced tracks on Aguilera’s “Stripped” Cd in 2002, when Bratman headed the A&R department at his Darp record label – said the singer fantasized about joining Austin and Bratman for a threesome. Austin says 19-year-okd British singer Stone, who is reportedly dating singer/producer Raphael Saadiq, had sex with the former Tony! Toni!Tone! frontman while they recorded her new album “Introducing Joss Stone”. Wow he went there didn’t he. Here’s Austin talking about Aguilera and Stone here.

Chris Brown Says It Isn’t Him

chris brown -

Singer Chris Brown was on Funkmaster Flex’s radio show on Hot 97 recently addressing the rumors that nude photos hacked for his sidekick were floating around on the internet. A website was charging $10 a pop to see Brown in the nude. Chris says that the rumor is totally false and it is not him in the picture. He says that it is two different men on the pictures with different abs and he says the “thing” looks like a red hot dog. Too funny. Chris says that rumors come along with success. Here’s Chris talking about it.

Naomi Campbell News

naomi campbell -

Drama queen Naomi Campbell says she is happy to start her community service cleaning floors on New York’s Sanitation Department. Starting March 19th she will clean floors there for five days. This is punishment for assaulting her former maid with a cell phone. Campbell also says doing yoga has helped calm her down. She plans on selling her clothes and doanating the proceeds to charity. She says it is cleansing for her. Good for you Naomi. I wish her well.

Terrance Howard News

terrence and naomi -

Terrance Howard
denies rumors that he is dating Naomi Campbell. He said that he’s a married man and that Quincy Jones asked him to look after her and talk to her. He says that he hopes the media will look at her contributions and stop looking at her faults. He said he will continue to be her friend.

terrance howard - berry - union -

Terrence tells Essence magazine that he was turned down by both Halle Berry and Gabrielle Union. He claims both never called him back. Wow that’s something

MC Brains Is Now Brainz Davis

brainz davis -

Yall remember MC Brains? Well he is now Brainz Davis and planning to put out new music. I remember see him at Freak Nic one year and he is so fine. I hate he didn’t put out more music. He would have gave Ginuwine a run for his money. Here’s his My Space page. Here’s a video for Oochie Coochie. That was the jam.

Sinbad Is Not Dead

sinbad -

Yet another celebrity has become victim to death rumors.An e-mail proclaiming that comedian Sinbad died of a heart attack Wednesday morning speard like wildfire across the internet this week. He said he had famous folks like Lionel Richie calling him to see if it was true. He is totally false. Sinbad joked on the telephone with EUR’s Lee Bailey about the rumors. He said that so many people called him after this rumor hit that he should die more often. The rumor seemed to have started after someone hacked into a page on Wikipedia, a widely used Internet encyclopedia that allows anyone to contribute information. The page seen here said that Sinbad succumbed to a fatal heart attack on the morning of March 14, 2007.” Boy some people have too much time on their hands.

Pictures Of Jay- Z’s Rumored Baby Momma and Son

Some pictures have surfaced of Jay Z’s rumored baby momma and son. Look at the pictures and judge for yourself. I personally don’t think the baby looks like him. The girl does look like Beyonce a little bit. Lil Fizz (her boyfriend) is looking older. We’ll see how this drama turns out.

jayzbabymomma - SandraRoseNews.blogspot.comjayzbabymomma - SandraRoseNews.blogspot.comjayzbabymomma - SandraRoseNews.blogspot.comjayzbabymomma - SandraRoseNews.blogspot.comjayzbabymomma -

Former Idol Contestant Accused Of Exposing Himself

mario vasquez -

Former American Idol contestant, Mario Vazquez excused himself from final 12 competition in 2005 citing “personal reasons” . Many believe that the true intent was to avoid being bound by the restrictive record contract offered to “Idol” winners. A new lawsuit, however suggests that Vazquez may have left the show because of an alleged incident that took place in a men’s bathroom stall. Magdaleno Olmos, a former assistant production accountant on the show has sued American Idol Productions, Fox and Vazquez for wrongful termination alleging that he was fired after complaining to various higher-ups that vazquez had sexually harassed him by making unwanted advances, flashing his genitals and engaging in other inappropriate behavior. According to the lawsuit obtained by Olmos claims “Vazquez stared and smiled lasciviously ans on one occasion followed him into a bathroom knocked on the door of his stall and looked at him in the space in the stall door.” Then he says Vazquez started to rub his genitals over his pants. Attempting to leave the bathroom, Olmos opened the door of the stall and saw Vazquez standing in front of him with his pants down masturbating.” Then Olmos claims Vazquez pushed his futher into the stall and continued maturbating with one hand and tried to pull down Olmos’ pants with another hand. Olmos says he tried to cover his body with his hands but Vazquez touched his chest and stomach underneath his shirt, and Olmos “genitals” as Vazquez attempted to unzip Olmos’ pants and allegedly asked for oral sex. Olmos says he went to a superior named Eric LaPointe and he allegedly told Olmos he was crazy an repeatedly threatened to fire him. Vazquez apparently withdrew from season four after Olmos discussed his harassment allegations with executives and attorneys for American Idol Productions and other defendants, including Fremantle Media North America, Fox Entertainment Group and Fox Broadcassting Co., all listed in the lawsuit as co-owners of the show. a few months after the incident Olmos claims he was “terminated.” so that’s why he quit. I knew he just wouldn’t leave the show because he didn’t want to get in that binding contracting. Like he had a bunch of offers waiting. He was alright.

The Lord Can Help Even Suge Knight

suge knight -

Suge Knight founder of Death Row Records is ready to let the label go after hearing the same message from two different preachers within the span of two weeks. “You’ve got to be able to let the past go and move forward to the future'” he quoted Bishop Noel Jones as saying during a sermon as the City of Refuge church, near his Compton hometown. Knight told Page Six recently that Bishop T.D. Jakes visited the church two weeks later and told the congregation: “you can’t keep living in the past. God gives you a chance to move on.” Knight said that they both talked about the same thing and he felt they were talking to him. He says he wants to move on with his life in a move positive direction. Knight has been in bankruptcy court since Lydia Harris won a $106 million judgement against Death Row by claiming that her husband Michael now doing 28 years in prison co-founded the label and was entitled to 50 percent of the proceeds. Knight was able to give Harris a check for $1 million several years ago. He said once the money ran outshe sued again. Instead of hanging on to Death Row under Chapter 11 reorganization as advised by the bankruptcy court, Suge says he now wants to liquidate his publishing rights, pay off the creditors, and put the label behind him for good. Knight also says he stop using the N-word and wants to make more positive music for kids. He says’ “You can get rich with the devil’s money, but you can only be happy with God’s money.” Well Amen. I really hope he changes.

Tracey Says Eddie Is Not Gay
eddie and tracey -

Tracey Edmonds called in recently to “Trey The Chocolate Jock Morning Jump-Off” show on Chicago’s Power 92. Tracey was promoting the new season of BET’s College Hill, which she executive produces. Tracey was asked if she and her ex Babyface are on good terms and she said yes that they are still friends.Tracey also answered questions about her boyfriend Eddie Murphy. She says Eddie is not gay or in a down low relationship with singer Johnny Gill. she says that anytime you get to a certain point in your career somebody always has to put out a gay rumor. She says Eddie and Johnny have been friends for 20 years and the whole gay thing is BS. She also addressed the rumors that Eddie fathered Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown’s child. She said that Eddie and Scary Spice had a brief realtionship before they hooked up but there will be a paternity test and if Eddie is indeed the father of the baby he will be responsible.

Scary Spice Has A Baby Shower
mel b -

According to People magazine 31-year-old Melanie Brown was given a baby shower in a private bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The singer and about 30 guests celebrated the baby arrival next month with a cake in the shape of a woman’s pregnant belly and plenty of Dom Perignon champagne to go around. Though Eddie denies it, she still claims it’s his baby. We’ll she how it turns out.

Lots Of J-Hud News

jennifer hudson -

It seems that Jennifer Hudson is a busy lady these days since she won an Oscar last month. Here’s what she has been up to.

March 6th was proclaimed Jennifer Hudson day in Chicago. Fans came out to the Chicago Theatre as Mayor Richard Daley proclaimed it her day. Daley said she’s an inspiration to everyone who has a dream. Hudson sang a few bars of a song from Dreamgirls at the event. Here’s pictures and video from the event.

Jennifer visited her former high school, Dunbar Vocational Career Academy earlier in the day to offer inspiration to the student body. Here’s video of the visit.

Page Six reports that Jennifer and fellow “American Idol” star Fantaisa hit Chicago hot spot Boutique and ordered several bottles of V2 Vodka in the VIP section. Witnesses say they got tipsy, danced to hip hop and “fended off guys” until 2 AM. One of the guys was reportedly former chicago Bears player Tommie Harris. While Hudson gave him the proverbial Heisman , Barrino reportedly got his phone number.

Aretha Franklin confirmed that Jennifer is among the talent considered to play the lead in her biopic. Franklin told Access Hollywood that the producers want to see how she feels about her playing her. Aretha says she would like to see three different people playing her. Should be interesting.

I hear that Jennifer turned down a 3 million dollar role because there was nudity in the film. Not her getting naked but nudity period. She says she is a role model for black girls and didn’t want to do it. Good for her.

Jennifer spoke at an awards ceremony in New York at the UN headquarters. The event was promoting women’s achievements and was on the eve of International Women’s Day. Hudson announed the first prizewinner of Avon’s new “Hello Tomorrow fund”, New Orleans teacher Darlene Morgan Brown who set up an entrepreneurshipprogram for female middle school students and their mothers. The event was co sponsored by Avon. Jennifer is currently the new spokeperson for Avon’s new fragrance Imari Seduction. The new scent will arrive to stores in August.

Jennifer recently was given a liftime pass from her former employer, fast food chain Burger King. She addressed criticism from Simon Cowell who felt she should thank the American Idol competition in recent acceptance speeches. Hudson said, “If I’d been any better at my job when I was at Burger King in my middle teens I wouldn’t be here either, so should I thank them, too?” Happy to have its name coming out of the Oscar winner’s mouth, Burger King capitalized on the situation be releasing a statement to Monday in support of its former famous employee. It reads “In response to Jennifer’s recent comments in which she asked if she should be thanking Burger King we say thanks but no thanks are necessary. Burger King corporation is proud of Jennifer’s success and while we never like to lose employees, in this case, our loss is the entertainment industry’s gain… To futher show our support for Jennifer, and make sure she never has to sing for her supper again, Burger King Corporation is giving her a pre-paid BK Crown Card that will be automatically reloaded for life.” Wow that was really nice.

According to the New York Post Jennifer was not trying to follow up her busy week of hometown celebrations in Chicago and U.N. speeches in New York with a 3,000 mile trek to the West coast for the Soul Train Music Awards. Apparently Jennifer called and said she couldn’t make it and producer Don Cornelius was not happy. He was already dealing with no shows from nominees Mary J. Blige, Beyonce and John Legend. Apparently a Hudson cancellation was the last straw. Cornelius reportedly called J Records head Clive Davis, who is overseeing J-Hud’s debut album. Clive called Jennifer and read her the riot act. He said, “Get your ass out to L.A. and then hung up on her.” Hudson showed up for the show to accept her award and sung “One Night Only.”

Kimberly Locke Performs In A Bikini On A Gay Cruise

kim locke -
Former Idol finailist Kimberly Locke performed at a underwear party on a gay cruise recently. Kimberly reportedly thought she was overdressed and let her dress hit the floor. Wow I’m shocked but I guess she felt comfortable enough to do it. Here’s video of it.

Another Rally In Support Of Frenchie

frenchie davis -

Another rally was held recently in support of former Idol contestant Frenchie Davis. New Hampshire based singer/songwriter Chris Tian is founder of Chris-Tian and Friends, a celebrity and fan based organization structed for support of artists in entertainment. He is currently lauching the Support Frenchie Davis petition and campaign with his roster of A list celebrity friends, fan base, and general public support world wide. His group sponsored Chris Tian And Friends March For Support Of Frenchie Davis. Tian said, ” we support Civil rights activist Najee Alli ofr his courage to speak out about the double American standard American Idol/Fox is implementing with Frenchie Davis as well as their current mistreatment of Rosie O’Donnell. We are united in ou request for a dialogue with Idol producers ASAP. And we are reaching out to Elton John and other celebrities to join us to address this issue and the unfair treatment they have given Ms. Davis. We are receiving emails from fans around the world… It’s all about equal treatment for artists. that’ what we are fighting for… Frenchie deserves an apology from American Idol and return to compete in future competition.” I have no heard a response from Fox or American Idol yet.

Top At the Box Office

1. 300

2. Wild Hogs

3. Premonition

4. Dead Silence

5. I Think I Love My Wife

Top On the Charts

R And B /Hip Hop Albums

1. Luvanmusiq – Musiq Soulchild

2. Street Love – Lloyd

3. Rich Boy – Rich Boy

4. Ridin High – 8Ball & MJG

5. Konvicted – Akon

R And B / Hip Hop Songs

1. Lost Without You – Robin Thicke

2. Buddy – Musiq Soulchild

3. This Is Why I’m Hot – Mims

4. You – Llyod Featuring Lil Wayne

5. I’m A Flirt – R. Kelly Or Bow Wow Featuring T.I. & T-Pain

Celebrity Birthdays

March 22nd

George Benson (Singer/Guitarist), 64

Stephanie Mills (Singer), 50

Kellie Williams (Actress), 31

March 23rd

Chaka Khan (Singer), 54

March 24th

Star Jones Reynolds (TV Host), 45

Maceo (Rapper-De La Soul), 37

DJ Rodney Terry (Rapper-Ghosttown DJs), 46

March 25th

Aretha Franklin (Singer), 65

James McDaniel (Actor), 49

Lisa Gay Hamilton (Actress), 43

March 26th

Diana Ross (Singer), 63

Teddy Pendergrass (Singer), 57

Marcus Allen (Ex-Football Player), 47

Ernest Thomas (Actor), 57

Juvenile (Rapper), 32

J-Kwon (Rapper), 21

March 27th

Mariah Carey (Singer), 37

Fergie (Singer-Black Eye Peas), 32

That’s all for now.

Be Blessed,

Soul Star


When I want to do good, evil is right there with me.  Romans 7:21 NIV

It is so easy to do wrong.  We are surrounded by wrong!  From media, to society, it seems that wrong is right.  It feels good, it is fun and it is what we desire to do.  It is SO important that we maintain our dignity and standards while living in these challenging times.

So how do we overcome evil? 

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.  Romans 12:21 NIV

I have a four-month old Golden Retriever.  When she fixes her eyes on something she wants, nothing else matters.  She will not take her eyes off of what has her attention, regardless of distractions.  We should be the same when it comes to seeking guidance from the Lord.  Let us stay focused on Him to be led to do great things.  I know we are faced with temptations, but we must be strong for the greater good.

Stand Firm!

Joyful Radiance

Forgiveness (Part Deux)

James Morrison - For about a month, I have been listening to James Morrison, a British soul singer, to the chagrin of my husband. (Truth be told, he will be listening to album soon, you heard that here first.) D His debut album is entitled Undiscovered. The entire album is solid, and I suggest to all who read this to get the album ASAP!! One of my favorites on the album is This Boy. The song is, essentially, about forgiveness and letting go of the past. He croons soulfully, “And I’d love to forgive and forget / So I’ll try to put all this behind us.” We all know life is challenging, so holding on to old stuff can keep us back from the good things in life.

My friend, Constance Dasheen* (name has been changed) decided to forgive an old friend who treated her in a rather cavalier manner. She knew bitterness and resentment were holding her back from finding true love. At the moment she made the decision to forgive, God opened up a new path for her. She began to notice the beauty in her relationships and surroundings. In forgiving, she realized that love was not lost, just undiscovered. God continues to bless her, and He has helped her to cultivate a positive relationship, as well as realize her purpose.

We are now witnesses to Ms. Dasheen’s story, so go ahead.. FORGIVE TODAY!!

Check out James Morrison singing. Love his voice!!!

As some know, I am enamored with British Soul and RnB. Check out my girl, Amy Winehouse, as she realizes that tears do dry on their own.

Stay Strong,

Mix Maven

Every Woman Should Have…Part Three

1. A Friend you can cry to and/or with

2. A Friend who is your opposite

3. A Male Friend to provide the male perspective

4. Jewelry – Gold, Silver, Gemstones

Step Up – Platinum, Conflict Free Diamonds, Pearls

Pearls -

5. Books that you are not ashamed to display

6. Books that you are ashamed to display 😉

7. An Exercise Regimen – At the very least, walk!

8. Healthy Hair – Long, Short, Curly or Straight, it is important to have healthy hair

9. Vacation Pictures – That means you have to go on vacation!

10. Faith in the Lord


From time to time, I will engage in discussions about various topics.  This is the first topic of choice.  Enjoy!!   

Why do people engage in ANAL SEX?  Is it the pleasure or do women do it just for their man?  Why do men want anal sex? To breakdown the answers to the questions, I gathered friends to answer why people engage in anal sex.  

Here’s some feedback based on women and men.


Women engage in anal sex in the beginning just for their man but if the man does it “right” then it will be very pleasurable for the woman as well.  Also, engaging in anal sex will depend on the mood.  For instance, if the man wants anal and his woman is in a sexually heightened state already, it is more likely that the man will receive anal sex.  Women may not participate because they are waiting for marriage and trying to hold onto some type of virginity for the man they marry.  The number 1 key to anal sex is the lubrication.  It has to be the good stuff, not the cheap stuff for $4.00.  It has to be the best glide for the penetration.  Women can not just stand there waiting for the guy to roll deeper into their anus.  It works best if the woman moves in sync with the guy as he penetrates his head in her anus instead of tensing up.  A couple of myths women believe when it comes to anal sex are it is painful, the anal is for exit only, not entering.  These may be true, but its only painful if the woman fights against the movement of the man.  The more she’s against it, nine times out of ten, it just won’t happen.      


Men had to say first off that every man is not into anal sex.  It is just something different for the penis to penetrate.  It’s something about the hole being tight and that just isn’t right.  Now on the flipside, for those men who enjoy anal sex.  Men find it VERY VERY PLEASUREABLE when they find a woman who’s a SOLDIER and can endure all it takes.  The man finds this to be three times ecstasy.  If a woman is willing to engage in anal sex, the guy is more likely to take his time and work with the woman to make sure she feels comfortable. 

Remember: Go slow when trying anal sex, and trust and relaxation are essential.

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