Pink Eye Shadow Swatches

I decided to post some Pink e/s swatches, so you can compare.  (I also updated the Swatch Gallery, so you can see more pink eye shadow swatches)  My favorite non-Too Faced pink e/s is Nouba 51 (Bright Pink).  I am not sure if the picture gives it justice, but the color is sharp and the texture is smooth.  Definitely worth checking out.
Nouba 51

Nouba 51

I found out that the Nouba brand uses similar or the same ingredients as MAC products and the prices are very similar, actually Nouba is slightly more expensive than MAC, while the e/s packaging is similar to NARS, same rubber exterior and interior mirror.
If you want to check out online, here are some stores.
  • Bebeautiful – Offers Nouba at a discounted rate.
  • Beauty Encounter – Has great photos of these products, since I have already some, I can tell you the colors (images) are pretty accurate.
MAC Sunset B, NYX Dolly Pink, Urban Decay HotPants, Nouba 51

MAC Sunset B, NYX Dolly Pink, Urban Decay HotPants, Nouba 51

Too Faced Steel Magnolia Duo Eye Shadow

Too Faced Steel Magnolia Duo Eye Shadow

REMEMBER to check out the Total Beauty – Total Cure campaign.  You still have time to support.

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5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the swatches. They all look pretty.

  2. I love petticoat! It really is pretty in person, and definitely would compliment all the pink eyeshadows you’ve been hauling! Haha. Gold Spill I bought when the Flashtronic collection came out, so it’s not permanent, but they have two I think that are, I forgot the names, but I figured id add Gold Spill in the post anyway, and it’s also pretty with brown looks!

  3. I must say pink is like my neutral. I don’t care if there are pink haters out there I love my pink! All these pink shadows are absolutely beautiful! The Magnolia duo would be great for the Holidays. As far as the first swatch, I just don’t know which one to pick they would all be great for everyday wear. But for me to tell hubby I spent so much on four pink e/s would probably not fly! 🙂

  4. I love pink right under my eyebrow. It keeps my lids from looking puffy.

  5. i think i like sunset b *blank stare* oh no MAC!

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