Giveaway Winner

We thank you all so much for the amazing number of responses to the giveaway posted last Friday!  We are truly grateful to everyone for their support and kind words about our blog.

We are proud to announce that the winner of the $30.00 Gift Certificate is…

LaShaun of Seattle, Washington! 

Congrats LaShaun!

Stay Tuned for More Fun Giveaways at Pumps and Gloss!

Mix, Joy, and Sen 🙂

Glossy Picks and Giveaway –

We found a really great website to close out Sex and Love Week with a bang! has any and everything for you and your lover. Judging by the name of the site, they have any and everything for you alone too! Do not let the name fool you – the site is tasteful, professional and has Hacker Safe protection.

When we decided to do our picks from, it was so hard to just pick a few items. From bullets, to lotions, to dildos, to “pillows“, to lingerie, to games, to (of course) vibrators, to all kinds of sex toys….and on and on we could go, you have to check this site out for yourself.

Here are our Glossy Picks from….

Joyful Radiance and her hubby love games and this one looks like so much fun!

PervARTistry is a drawing game with 500 sex related words for you to draw. While the box says you don’t have to be a pervert to play, but it probably doesn’t hurt.

Joy believes that “every woman’s secret fantasy is to have a waterproof vibrator for the bath or shower” (Deny it all you want!). The Elite 7x Waterproof Ultimate Orgasm Vibrator will satisfy any fantasy you may have.

Mix Maven needs a place to stash her toys. This attractive, yet low-key Sex Toy Chest will hold all her many sex toys (Mix says, “Ok, not that many.”) The chest can be stored anywhere for easy access.

The Cosmic Invader is a nice addition to Mix’s collection. This toy does the job well. Mix loves to use the Cosmic Invader with or without the battery…. She purrs, “It definitely hits the G spot!! Works well in foreplay and post play!!” She gives it 3 out of 4 Pumps.

Sensual Element is drawn to the Liberator Cube. Sen says, “Thisis different and looks like it would bring a lot of joy! On the Cube, you can effortlessly transition from lap dance into vertical sex (Lotus position for you Kama Sutra students). The Cube is also good for doggie style when positioned next to a bed and makes off-the-side-of-the-bed sex much better. While not in use the Cube disguises itself as a chic ottoman.”

Sen is all for getting to know your lover on a more intimate level. That’s why she chose the “Hump” game. A fun and sexy game, you have to play to win because the winner is rewarded nicely!

We cannot express how difficult it was to just pick two items each to share. All three of us are likely to go broke placing orders on We will be sharing what we buy in the near future!

We love so much that we want you to join in on the fun. The Ladies of Pumps and Gloss are giving away a $30.00 Gift Certificate so you can get your shop on at!

To enter, e-mail us at with your 1) Name, 2) City and State, and 3) Tell us what you like and/or dislike about our site and any topic suggestions for our Sex and Love Fridays. We value your feedback!

The deadline to enter is 12 Noon EST Wednesday, October 3, 2007. The Ladies of Pumps and Gloss will vote and the Winner will be announced on Friday, October 5, 2007.

We hope you enjoyed Sex and Love Week!

The Ladies of Pumps and Gloss

The Budget Fashionista Contest

A message from The Budget Fashionista

Greetings everyone,

This August, The Budget Fashionista fashion blog is launching weekend contests, featuring prize packages worth over $500 in value. Starting the weekend of August 3rd, visitors who leave a comment on the blog from 12:01am Friday to 11:59pm Sunday, as well as their email addresses, will be automatically entered to win that weekend’s contest.

Here’s some of the great contests we have planned:
– A Dooney & Burke Travel Bag filled with the latest releases from hot indie label Defend music, tons of beauty products, and lots of othergoodies
– Two $250 gift certificates to accessories store Angela Moore
– A bra wardrobe from Playtex

To enter, visit The Budget every weekend in August.

The ladies of Pumps and Gloss wish all participants the best of fortune.

Oh Snap

Regis Philbin doing the Snap dance with T-Pain and Kelly …Hilarity and hi-jinx ensue.

Continue sending your e-mails to with the subject line “M.A.C. Lipsticks” for our first ever Pumps and Gloss giveaway.

Continue to have a great weekend!

Pumps and Gloss First Giveaway

The Ladies of Pumps and Gloss are excited to present our first giveaway! It is no secret that we are fans of M.A.C. Cosmetics and here is your opportunity to win a fabulous collection of 3 M.A.C Lustre Lipstick: Flutterby (a soft pinky-beige hue), See Sheer (a pinked grapefruit hue), and Sweetie (fluffy tone pink).

Flutterby LipstickSee Sheer LipstickSweetie LipstickM.A.C Lipstick collection

Mix Maven and Sensual Element are both born on the 17th of their birth months. Therefore, the 17th e-mail we receive at with the subject heading “M.A.C. Lipsticks” will be our winner. Please include your name and City, State/Province.

Please only one entry per person. Open only to US and Canadian residents!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Pumps and Gloss