Who Knew?

Who knew…

 …when Soulja Boy says “Superman that ***,” he was referring to this.  YUCK!  I am too mad about that.

…Nicole Richie would join the crowd of celebs who name their kid(s) “off the beaten path” names?  How’s that for tactful?

…Janet Jackson’s new song “Feedback” would be so hot?

…Charlie Wilson would come back with a song produced by T-Pain?  It’s hot – check out “Suppa Sexy.”

…The Simmons Sisters (Rev. Run’s daughters) would have such a big hit with Pastry Shoes?  I like these the best.

4 Responses

  1. lol i found out what “supaman that ohhhh” *supaman that hoe* meant too.. uhh babyyum, we can’t do that dance anymore, besides i didn’t understand much of what he was saying anyway, i knew it was sketchy.

    janet has to keep up with beyonce and redeem herself from that 21 album…

    that clip showed an image of charlie wilson.. i hope that’s not his current look. you a grown azz man charlie, no cornrows and baseball cap for you. don’t listen to rkelly.. he’s going thru somethings right now. and is t-pain trying to be the next RKelly?

    i agree on the pastry shoes.. when they first introduced the concept, i was not impressed until i saw them in person. i saw some like these. cute and made a good christmas gift!

    btw.. i can’t wait to see the next run’s house when jo jo cries over his sisters leaving…….awwwww!!!

  2. Oh my!! You know Jesus still saves!!

  3. Kia,

    Beyonce has got nothing on Janet. Let’s see if miss Bootylicious has a two decade career like Miss Janet Jackon!

    In terms of this new videos: feedback, I have one word: wow!!!

    Janet Jackson is in her 40s and she’s looking simply divine.

    I’m happy this comeback will work for her.

    As for Nicole Ritchie’s new baby Harlow Winter. I’ve got to say that I find the name a bit complicated and a bit strange because they chose the last name of an actress + a season. I’m not sure if might not have been a good idea to think about the names a bit more, but maybe it’s like everything else in Nicole Ritchie’s life…just a last minute decision.

    At least baby Harlow has 3 first names to chose from.


  4. You know it just goes to show that you really need to know what you are singing and dancing too…I am guilty in this case.I just realized the other day he was even say h** and the other crap he says. Needless to say I won’t be flying around my living room dancing with my 2 year old to that song anymore!
    P.S. I love Charlie..Yearning For Your Love is still my jam!

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