Friends and Family 20% off Sale

I have been totally excited about the Sephora’s Friends and Family 20% off event starting November 6th to November 10th.  The online discount code is FF2008.

Well, I was checking my updated Blackberry Curve, (thanks Brit) and I was too happy to see an e-mail about’s Friends and Family 20% off Sale.   My only beef with this sale is that it excludes NARS. You need the link <— to get the 20% off.  The sale starts @ 12:01 AM, November 5th to 11:59 PM, November 7th. (No time zone was specified)  Remember that every purchase earns a 5% cash back.

Happy haulin’,

Mix Maven

Pink Eye Shadow Swatches

I decided to post some Pink e/s swatches, so you can compare.  (I also updated the Swatch Gallery, so you can see more pink eye shadow swatches)  My favorite non-Too Faced pink e/s is Nouba 51 (Bright Pink).  I am not sure if the picture gives it justice, but the color is sharp and the texture is smooth.  Definitely worth checking out.
Nouba 51

Nouba 51

I found out that the Nouba brand uses similar or the same ingredients as MAC products and the prices are very similar, actually Nouba is slightly more expensive than MAC, while the e/s packaging is similar to NARS, same rubber exterior and interior mirror.
If you want to check out online, here are some stores.
  • Bebeautiful – Offers Nouba at a discounted rate.
  • Beauty Encounter – Has great photos of these products, since I have already some, I can tell you the colors (images) are pretty accurate.
MAC Sunset B, NYX Dolly Pink, Urban Decay HotPants, Nouba 51

MAC Sunset B, NYX Dolly Pink, Urban Decay HotPants, Nouba 51

Too Faced Steel Magnolia Duo Eye Shadow

Too Faced Steel Magnolia Duo Eye Shadow

REMEMBER to check out the Total Beauty – Total Cure campaign.  You still have time to support.

Mix Maven

On The Hunt For Pink October

I have been totally obsessed with obtaining Pink eye shadow (e/s) for the last few months.  In the past, I have poo-pooed the thought of any WOC (women of color) using pink eye shadow on the lid because I felt like it did not work.

You are probably thinking “when did this change of heart occur with Pink e/s?” The Heatherette for MAC! The Heatherette Trio 2 included a light pink, a grape purple and midtone pink.  I got the Trio #1 instead because I love any shade of teal. But then, I noticed many Heatherette Trio #2 WOC FOTDs on Specktra.

During the early part of the summer, I realized  that I needed to have the Heatherette trio #2 in my collection.  I searched high and low for the Trio, but I could not find it, so I was on the hunt for mid-tone pinks.

To date I have:

  • Urban Decay Hot Pants – Smooth and wonderful.
  • MAC Sunset B – The right shade, lustre-like (which is not good), but definitely works with some paint pots and NYX jumbo eye pencils
  • NYX Dolly Pink – too much fall out, seems to work well with NYX jumbo eye pencils
  • Pink Too Faced Shadows – Wonderful and smooth, the color payoff is strong.  Definite must haves! Check out Swatch Gallery for images.
  • Nouba single e/s 51 – Bright Pink shadow is a must have. The texture is smooth and the color payoff is strong as well.  (Sidebar: I have a few of the Nouba products, an Italian cosmetics brand, and I really like the stuff I have.  The price is comparable to MAC, but I have found a website that offers discount prices on the brand)
  • Bourjois Shimmering Shine Eye Shadow in Rose Electron – I have only swatched it on my hand and the liquid eye shadow is quite brilliant and I cannot wait to wear it
  • Korres Pink e/s – Looks like a soft silvery pink on me.
  • Pop Eye Cakes in Bright Pink – The texture and color payoff are fine, but I think with a good eye shadow base, the pinks will sing. 🙂

Pop Eye Cake in Bright Pinks

(All products are MAC unless stated)


  • MSF Dark
  • NYX Concealer in Nutmeg


  • Matte Gel
  • L’Oreal De-Crease Base
  • Nice Vice Paint Pot
  • L’Oreal Cream Rich Crayon Adventurous
  • Nouba Single e/s  51 (Bright Pink) on lid
  • Korres Pink e/s (inner corner)
  • Nouba Single e/s 24 (Midnight Charcoal) in crease
  • Black Ore Solar Bits (in crease)
  • Tan side from the L’Oreal Hip Duo Adventurous (highlighter)
  • L’Oreal Naturale Mascara in Black
  • Too Faced Foiled Liner – Black Beauty


Warmed MSF


  • Sweet Tooth T/T
  • Cyber l/s
  • NYX Narcissus l/s

You still have time to support the Total Beauty – Total Cure Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

Mix Maven

Mix Maven Update 9-17-2008

Hey Pumps and Glossy Ones,

Just wanted to update you on some Pumps and Gloss info.

I am sure that you have noticed the changes in the layout (not the final layout) and more changes are coming.  One change, better yet addition is the Swatch Gallery (upper right hand area).  I have placed all the swatches that I have posted in previous blog entries, plus additional Too Faced eye shadow swatches.  (Sidebar: I have new found respect for the bloggers that create makeup swatches for readers….my hats off to you!)

More Hello Kitty finds:

Run to your local Target because the Dollar section is being updated with new products, which means items are 50%, which is 50 cents… cannot beat that with a bat! Here are some of my Hello Kitty finds:

Hello Kitty Black Case

Hello Kitty Black Case

I am totally obsessed with travel makeup storage.  I can never have enough!

So I will definitely be using this case for housing eye shadows (can hold about 5 MAC eye shadows and 2 eye shadow brushes) When I am on the go, this case will come in very handy.

Hello Kitty Case Inside

Hello Kitty Case Inside

Pink, Green and White Small Hello Kitty Tote

Pink, Green and White Small Hello Kitty Tote

The cutest little tote bag.  I will use it for storing non-cosmetics HBAs, so I can easily locate them once we arrive at our destination.  I promise that you will not see me toting this adorable little bag on the streets. 🙂

What are some of your fun, inexpensive finds?

Mix Maven

A Nice Package

Too Faced Cosmetics has revamped its website as well as the packaging for shipment.  The first time I received a package, the goods were in a padded envelope…Glam (Not so much!!!)

Well no more! When I checked my mail, after a day of church and fellowship, I was pleased to see that my Too Faced package finally arrive.  The box has a pink damask pattern, which is design element that exemplifies my personal decor taste, with the logo of a woman with a high mane applying lipstick.   Too Faced Cosmetics has glammed it all the way up!

Too Faced Cosmetics Package

Too Faced Cosmetics Package

Too Faced Cosmetics Package Side

Too Faced Cosmetics Package Side

I love the tag line, “Why be pretty when you can be gorgeous?”

Too Faced Cosmetics Package Inside

Too Faced Cosmetics Package Inside

I love the pink crinkly paper.  It adds fun to the elegant packaging.

Too Faced Cosmetics Inside W/ Products

Too Faced Cosmetics Inside W/ Products

I purchased 2 Foiled Liners in Black Beauty and the Galaxy Glam Baked Eye Shadow in Magenta Moon (a combo of brown and fuschia shimmer).

The foiled liners are creamy helps to frame the eye.  One of the few liners that I love, even though I have more than enough. The liner has staying power! I have had some good liner days using the Too Faced Foiled Liners.

Galaxy Glam Baked Eye Shadow is what MAC mineralized eye shadows should be.  They are smooth and very blendable. I absolutely love them and now have 3 in my collection.  I love their shadows (singles and duos).

Since launching the new Too Faced website, the company is offering 30% off and free shipping on every order (for a limited time). Orders of $75 and more, receive a free gift. The discount codes are NYC1 and DCBEAUTY [No, you do not need to use both codes at the same time.] So check them out!

Keep It Glowing,

Mix Maven

Maybelline Cooling Effect Shadow/Liner – Review

Maybelline Cooling Effect Shadow Liner Sugar Plum Ice and Midnight Chill
Maybelline Cooling Effect Shadow Liner Sugar Plum Ice and Midnight Chill

Since I love eye shadows and base, I decided to check out the Maybelline Cooling Effect Shadow/Liner.  I, first, came across them at  The name intrigued me because I wondered if they were really cooling as the name suggests, so I purchased two, Sugar Plum Ice (deep rose pink) and Midnight Chill (navy).

Well, I am glad to report that the Shadow/Liner is creamy and cool.  The application is smooth on the eye (maybe smoother than NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils) and the colors are pigments.  (I could have worn each of them as eye shadows) I used the Cooling Effect Shadow Liner (Sugar Plum Ice) as a base for my lid.  The moisture of the Maybelline Cooling Effect Shadow Liner really allowed the Too Faced shadow  in Heiress (rose pink) to adhere with no problem (not that I have problems with Too Faced shadows adhering!) [Sidebar: I will upload an EOTD or FOTD to show the results of using this product.]  I wore the look for over 12 hours and there was no creasing. (Full Disclosure: I also used MAC’s Matte Gel and L’Oreal’s De-Crease Eye Shadow Base.)

I think if I lived in a mostly warm climate, I would stock up on these shadows, the cooling sensation is not overwhelming and made me feel refreshed.

The Pencil does not come with a sharpener. Any large barrel sharpener will do e.g. MAC Cosmetics Large Sharpener works fine and I am sure any other brands will work just as well.

Overall, I see more purchases of the Maybelline Cooling Effect Shadow Liner in the near future.

Maybelline Cooling Effect Shadow Liner in Sugar Plum Ice
Maybelline Cooling Effect Shadow Liner in Sugar Plum Ice
Maybelline Cooling Effect Shadow Liner in Midnight Chill
Maybelline Cooling Effect Shadow Liner in Midnight Chill

Overall Rating: 4
Price [Value]: 4 (Check Ulta ($5.99), $4.69) or your local drugstore. Prices will vary!)
Packaging Quality: 5
Would you buy this product again? YES

Since I mentioned NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, here are some swatches, including one LA Colors All-in-One Makeup Stick that I have.

LA Colors All-in-1 Makeup Stick and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils
LA Colors All-in-1 Makeup Stick and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Stay Beautiful,

Mix Maven

Date Night FOTD

Pumps and Glossers,

The first Face of the Day (well actually Night) on this blog…woohoo let’s have a party! (Ok, maybe not!) 🙂

Mr. Maven and I decided this week was a great week to resume date night (6-week hiatus). Since we both work from home, we wanted to make sure that we leave the house a few times of week  for the purpose is not related to getting the essentials (including cosmetics.) 😉

We did the dinner-movie combo. The Mavens had a grand ole time.  We went to see Hancock.  I love a good action film (more kick assery-less chatter)!! The movie had a little bit of both.  If there is a Hancock 2, I want to see less chatter.. LOL  I loved the scene where Jason Bateman’s character, “Ray”, showed Hancock some clips of him crime fighting on YouTube.  Hancock’s clothes were burned from saving residents from an apartment fire.  The buttocks exposed were definitely looking really good! *Bagel Buns (Yum-oh!!)* 🙂

Makeup Chatter

I do not really plan looks, but since I have been haulin’ lately, I decided to at least use MAC Black Ore Solar Bits some kind of way.  I love Black Ore Solar Bits and I went to minor lengths to get it after being sold out online and in my area.

The products that I used:  (All products MAC unless noted)


  • Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel,
  • NC 50/NW 43 Studio Tech Foundations,
  • NYX Concealer in Nutmeg,


  • Matte Gel
  • Indianwood Paint Pot
  • Hard Candy Disco 2000 #2 e/s
  • Amber Lights e/s
  • Too Faced Shooting Star Glam e/s
  • Black Ore Solar Bits
  • Hard Candy Fringe #2
  • Tempting e/s
  • LA Colors Mascara Soft Black
  • NYX Black Felt Pen Liner


Margin Blush


Pucker Tendertone

Mix Maven FOTN 7-10-2008

Mix Maven FOTN 7-10-2008

Mix Maven FOTN 7-10-2008 #2

Mix Maven FOTN 7-10-2008 #2

Have a super weekend!!

Mix Maven

I Love Too Faced

Friends ask me all the time about which cosmetic brands, specifically which eye shadows, are worth checking out.  At first, I was all about the MAC, which I still am, but now I have added Urban Decay, Lorac, Ben Nye, CARGO. I want to add Too Faced to that list.

My Too Faced admiration started last year when I was looking for a shimmery chocolate eye shadow, which MAC does not have.  I ordered Too Faced “Dirt Bag” online from Sephora from the color description “dark chocolate with golden sparkles.” (Sidebar: There are about 2 Sephora stores close by my home and for whatever reason going to either store was not an option at the time.)  When the package arrived, I was pleased with the color and the product. Too Faced eye shadows are smooth and very blendable, which is something that should be available in all department store brands. Recently, I have added more Too Faced to my collection:

  • Glamazon single (Silver fawn)
  • Sitcom Siren single (Plum taupe shimmer)
  • Cocoa Lily Duo – (rich metallic chocolate brown/ glimmering lilac rose) *Very lovely*
  • George & Weezie Duo – (icy gold/ bronze pearl) *I bought this one because I liked the name*
  • Rich Bitch Duo – (slate blue with golden sheen/ soft gold shimmer) *Basically, these are both gold in my opinion, the blue barely shows up.*
  • Skinny Dip – (cobalt metallic/ iridescent sky) – – *The prettiest blue I have seen in a long time, the iridescent sky is too pretty…like a soft bluish purple hue*
  • Shooting Star Galaxy Glam Eye Shadow – (black with galactic gold) *similar to MAC’s mineralized eye shadows, but with a better texture*
  • Supernova Galaxy Glam Eye Shadow – (black with peach and pink)

Too Faced Dirt Bag Single Eye Shadow

Too Faced Cocoa Lily Duo Eye Shadow

Too Faced George & Weezie Duo Eye Shadow

Too Faced Rich Bitch Duo Eye Shadow

Too Faced Skinny Dip Duo Eye Shadow

Too Faced Galaxy Glam Eye Shadow (Shooting Star & Super Nova)

The Galaxy Glam Eye Shadows are great for creating a smoky eye look.  I tried the Super Nova recently with Cocoa Lily and I liked the outcome.  (Please pray for me and my liner technique…getting better though.)

Liquif-Eye Set

I also want to try the Liquif-Eye Set (eye shadow / eyeliner set). (See above comment) 🙂

Each eye shadow is very pigmented and has a buttery texture.  My only problem with Too Faced is that the brand needs more colors.  Too Faced, for the size, is a good deal as it is cheaper than MAC (when size is compared.)  MaybeI could break-up with MAC eye shadows for Too Faced (I love MAC too much though), but there is no other brand with the extensive eye shadow color range and textures.   I implore the Too Faced guys to come out with more colors.  I will be in the first one in line to snatch them up.

Definitely check out Too Faced products, I think they are definitely worth your time and money.

Have a beautiful day,

Mix Maven