Friends and Family 20% off Sale

I have been totally excited about the Sephora’s Friends and Family 20% off event starting November 6th to November 10th.  The online discount code is FF2008.

Well, I was checking my updated Blackberry Curve, (thanks Brit) and I was too happy to see an e-mail about’s Friends and Family 20% off Sale.   My only beef with this sale is that it excludes NARS. You need the link <— to get the 20% off.  The sale starts @ 12:01 AM, November 5th to 11:59 PM, November 7th. (No time zone was specified)  Remember that every purchase earns a 5% cash back.

Happy haulin’,

Mix Maven

O Canada Pt.2

When it comes to beauty finds, Canada is quite egalatarian.  You can find Clinique at Sears; Smashbox, Elizabeth Arden, and Cover FX at Shoppper’s Drug Mart (SDM), which is comparable to CVS or Walgreen’s.  These brands are found in major department stores here in the United States.

Last year, I was looking to purchase a kabuki brush.  Since we were in Canada, I decided to check out Shopper’s Drug Mart.  I was hoping to get a Quo brush, a SDM brand.

QUO Bronzer Brush Quo Contour Brush

I read mostly positive reviews of their brushes on  I walked over to the Quo brushes and I was not pleased with the selection.  There must have been a sale or something because many of the brushes were sold out.  I found a suitable brush called Cover FX after further search, which I never heard of before.  The bristles were soft and it came with a neat little pleather travel bag.   When we got back to the hotel, I checked the brand. In the U.S., Cover FX is sold at Sephora and Nordstrom.

If I saw this brush at either store, I would not have purchased it… would have purchased a MAC kabuki instead, which I was trying not to do at the time (and still not done.)  Regardless of that, I love my Cover FX kabuki. One of the few brushes that I use on a regular basis because I have other brushes that I can rotate.

Whenever you are in Canada, check out Shopper’s Drug Mart.  They tend to be pretty easy to find like drugstores here (you can always check SDM’s website.)  You may be surprised with SDM’s beauty finds.

Mix Maven

I Love Cherry Culture and Dollar Store Hauls

My home girl, Yummy411 , aka President of “The Pretty Committee”, called me out for being a Cherry Culture fanatic. 🙂 I want to blame her because she exposed me to Specktra, where I learned about Cherry Culture. LOL!

One of my new favorite nail polish brands is LA Colors.  The bottles are shaped like OPI polishes at fraction of the cost ($2!!!) and less toxins. I found this product on my foray at the Cherry Culture website.  The LA Colors lacquer, Vibrant Violet,  was apart of my first purchase on Cherry Culture.  I was totally pleased with the brilliance of the color and purchased other colors from Cherry Culture. One of the Specktrettes (a member) discussed buying LA Colors products at her local dollar store.  I decided to head a Dollar Tree and I noticed that this store carried a few LA Colors products that I have seen on Cherry Culture’s website. (Unfortunately, no LA Colors nail polish… 😦

Here is what I got:

LA Colors Shimmering Loose Eye Shadows

LA Colors Shimmering Loose Eye Shadow – This product is similar to MAC pigments, which I love, but I find them to be somewhat chunkier than most pigments.  I am glad I only paid $1 and not the $3 listed on Cherry Culture.  The brush applicator is not favorable and I will find away to open the container (without too much fallout) to put in another container.  If you are starting out on the makeup scene, definitely check these loose shadows out, which is why I gave them to my cousin J to play with.  (Always remember to use a base when applying any type of eye shadow!)

LA Colors Mascara and Liners

LA Colors AutoLiner, Mascara and Liquid EyeLiner

I have not used these products yet, but I have heard rave reviews about the mascara and autoliner. These products range between $2.50 and $3.00 on Cherry Culture.  The liquid eyeliners are, somewhat, issued, because some may be opened and have a bit of dried liner liquid on the product (see photo) Hey, only $1!

My Cherry Culture Haul from the recent 20% off sale:

NYX Brushes

I like NYX brushes.  You know I still love my MAC brushes, (especially the black-bristled brushes).  As one of my friends says, “What’s better than money? More money!” I have the same feeling about brushes.  One cannot have enough makeup brushes. I have other NYX brushes and I use them alongside my MAC brushes.

I ordered: NYX Professional Blush Brush (I will use for foundation blending), NYX  Professional Eye Primer brush (similar to MAC 252) and a NYX Professional shading brush.

NYX Brushes

I also picked up one of my favorite low-cost eye shadow brands, Wild & Crazy.  This time I got “Favorite Pink” which is a dupe of MAC’s Da Bling eye shadow.  The texture is great and is blendable.  For the most part, I have enjoyed the Wild & Crazy eye shadows that I have, except for a matte.

I decided to try NYX’s nail polish in Barbie Pink. The pink is vivid and pretty. I cannot wait for my next manicure appointment. (which is very soon) 😉

I also wanted to try the LA Colors metallic palettes. The palette is called “Serenade” a series of pink shades.  The shadows are pigmented, but the palette is smaller than I thought it was going to be.  I swatched a few of the shadows on my hand, so I think they will be fine.  For the $4 price, I am pleased, though, chances are I will not stock up on the other LA Colors metallic palettes.

NYX Nail Polish in Barbie Pink, Wild & Crazy Eye Shadow in Favorite Pink, and LA Colors Metallic in Serenade

Overall, I am pleased with my haulage. MAC has some good stuff coming out almost every month of 2008, so I am definitely bracing for that.  Happy Haulin’ to you!!

Mix Maven

FYI, I am not a photograher…. ok 😉

Summer Sale @ Cherry Culture

One of my favorite online cosmetics retailers is having a sale from June 10 – June 20, 2008, Cherry Culture. Customers purchasing $50 or more will receive 20% off by using Coupon Code: SUM20. Remember that shipping is always free for orders $40 or more. Have fun hauling!!

~Mix Maven~

Spring is Springing

I do not mind cool weather, I just do not like cold weather. I swear that this winter has been the coldest on record. (probably not) 😉 I am totally looking forward to Spring.  Spring time is pedicure season, which means SANDALS & PEEP TOE PUMPS!!!

Christian Louboutin always keeps his shoes interesting. I am curious who was the inspiration for this shoe: a silver lace-up slingback. I do not think I would wear this shoe, but I am sure there are plenty of ladies out there that would.

Christian Louboutin Lace-Up Oxford - Source

I love green in most shades. These Nine West special occasion slingback in a medium green satin is adorable. The heel is 4.5 inches, therefore you must have beaucoup de confidence! I know Joyful Radiance will love this shoe. 🙂

Luxious SlingBack - Source:

Nine West also has a delightful leather kitten-heeled slingback in mid-tone green. I would pair this shoe with a classic sheath dress.

Falcoin SlingBack - Source:

I want to give an honorable mention to Marc by Marc Jacobs Purple suede peep-toe pumps with silver stones. My friend, Renita, loves purple and would want these shoes badly. I love the classic yet chic look.

I love the shimmer and shine of it all. My favorite of the season:

Stuart Weitzman Luxury Evening Sandal.jpg - Source:

Stuart Weitzman Luxury Evening Sandal. I have a couple weddings to attend this summer and you might see me rocking these captivating sandals. I do not think these shoes are made for walking, so you may not see me wearing them on the dance floor.

Are you all looking forward to Spring?

Check out Paolo Nutini’s song “New Shoes”

Mix Maven

Say Yes to NYX

As many of you know that Mix Maven loves her MAC products, especially the new paint pots and the mineralized skinfinishes. (This product is a must have!!!)

MAC Mineralized SkinFinish

The uber-trendy brand has been rolling out new limited editions faster than young Hollywood go to rehab.

Specktra and my homegirl Yummy411 turned me on to NYX Cosmetics. A cheaper, yet quality cosmetic brand. I was impressed with a photo of fellow Specktrette’s haul. She got tons of the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania, which is similar to MAC pigments (loose color powder), among other NYX lip products.

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania - Source:

I hightailed myself to to check out the prices. (Sidebar: After I purchased online, I realized that I can purchase NYX Cosmetics at my local Ulta store.) I was impressed by the prices and I bought a couple of pearl mania loose powders in purple and black. I was totally impressed with the pigmentation.

I also purchased a couple of the eye brushes. The brushes range from $4.99 to $18.99 a fraction of top high-end brands. I was too pleased with the quality and softness of the bristles. If you cannot or do not want to spend tons of dough buying MAC or NARS beauty tools, get NYX brushes, including a professional line, you will not be disappointed.

NYX Contour Dome Brush - Source:

NYX Professional Crease Brush

The next item purchased was the NYX (Felt) Pen Eye Liner. If I can use this pen liner, anyone can. The line looks quite impressive, so if you know how to do a well-done eye line, you will want to have multiple pens. The pens are available in 3 colors, Jet Black (I have), Dark Brown (On order) and Extreme Black. If you love the Amy Winehouse winged eye liner, use NYX (Felt) Pen Eye Liner to achieve this look.

NYX (Felt) Pen Eye Liner - Source:

Overall, NYX Cosmetics is a great brand. I am not saying that you should walk away from MAC, NARS, Urban Decay or other related, but know that if you have limited funds, NYX Cosmetics is a great and quality alternative. Check out a few swatches of NYX eye shadow on Yummy411.

Enjoy Maroon 5’s ‘Won’t Go Home Without You’

Mix Maven

You’re Beautiful

Hey Pumps and Glossy Ones,

As all of you know, I luvs the make-up. I will say that I can get enough it! (Yes, you read that correctly.) Every now again, I do not want to buy any makeup. But when I got the e-mail from, I had to check it out. is offering 20% off all products ON NOVEMBER 7, 2007 ONLY!!! (You have until 11:59 PST.) Plus, you will receive special samples from the Sample Center. The only restriction is that items purchased from (partner site) will not receive the 20% discount. And the great thing is that NO CODE NECESSARY!!

You can find top beauty brands like Urban Decay (my new fave), theBalm, Lorac and CARGO. You can also purchase skincare products, beauty tools and other related beauty needs. is great because each shipped orders earns you a 5% rebate to be used at the beginning of each quarter. The more spend, the more you receive.

UPDATE – click on —-> to activate the 20% discount.

Have fun shopping,

Mix Maven

Glossy Monday Variety ~ 09/17/2007

Happy Monday Glossy Ones,

I hope your weekend was better than mine – I have been sick since Wednesday!  DO NOT take your good health for granted!


Kelly Rowland is back with “Ghetto” featuring Snoop Dogg.

For those of us who are sick,


(see WebMD for full details)

  1. Know when not to Treat Symptoms
  2. Blow your Nose often and the Right Way
  3. Treat that Stuffy Nose with Warm Salt Water
  4. Stay Warm and Rested
  5. Gargle
  6. Drink Hot Liquids
  7. Take a Steamy Shower
  8. Use a Salve Under Your Nose
  9. Apply Hot or Cold Packs around Your Congested Sinuses
  10. Sleep with an Extra Pillow under Your Head
  11. Do not Fly unless it is Necessary
  12. Eat Infection-Fighting Foods


I am really digging brown for the fall.  These boots by Aerosoles have to be comfortable since they make the most comfortable shoes ever.  The “Lane Squeeze” boot also comes in black leather.


My favorite face cleansing product, without a doubt, is Johnson and Johnson’s Clean and Clear.  I’m not trying to sound like a Proactiv commercial, but I have combination skin (oily/dry) and Clean and Clear keeps me just that – clean and clear!

These are the products in my bathroom drawer – I switch up daily and my skin has no complaints.

Go the Clean and Clear site to get a $2.00 off coupon.


I found this cute parody of the top Democratic candiates for President.  When the time comes, whether you are Republican or Democrat, VOTE!


“Our Daily Bread” from RBC Ministries is one of my favorites.  The monthly pocket size devotional arrives once a month and the cost is only what you are led to give.  You can also view their daily devotionals on their website.  This is a great resource for those who need a quick Word for the day.

I recieve “Heartlight” devotionals through e-mail daily.  You will receive a Scripture Verse, Thought and Prayer.  They also offer many more devotionals to choose from – check out the complete list here.


Last week, I posted two prints by artist Annie Lee.  In the comments section, Miss Loden said I should check out “Power Shopping.”  I did and I love it!

Power Shopping

Looks like Mix Maven and Sensual Element on any given day. 🙂  Thanks Miss Loden –  and if you like “Power Shopping,” you will love “Maxed Out.”

It’s September 17th and two of my dear friends are celebrating their birthdays today!

Happy Birthday Mix Maven!  Happy Birthday Sensual Element!

Happy Birthday Sensual Element!  Happy Birthday Mix Maven!

I love yall! 🙂  Any Virgos in the house? LOL!

Here are some Simpson clips to get you two in the Birthday spirit… 

Go Sen, it’s your birthday!  Go Mix, it’s your birthday!  If yall want to dance to Luke, go here!  LOL!

Have a Great Week Everyone!

~ J.R.