One of my favorite things to do is laugh!  Nothing picks my spirits up or makes my day like a good laugh.  According to, here is why you should laugh more often:

The Physical Health Benefits of Laughter

  • reduce stress
  • lower blood pressure
  • elevate mood
  • boost immune system
  • improve brain functioning
  • protect the heart
  • connect you to others
  • foster instant relaxation
  • makes you feel good

“The Boondocks” tickles me!

The Mental Health Benefits of Laughter

  • Humor enhances our ability to affiliate or connect with others.
  • Humor helps us replace distressing emotions with pleasurable feelings. You cannot feel angry, depressed, anxious, guilty, or resentful and experience humor at the same time.
  • Lacking humor will cause one’s thought processes to stagnate leading to increased distress.
  • Humor changes behavior – when we experience humor we talk more, make more eye contact with others, touch others, etc.
  • Humor increases energy, and with increased energy we may perform activities that we might otherwise avoid.
  • Finally, humor is good for mental health because it makes us feel good!

I have been blessed with incredibly funny friends, but when they are not available, I can count on The Simpsons and Eddie Murphy for a great laugh… Homer and that pig! LOL!    I don’t care what people say about Eddie – he is the epitome of FUNNY!

I can laugh at people dancing all day: Shaq’s booty pop is too much!  Classic!!!Scrubs” always has funny scenes!

Also, check out what Real Age has to say about laughter. 

I can easily post a bunch of my fave funny clips – I have a bookmark folder dedicated to comedy – but since we all have different senses of humor, I will just encourage you to have a laugh, a giggle, a chuckle every day! 😀

Joyful Radiance

Every Woman Should Have….Part 4 of 4

1.   A Sexy Pair of Pumps

2.   A Computer is a must in this day and age

3.   Knowledge on Current Events – Local, National and International

4.    A Great Pair of Sunglasses

5.   A Cause that you donate time and/or money to

6.   Fond Memories of being in love and/or Current Bliss of being in love 

7.   Peace in her home

8.   A daily Skin Care regimen for face and body

9.   A “Freak Um Dress” or Outfit that makes you feel Sexy!

10.   A Cardigan – See Mix Maven’s “Spring Forward” Post