Parents, You Need An Intervention!

Last year I did a post entitled, Counting Up The Cost. The post was about how parents are buying their children expensive, luxury brands. Now, I stumble on another article about how parents are spending tens and thousands of dollars on kiddie birthday parties. America, we need a parent intervention!!

The problem did not start with MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16,” but I am sure that the show contributes to the excessiveness of parents and children. The CNN article highlighted a mother who spent $5,000 USD for a 3 year old toddler’s birthday party. The party had expensive favors, lavish entertainment, a four-layer cake. (That sounds like a wedding reception to me!)

Cake with bow

Another family spent $10 million on a bat mizpah. According to the CNN article, “former defense contractor David H. Brooks of Long Island reportedly spent in 2005 on his daughter’s bat mitzvah. That soirée, at the storied Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center, featured 50 Cent, Don Henley and Aerosmith, among others.” (Sidebar: please note his career choice!!)

Above picture is a Coach™ – themed cake for a birthday party. This cake runs about $1500. I know many brides who spent less on their wedding cakes.

What kind of values are we passing on to our children, when we spend lavishly on a birthday party? To be honest, I do not think most of the parents have the money to spend on these parties, but they want to look like good parents by giving their children the “best” of everything.

I feel like children today do not have anything to look forward to in life. Parents shower them with expensive everything and when they get older, they will try to maintain the lifestyle and realize they cannot. At some point, these excessive acts must end. Parents have to realize that affection, love and care cannot be bought.

We are destroying our children by giving into their every whim or creating these whims. Parents need more backbone and learn how to say no. I tell you my parents had no problems telling my sibling and I “NO!!” on a regular basis. I do not even know how I would live in the world, if my parents spoiled me.

I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let the lead the way. BUT we cannot do so if parents do not have any self-control.

Let us move up a little higher,

Mix Maven

Super Tuesday Hangover

Hey Pumps and Glossy Ones,

If you live in a Super Tuesday primary state, did you vote? I really do hope so.

If you did not because you were not registered, please hightail yourself to Declare Yourself as soon as possible. At this site, you will find voting registration applications and deadlines for all 50 states.

This is by far the most historic election in the history of the United States of America. Who would have thought (some may have hoped) that we would have a woman and African-American man as viable candidates?

Hillar Clinton and Barack Obama - Source: Reuters

Even with all this progress, do not ever forget that the struggle is not over. Work still needs to be done, especially to equally educate all the children of the United States from the crumbling ghettos to the affluent suburbs. There needs to be equal pay for equal work. Much work needs to be done in this country. Hopefully, whoever becomes president will begin to transform the nation into a positive direction.

Mr. Maven and I were tracking the Super Tuesday results as if we were tracking a sporting event. We knew at the end of the night that there would be no clear leader on the Democratic side, so we did not stay up all hours of the night to get the results. I will say that I thought that Barack would have done slightly better in the Northeastern states, yet he did well in Western states, which held caucuses. I thought that he and Hillary would have split those states. So stay tuned to this race as it will get even more exciting.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee showed he had some fight left in him. I am sure he got the Conan O’Brien bump. I think his showing will continue to add fuel to the O’Brien Vs. Stewart-Colbert “feud”, assuming the writers’ strike does not end soon. The feud is that Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert claim that they made Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. It seems that when Huckabee is on the Colbert Report, he seems to do well in a primary. Colbert refers to that as the Colbert Bump, which means that guests benefit from being on his show. Jon Stewart placed himself in the mix saying that he made Conan, which means that he, too, made Huckabee.

Settling of the O’Brien v. Stewart-Colbert Feud

On a serious note, check out this Barack Obama “Yes We Can” speech set to music. This video is reminiscent to a Dr. King speech.

Yes We Can

Remember voting is very important.

Mix Maven


Those of you who live in early voting states – STOP VOTING EARLY!!!

Iventory Time

Hey Pumps and Glossies,

I hope the holiday season is going well for you. I know that many of us celebrate different holidays around this time, so remember that we live in a multicultural and multi-ethnic society. Happy holidays, everyone!

Ok, ok the new year is fast approaching and the time has come to do a personal year-end checklist. The checklist can include goals from 2007 that have been attained, goals you want to attain in 2008, financial data (monthly and holiday budgets), annual tasks/projects e.g. purchasing real estate, preparing for a new baby, finally working on the scrapbook and self-improvement, which could also fall under the goals category.


Really take the time to do this checklist and monitor your progress weekly or monthly. In the past, instead of making resolutions during the new year i.e. January 1, I would make monthly resolutions. Definitely helps to better track the progress.

When setting goals, think big! I think by writing down those big dreams, you will/may find a way to achieve them.

When doing your financial checklist, you will need to consider your estate, insurance coverage, investment accounts and taxes. A few years back, Mr. Maven and I tweaked our financial checklist. We thought about our short and long term goals and needs and how we could get those items taken care of. (Sidebar: insurance coverage for renters – Please oh please make sure you have rental insurance. The cost is quite nominal a year. When we were renting, we always made sure we had rental insurance, especially living in wood-framed homes of New England.)

Keeping accurate records is a must. Mr. Maven has been very fortunate that he was able to telecommute cross country from the corporate office. He kept all relevant bills and such, so he could claim his business expense on our taxes. If we had this stuff floating around, who knows what would have happened.

I wish everyone a happy new year. May 2008 bring you peace, love, joy, wealth, and many more blessings. I am looking forward to the time we will spend with you, our readers, in 2008.

Live Triumphantly now and in the ’08,

Mix Maven

Party All The Time

Hey Pumps And Gloss-y Ones,

As many of you know, Mix Maven loves the shimmer and glimmer, which is one of the reasons why I love the Holiday season. Many of us will have many shindigs to attend, which means we have to be looking good. (Please make sure to acquire appropriate attire for your parties. For example, if you are going to a formal church banquet, no one should have to accidentally see the crack of your buttocks.)

I like J. Crew and I think this store is a good place to find classic, tasteful looks for any occasion.

I found this wonderful dress in the clearance section of the website. The empire waist is flattering on most figures. Pair with chunky pearl necklace or white gold or sterling silver with a solitaire pendant.

JCrew Sophia Silk Dress in Deep Forest

I like this dress. This J. Crew Silk Taffeta Dress in Charcoal is for ladies that are not too busty. (If you are busty, back away from this dress right now!!) What about pairing this dress with blue or olive leather opera gloves for a pop of color?

JCrew Charcoal Silk Taffeta Ballerina Dress

Carolina Amato Gloves Blue - Source: Eluxury.comCarolina Amato Gloves Olive - Source:

I am totally in love with the Black Betsey Johnson and Kelly Green Maggy London shift dresses. The sequins brighten up the Betsey Johnson dress. Most, if not all, body types would look great in this style of dress.

Betsey Johnson Paillette Trim Silk Shift - Source:

I adore the layered box pleated-collar because it creates visual interest to an otherwise plain dress. The silk chiffon is glorious and looks chic and comfortable. This dress is also figure flattering and great for the petite ladies who are a few months pregnant.

Maggy London Silk Chiffon - Source:

If you get bored with all the carols and other holiday songs at the soirée, ask the DJ to play “Dumb it Down” by Lupe Fiasco …. great message in the song!!

My new favorite song!!

Tis The Season to be Jolly,

Mix Maven

Sport and the Lady

Happy Wednesday Pumps and Gloss-ers,

I am very excited about the Red Sox World Series win. Mr. Maven and I used to live in the Greater Boston area and we like to think that our presence in the region helped to turn the Red Sox and Patriots into winning organizations. Boo hiss to the Celtics and Bruins. My local teams are far superior to them.

I found this cute picture of future Boston Red Sox fans on

New Red Sox Fans

New Englanders are very passionate about their sports’ teams, which means the ladies must be just as attentive to sports as the men.

I was out with my friend, LH, on a Sunday. Her fiance called in to check in with her, during his weekly football game. [That is love 😉 ] So she was resigned to the fact that her honey will be unavailable for 16 weeks plus playoffs and Super Bowl. Actually, the games are scheduled for 17 weeks (34 days including Monday Night Football and some Thursday nights) and all teams get a bye (rest) week. Thank goodness he is not into the NBA because the post-season is about 3 months. Saying all this, ladies, you must join in the action, every now and again.

Mr. Maven is fortunate that I like sports, I do not watch often because of various factors, but I enjoy keeping up with my fave teams.

Here are some tips for learning sports:

1. Watch Pardon The Interruption on ESPN. This show is one of the funniest shows on the TV. Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon are Washington-based writers that decided they needed to be on television. They also discuss popular culture topics i.e. American Idol and other popular shows.

Tony Kornheiser & Mike Wilbon -

2. Find a cute player on the team to cheer for. One of my favorites is Tom Brady. He is definitely yummilicious. I have followed his career from his time at Michigan to the New England Patriots. In football, it is helpful to check out the buttocks. Now, if your man likes hockey, the players do not look good on ice, but they clean up well.

Tom Brady

3. Read books about the sport. Some of my friends recommend:

Get Your Own Darn* Beer, I’m Watching the Game!: A Woman’s Guide to Loving Pro Football by Holly Robinson Peete


4. Try to limit questions during the game. Take notes and ask your hubby on Tuesday. He will be pleased and will do chores around the house without being prompted.

5. See Tip 1. One cannot get enough of ESPN.

I hope these tips will help you learn more about sports and enjoy with your spouse or significant other.

Have Fun,

Mix Maven

I Wanna See Me

Mix Maven is feeling refreshed and renewed.

While on the vacay, Joyful Radiance introduced to my new ami(e), Love B. Scott. This dude is crazy funny, yet insightful. Check him out!

On to the heart of the matter!

I have been railing against the images being forced to us via the fashion industry. We have been forced to view androgynous, gaunt White girls walking down runways and in magazine spreads and accept these images as the standard of beauty. (Uhm er a, I don’t think so!!) I want to see more women of color: Black, Native American, Pacific Islanders, Latinas,  South Asian, indigenous tribes. The majority of the world appears to be teetering on the brown side, so how come we are not represented?!?!

On, we have been discussing possible new Viva Glam models i.e. Fergie and Gwen Stefani. Ok, I am cool with the idea of Gwen Stefani, but definitely not Fergie. Fergie looks kind of drugged out, so I am not keen on seeing that. Of course, I suggested Jill Scott. Fortunately, there was agreement on that idea. So MAC selects Fergie. I am thinking WTH. What about Kelly Rowland, Taraji P. Henson, or Bollywood actresses: Shilpa Shetty or her sister Shamita?

Shilpa and Shamita Shetty - Source:
I stumbled on a New York Times article , Ignoring Diversity, Runways Fade to White, about how designers have not been using many Black models (or any female models of color for that matter.) Guy Trebay states,

“IN the days of blithe racial assumptions, flesh crayons were the color of white people. “Invisible” makeup and nude pantyhose were colored in the hues of Caucasian skin. The decision by manufacturers to ignore whole segments of humanity went unchallenged for decades before the civil rights movement came along and nonwhite consumers started demanding their place on the color wheel. “

According to the article, Black women spend over $20 billion on apparel annually. So why have not we been represented in this year’s fashions shows? Bethann Hardison, former model, successful business owner and mother of Kadeem Hardison, stated that “modeling is probably the one industry where you have the freedom to refer to people by their color and reject them in their work.” Very shameful!! Some designers have been very emphatic in stating that they only wanted White models.

I know that designers think of creating pieces that will be create a fashion buzz. A few years back, the industry was all a twitter on pointed-toe shoes, A-line dresses. Now the styles include round-toe pumps and wedges and trapeze tops (thank the Lord for that!!) But Black women and all other women of color will NEVER, EVER go out of style. (So suck it and deal with it!!!) So there should be no rotating of images. I want to see all models of every shade and ethnicity. As my boy B. Scott says, enough with the “monkey doodleness”!!!!

Remember we are all beautiful and precious in His sight. So ladies, keep on being the best you!!

Live Victoriously,

Mix Maven



Find The Time

Hey P&G,

Sexual Carob here with you again. Sensual Element had to attend an edible underwear conference. She does all this for you!!

A few of my married friends and I had a long discussion about “leaving the kids at the crib.” Leaving kids at the crib means husband and wife spending quality time together without the children. (Hopefully, out of the house). My friends who are single mothers or fathers seem to understand this concept. For example, MM, when given proper notice, will secure a babysitter for her two wonderful daughters. She realizes that she must make time for herself as well as her family.

A few years back, I was watching an episode of Oprah where Ayelet Waldman wrote an essay about loving her husband more than her children. (You can imagine there were some gasps and some claps.) She writes:

But the real reason for this lack of sex, or at least the most profound, is that the wife’s passion has been refocused. Instead of concentrating her ardor on her husband, she concentrates it on her babies. Where once her husband was the center of her passionate universe, there is now a new sun in whose orbit she revolves. Libido, as she once knew it, is gone, and in its place is all-consuming maternal desire. (par. 3)

I am the only woman in Mommy and Me who seems to be, well, getting any. This could fill me with smug well-being. I could sit in the room and gloat over my wonderful marriage. I could think about how our sex life—always vital, even torrid—is more exciting and imaginative now than it was when we first met. I could check my watch to see if I have time to stop at Good Vibrations to see if they have any exciting new toys. I could even gaze pityingly at the other mothers in the group, wishing that they too could experience a love as deep as my own. (par. 5)

I have seen this phenomenon all too many times. Couples who are so consumed by their children that they cannot go anywhere without them. Recently, at my cousin’s wedding, one of his friends, wife and baby drove from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic corner of the country. Instead of leaving the child with grandparents, who seem more than capable to look after the child, they had the child in tow. They did not get to enjoy the wedding as they were late and had to rush out of the reception to return home.

Another set, everything was about the child: the feedings were elaborate descriptions of food. “Ooh look carrots, yay carrots, what color are the carrots? Ooooh yummy carrots!!” Now, I am believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Oh yes, show them all the beauty they possessive inside. I know the parent did not get a chance to enjoy the festivities. But I figure that children were given to us by God to help them grow and learn. The goal is for them to become positive, contributing members of the society and independent.

One of the couples left their child at the crib. The mother had an epiphany before the journey, “my parents raised me well, they are more than fit to keep my child overnight.” This was definitely a Hallelujah moment because in that moment she realized what God wanted for the family. Mother and father must be connected to each other, the children and community.

Waldman wishes:

some learned sociologist would publish a definitive study of marriages where the parents are desperately, ardently in love, where the parents love each other even more than they love the children. It would be wonderful if it could be established, once and for all, that the children of these marriages are more successful, happier, live longer and have healthier lives than children whose mothers focus their desires and passions on them. (par. 26)


I wonder the same thing. A pastor said that priorities of a married couple:

  1. God
  2. Each other
  3. Children
  4. Job

He stated that if the parents are in love and keep the love ignited, the children will know and understand love.

Married couples must keep the spark alive. They must have date nights, which can include shopping for sex toys, going to a local hotel (not motel), going to the movies and so forth. These sessions should be about reconnecting and feeling each other up (maybe on the couch) 😉

So let begin the sexual healing… awww yay baby!!

Keeping it Hot and Sweet,

Sexual Carob

Show It Off

A few months back, I wrote a post about layers.

Ok, so I have been thinking about the fear of make-up. Recently, a friend of mine purchased one of MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinish (can be used as a blush). She was very disappointed that the color payoff was not what she expected. She was ready to chuck it in her dresser and be mad. So I recommended that she layer the Mineralized Skinfinish with different color MAC blushes or bronzers. She tried the recommendation with some blushes that she had and she is very pleased with the outcome. Do NOT be afraid of blush that is lighter or darker than what you expect. Be creative and mix with different shades, you will be very pleased with the combos you create.

I also have been noticing a lot of creasing eye shadow out there and I am just NOT pleased!! When you spend money on make-up, you have to make sure that it can be seen. It’s like buying Gucci Pumps with a broken heel FULL PRICE!! (What’s the point of that!?!?!) Ladies, you must wear a eye shadow base. The base allows the shadow to stick to the eye lid region, which helps the eye shadow last a longer time. The base that you will need to use MUST, significantly, minimize oil build up which causes creasing. I recommend:

MAC’s Oil Control Lotion – Apply this on the lid to brow bone and let dry for a few seconds

MAC Oil Control Lotio - Source

MAC Prep + Prime Eye Base – can also be effective. This base does not work for me in the summer time, so I combine with one or two other products. Apply to lid to brow bone.

MAC Prep + Prime Eye Base - Source

Urban Decay Primer Potion, Eye Shadow Base is wildly popular. I have never used it, but I hear that it works well. The fans of this product say that it has staying power and enhances the color payoff of eye shadow. (Sounds like a winning combination to me!!)

Urban Decay Primer Potion, Eye Shadow Base - Source:

Stila Shadow Pots are also a great base for eye shadow because they are creamy, which is superb for loose eye powder (i.e. MAC pigments, Make Up Forever Star Powder). Apply about 2 layers of this product, let it set for a few seconds then apply the shadows. The color payoff will be awesome and the pigments will adhere to the base.

Stila Shadow Pot - Source

My new “must have” is the MAC Paint Pots.

MAC Paint Pot - Source:

The paint pots are similar to the Stila Shadow Pots because of the texture and you can wear as eye shadow or base. The paint pots are delicious because they actually work as both shadow or base. Everyone should have the color Blackground, which is Black with shimmer. Jennifer James, make-up artist extradonaire, applied BlackGround, along with another Paint Pot as base, Carbon eye shadow for a more intense black and sprinkled (unsure of the technical term) Copperized pigment. Oh my, my eye makeup is looking extra, super good.


With the right brush and a few extra seconds, your eye shadow will look beautiful and remain all day.

Stay Fabulous,

Mix Maven

Glossy Monday Variety

Happy Labor Day Glossy Ones!


For all my working people, in honor of Labor Day, here’s Vanessa Williams performing “Work To Do.”  Check out the music video here.

 TEN WAYS TO BE YOUR VERY BEST – by Jeness Ruhanen, from

  1. Practice Extreme Self Care.
  2. Create 10 Delightful Daily Habits.
  3. Get Rid of Stuff You Do Not Need.
  4. Get Rid of Commitments You Do Not Want.
  5. Be Clear on what You want for Your Life.
  6. Get Organized.
  7. Take Care of Your Needs
  8. Elminate Things You are Putting Up With.
  9. Celebrate Your Success.
  10. Laugh Often.

See each item in detail here.


I received an ad from Newport News showing different outfit combinations in shades of brown.  Called “Touches of Animal,” this collection screams “Fall” to me.

I know that’s pretty small, so go here to get a better view.

I especially love this leopard print skirt.  Not too long, not too short.  Gotta have it!  This skirt comes in Misses Sizes 2-18 and Women’s Sizes 14W – 24W.


I received the Midnight Velvet Fall Catalog recently and saw this fabulous comforter set.

I love the brown and blue combination.  I can see blue candles to match on my night stands.  Just as I was about to order this, my Mom surprised me with this duvet set from Target for my birthday last week…

I am a huge fan of butterflies and my Mom’s thoughtfulness certainly touched my heart.  At the same time, I am still longing for the blue and brown.  I would put one in the guest room, but Hubby and I have a tropical theme and neither of the prints coordinate with the room.  I’ll just watch Midnight Velvet to see if they mark it down.  Christmas will be here before we know it – I am going to have to be a good girl for the rest of the year so Santa can bring it to me!


I get e-mails from Dr. Jay’s on a regular basis.  Urban wear for women, men and children, Dr. Jay’s is the site for clothes, shoes, and accessories.  This Timberland Boot was featured in the most recent e-mail I received and it was love at first sight.

Who knew a Timberland boot could be so hot?!  It also comes in light caramel suede and black leather.


Maybelline SuperStay Lip Color in Violet

0.077 Ounces of Lip Color and 0.063 Ounces of Moisturizer Sealer

Purchased for $3.48 on Clearance at Target – Regular Price was $6.99 (Picture is from where the price is $9.49)

Sticky? – Lip Color = Yes,  Moisturizer = No

Shimmer? – No

Applicator – Brush for Lip Color; “Chapstick” Application for Moisturizer

Buy Other Colors? – Yes

Buy Second Tube? – Yes

Thoughts – I bought this Lip Color doubting that the color would last.  I am now a believer!  I cannot rave about this product enough!  The lip color is applied with a brush -it goes on silky smooth and within two minutes, it becomes dry and sticky.  Apply the moisturizer and your lips are smooth with a touch of shine.  The color lasts for up to 16 hours.  I drank out of cups and there was no color left on the rim!  You will need to apply the moisturizer every now and again for shine.  Maybelline sells a product that will remove the color.  I used baby oil and it came right off.  Overall, I give this product an A.  This product is available as a lip gloss – I will be purchasing it and letting you all know about it!


I LOVE this song!  “Encourage Yourself” is by Donald Lawrence and The Tri-City Singers

“Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.
Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test.
And no matter how you feel,
Speak the Word and you will be healed.
Speak over yourself,
Encourage yourself in the Lord.”

“But Remember Giants, they do fall!”

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.  ~ Galatians 6:9

Have a wonderful week!  Be Encouraged!

~ J.R.

Glossy Monday Variety

Happy Monday Glossy Ones!


Jill Scott is back with “Hate On Me.” This song not only has a great empowering message, it rocks!


Check out Jill’s shoes at the 3:30 mark in the video.

Jill’s Shoes from “Hate On Me” Video

They remind me of this Nine West shoe that I have been eyeing:

The Disopra is one of my faves. A must have!


– From Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, July 2007

  • Change the color of your bathroom walls to something soothing like a gentle blue, a pastel green or even a pale lilac. If you are in an apartment, hang some of your favorite pictures on the walls.
  • Keep large, thick, 100% cotton bath towels close at hand. They will maintain their softness if you only use them for certain occasions (like your personal spa days).
  • Get aromatherapy candles to match your bathroom color scheme. Not only will the soft glow make you feel relaxed, the scent will be calming as well.
  • Purchase or make your own bath oil. To soothe achy muscles, combine Epsom salt with a few drops of essential oil and add to your bath water.
  • Move a portable CD player into the bathroom and gather up some relaxation music.
  • Make sure you have plenty of soft washcloths, scented soaps/shower gels/scrubs and face masks on hand.
  • Keep a special, ultra plush or comfortable robe handy that you use just for your personal spa days.
  • Include a tropical plant or two in your bathroom for natural lushness.

TEN SIGNS OF BURNOUT by Dr. Steve Stephens, Psychologist and Speaker

  1. Lack of Energy
  2. Loss of Enjoyment
  3. Apathy
  4. Avoiding People
  5. Hard to get Motivated
  6. Lowered Productivity
  7. Trouble with Sleeping
  8. Change in Appetite
  9. Poor Concentration
  10. Difficulty Making Decisons

~ From Lists to Live by – The Fourth Collection, 2002


For some reason, we get catalogs in my mother-in-law’s name in the mail all the time. Last week, a Lew Magram catalog arrived and wow, the dresses are hot and the sizes range from Misses 6-16 and Women’s 16W – 26W. Check out these two that caught my eye. If I only had some where to wear one of these!


Wow! “Let him come on, let him loose!” I’m not mad at the Pastor! I came across this clip on – most of the stories are crummy, but there are some gems in the mix. Being in a unique position at my church, I see a lot of background things that the average church person does not see. It is a trip how this lady, who probably considers herself to be a devout Christian, acted nothing like a Christian (See the 0:49 second mark). I once attended a church where a member called the Pastor (a lady) a b****. Lord have mercy!


I know it’s hot in the South, but wow, it has been raining here since Saturday. Here are some of my favorite rain related songs….

I Can’t Stand The Rain by Tina Turner – I loved this song as a child!

SWV’s Rain is a classic – you just can’t lose with any SWV song.

I loved Jade! I hate they disappeared. While Mr. Do Right has a little rain in the beginning and the chorus starts off with “Can someone stop this rain from falling on my face,” this is a song you play when it’s a stormy night with your lover!

Johnny Gills knows he SANG this song! Whew! Can You Stand The Rain by New Edition has got to be one of their greatest hits.

POETRY – from Thank You Lord by Maya Angelou (Part 2 of 2)

Some thought because they’d seen the sunrise

They’d see it rise again.

But death crept into their sleeping beds

And You took them by the hand.

Because of Your mercy, I have another day to live.

Let me humbly say

Thank You for this day

I want to thank You.

I was once a sinner (wo)man,

Living unsaved and wild,

Taking my chances in a dangerous world,

Putting my soul on trial.

Because of Your mercy,

Falling down like rain,

Because of Your mercy,

When I die, I’ll live again.

Let me humbly say

Thank You for this day.

I want to thank You.

Encourage one another daily

~ Hebrews 3:13 NIV

Be Encouraged This Week!

~ J.R.