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Niecy Nash - Actress and Host of “Clean House” - Source:

Niecy Nash, Actress & Host of Clean House

“Who wants a clean house?’’ sings Niecy Nash, at the end of each Clean House episode on the Style Network. Niecy Nash is the host and style diva of Clean House, a show that deals with de-cluttering a family’s house. The families are living knee-deep in clothes, toys, and unnecessary knick knackeries. They are embarrassed to have company over. One family member noted that she would meet people on the front lawn, so they could not come into the house. You know a house is not a home when it is filled with clutter.

I love Neicy Nash’s candor. Nash’s main task is to call out each family for living in foolishness and bedlam. The main problem with each family is that they hold on to useless or underused items. The families are holding onto things because they are emotionally attached to the memories, not realizing that the things do not replace the thoughts in their minds. I like to refer to this as idolatry. Niecy has to coerce them with gifts of furniture and electronics, so they can let go of “stuff.” Niecy and her team organize a yard sale of the items the family decides to sell. The earnings from the sale and Clean House matching money are used to create a fabulous and organized home for each family.

Take a look at the video to see all the mayhem and foolishness in these homes.

Original members of En Vogue - Source: (German MTV)En Vogue said, “Free your mind, and the rest will follow.” This phrase reminds me that when we stop giving power to things, we can begin to see the real beauties of life, which are quality relationships with family and friends. Our homes should be a refuge for our families and guests. As Niecy Nash says, “When you’re in a fresh, clean, organized environment, you dream bigger dreams. You can think, and you can see things a bit differently.” Spring is upon us; let us begin to de-clutter our minds and houses, so we can turn our houses into homes.

Be Free,

Mix Maven