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Rihanna is not apart of my playlists, but I do love the evolution of her hair dos.

When she arrived on the scene, she had classic updos (i.e. chignon), spiral curls, very girl next door. Now, she has morphed into a chic baby Vicky Beckham and I love her 80s-inspired hairdos. I also like the fact that she is looking less Beyonce and more like her own person. (Great job, Team Rihanna!!) Here are some of my favorite looks:

rihanna-4.jpg Link

rihanna-3.jpg Link

rihanna-2.jpg Link

rihanna.jpg Link

I also love her make-up in most of these shots. I hope she has longevity, so we can all admire her style transformation (on mute though!!) 😉

Mix Maven 

You’re Beautiful

Hey Pumps and Glossy Ones,

As all of you know, I luvs the make-up. I will say that I can get enough it! (Yes, you read that correctly.) Every now again, I do not want to buy any makeup. But when I got the e-mail from, I had to check it out. is offering 20% off all products ON NOVEMBER 7, 2007 ONLY!!! (You have until 11:59 PST.) Plus, you will receive special samples from the Sample Center. The only restriction is that items purchased from (partner site) will not receive the 20% discount. And the great thing is that NO CODE NECESSARY!!

You can find top beauty brands like Urban Decay (my new fave), theBalm, Lorac and CARGO. You can also purchase skincare products, beauty tools and other related beauty needs. is great because each shipped orders earns you a 5% rebate to be used at the beginning of each quarter. The more spend, the more you receive.

UPDATE – click on —-> to activate the 20% discount.

Have fun shopping,

Mix Maven

Vex in the City

Hey P&G friends,

(Often times, I think of my blog post titles before I write them because the titles help me to create the content. I was in the car on the way to the airport returning home from the wedding.)
Last week, I alluded to my cousin’s wedding. We had loads of fun. The wedding and reception were elegant and fabulous. Congrats to R&S!!

KJ, my chum, needed to get some shadows for the wedding. She loves orange, so I recommended Firespot (MoonBathe). We decided to hit up a M.A.C store/counter. I noticed that there was a Macy’s very close to our hotel, so we went there. Man, we were disappointed, when we were learned that there was no MAC counter in the store. We decided to go to an upscale mall in the area. (It is a nice mall and if you are ever in that area, you must go there.) So we found the MAC store. Most of the MoonBathe was sold out. We hightailed ourselves to the Macy’s, once again there was no MAC counter. Finally, a store with a MAC counter, Nordstrom, YAY for Nordie!! Well, this counter was also sold out of Firespot. I had to think quickly. (I am glad that I am MAC devotee) I was able to recommend a combination of Fab and Flashy (C-Shock) with Amber Lights to achieve a similar look. I also recommended a blush that she loves. I am glad that I was able to use my powers for good!

Ok here is why I was truly vexed. You, lovely readers, voted on the hairdo I was to wear to the wedding. Rihanna was selected. I was cool with the pick.

Rihanna - Source:

Went to get my hair done on the Wednesday and the ‘do had to be modified. No problems. Thursday on the plane, I am trying to position myself, so I will not interrupt the chignon. Everything is going fine! By Friday, my chignon was popping out of the pins and band. Shucks, the hair did not hold up for the wedding. I had to wear the hair down for the wedding. (All I needed was a wind machine 😉 )

I asked Mr. Maven to take a picture of the ‘do Wednesday, but the picture never happened. Therefore, I have no record of the chic-looking bun. 😦 I will publish some approved photos in a future entry.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July (Independence Day) celebration. The day is also Mama Maven’s birthday, so Mr. Maven and I will be hosting her BBQ/Birthday Celebration, which means I will be cooking all night. Have fun and be safe!

Living Freely,

Mix Maven

Mix Maven’s Follow Up

Hey Pumps and Gloss friends,

First of all, I want to thank you for voting for my hairdo for my cousin’s upcoming wedding. If you are eligible, please register to vote for local, state, and national elections.

Ok, the moment some have been anticipating, the winning hairstyle is (Drum Roll please)….. Rihanna!!!

I am looking forward to rockin’ this ‘do. It is simple, yet tres elegant. Thanks again to all the P&G readers.

If you can recall my post, Shopping Serendipity, I discussed my friend, LH, and her “God really answers prayers” dress. Well, I have pictures of the dress.

LH-Beautiful Dress

LH-Beautiful Dress (Front)

My tip to all ladies with nice backs, FLAUNT it!! LH is killing them softly in this very sophisticated dress. I luvs the dress!! LH’s shoes are a huge hit in my book. Her strappy, metallic sandal is sharp and sassy. Pedicure, pedicure, pedicure. LH keeps the look fresh and easy with a French pedicure.

Like the Nanny said, “If it ain’t 50% off, it ain’t on sale.” I love a sale with an additional percentage off, as well as a coupon code. In this era of high gas prices and high cost of living, we like to know how you stretch your fashion dollar. Please share your discount fashion finds with us at The stories will appear in a future post of Pumps and Gloss.

Keep it Frugal,

Mix Maven

Help Wanted

Hey P&G Readers,

We hope you all had a restful holiday, and reflected on the sacrifice of our Armed Forces.

Now onto today’s post.

First of all, I am not having a hair crisis. Secondly, I am not an indecisive person. Here is the story: One of my cousins will be getting married next month. I want to try a fresh, new look for the wedding.

In the past, I have worn a similar updo to the ubiquitous Beyonce, but putting a shower cap (more like 2 shower caps and a scarf around the edges) is problematic.

Beyonce - Source: link

I love this Kelly Rowland look, but the hairstyle would be too distracting as no one has ever seen me with long, voluminous hair. Everyone would be fawning over me, and that would not be cool, after all, the day/weekend belongs to the bride. 😉 {My hairstyles tend to be on the conservative side.} (Sidebar: Kelly Rowland has a flawless look. I am looking forward to the release of her new album.)

Kelly Rowland - Source: link

I like 3 hairstyles. Two seem no maintenance for the weekend (notwithstanding shower cap issues). The other hairstyle looks like slight maintenance. This is where your assistance is needed. I cannot decide which style I want to wear for the weekend. I will be traveling to another state, so the style must be able to hold up in those conditions. So it is time to vote!! In the comment section, please select 1 hairdo:

  1. Eva 1
  2. Eva 2
  3. Rihanna

The hairdo with the highest vote will be the one I will wear to the wedding.

Eva Mendes - Source: BeautyRiot.comEva Mendes (Bangs) - Source: BeautyRiot.comRihanna - Source:

In a future post, I will reveal the hairdo to everyone. I am looking forward to reading the comments. Thank you in advance. 🙂

My Coif is in Your Hands,

Mix Maven