Forgiveness (Part Deux)

James Morrison - For about a month, I have been listening to James Morrison, a British soul singer, to the chagrin of my husband. (Truth be told, he will be listening to album soon, you heard that here first.) D His debut album is entitled Undiscovered. The entire album is solid, and I suggest to all who read this to get the album ASAP!! One of my favorites on the album is This Boy. The song is, essentially, about forgiveness and letting go of the past. He croons soulfully, “And I’d love to forgive and forget / So I’ll try to put all this behind us.” We all know life is challenging, so holding on to old stuff can keep us back from the good things in life.

My friend, Constance Dasheen* (name has been changed) decided to forgive an old friend who treated her in a rather cavalier manner. She knew bitterness and resentment were holding her back from finding true love. At the moment she made the decision to forgive, God opened up a new path for her. She began to notice the beauty in her relationships and surroundings. In forgiving, she realized that love was not lost, just undiscovered. God continues to bless her, and He has helped her to cultivate a positive relationship, as well as realize her purpose.

We are now witnesses to Ms. Dasheen’s story, so go ahead.. FORGIVE TODAY!!

Check out James Morrison singing. Love his voice!!!

As some know, I am enamored with British Soul and RnB. Check out my girl, Amy Winehouse, as she realizes that tears do dry on their own.

Stay Strong,

Mix Maven