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Glossy Picks and Giveaway –

We found a really great website to close out Sex and Love Week with a bang! has any and everything for you and your lover. Judging by the name of the site, they have any and everything for you alone too! Do not let the name fool you – the site is tasteful, professional and has Hacker Safe protection.

When we decided to do our picks from, it was so hard to just pick a few items. From bullets, to lotions, to dildos, to “pillows“, to lingerie, to games, to (of course) vibrators, to all kinds of sex toys….and on and on we could go, you have to check this site out for yourself.

Here are our Glossy Picks from….

Joyful Radiance and her hubby love games and this one looks like so much fun!

PervARTistry is a drawing game with 500 sex related words for you to draw. While the box says you don’t have to be a pervert to play, but it probably doesn’t hurt.

Joy believes that “every woman’s secret fantasy is to have a waterproof vibrator for the bath or shower” (Deny it all you want!). The Elite 7x Waterproof Ultimate Orgasm Vibrator will satisfy any fantasy you may have.

Mix Maven needs a place to stash her toys. This attractive, yet low-key Sex Toy Chest will hold all her many sex toys (Mix says, “Ok, not that many.”) The chest can be stored anywhere for easy access.

The Cosmic Invader is a nice addition to Mix’s collection. This toy does the job well. Mix loves to use the Cosmic Invader with or without the battery…. She purrs, “It definitely hits the G spot!! Works well in foreplay and post play!!” She gives it 3 out of 4 Pumps.

Sensual Element is drawn to the Liberator Cube. Sen says, “Thisis different and looks like it would bring a lot of joy! On the Cube, you can effortlessly transition from lap dance into vertical sex (Lotus position for you Kama Sutra students). The Cube is also good for doggie style when positioned next to a bed and makes off-the-side-of-the-bed sex much better. While not in use the Cube disguises itself as a chic ottoman.”

Sen is all for getting to know your lover on a more intimate level. That’s why she chose the “Hump” game. A fun and sexy game, you have to play to win because the winner is rewarded nicely!

We cannot express how difficult it was to just pick two items each to share. All three of us are likely to go broke placing orders on We will be sharing what we buy in the near future!

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To enter, e-mail us at with your 1) Name, 2) City and State, and 3) Tell us what you like and/or dislike about our site and any topic suggestions for our Sex and Love Fridays. We value your feedback!

The deadline to enter is 12 Noon EST Wednesday, October 3, 2007. The Ladies of Pumps and Gloss will vote and the Winner will be announced on Friday, October 5, 2007.

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Oral Sex vs. Intercourse

TGIF Everyone!!! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. 

Today, I am going to do something different.  Today, I am aiming my women readers.  Sorry men, you can provide input but I am looking mostly for my women to provide majority of the feedback on this topic.  I was talking with one of my friends and she mentioned a conversation she had with a male friend of hers.  The guy said that some women preferred to give oral sex rather than have intercourse.    

I thought this was strange to find a lot of women to prefer giving oral sex over having intercourse.  I tried to research to see if there was a study to see why some women prefer oral sex vs. intercourse.  Of course I couldn’t find anything so I had to ask my female friends.  Lets check out what some females had to say.

  • Some women feel as if they are still pure and virgins if they perform oral sex.  Once penetrated down there their no longer the so called virgin.  Now if they have a tongue ring and give oral their partners are enjoying them and would probably stay with them (freaks) and keep them around.  Men find the tongue ring as an indication of a freaky woman and now that men are hard to come by that is the best calling card.  Getting back to women preferring to give, I would think that it should not be one sided unless he’s giving it to her.  However, just to give it may mean to satisfy him quickly without you having to remove your clothes and all.  It’s purely a one-sided pleasure and women lose out just to please her man.
  • Some women believe they have skills that are beyond measure and get off on the sight of seeing their man give off similar gestures and sounds from his enjoyment.  It’s no different from men, it strokes women’s egos.
  • Women get pleasure from giving oral sex rather than sex itself, because they are turned on by the reaction of the man while they are giving oral sex. The reaction is probably drastically different or they don’t get much of a reaction when they have sexual intercourse which is probably damaging to her self esteem. Some woman are turned on by the moans, noises and facial expressions but if its not happening during intercourse but it is during oral sex they just stick to that and the more they do oral sex the better they will get!
  • It is my belief that women who prefer to give oral rather than vaginal sex don’t really like sex that much. Oral gives them a quick way to ‘please’ their man. The problem is after being with a woman like that, a man expects head every day and would rather get head than have sex. Oral sex becomes all about the man’s pleasure.  Oral sex is good but what about my needs?
  • After oral sex there must be some intercourse. Oral sex is foreplay, and should be treated as such.
  • Oral sex is great, but it’s just a “Prelude to Real Sex”. 
  • Most women prefer to have oral sex over intercourse because of reasons such as a yeast infection or some other womanly situation or she wants to please the guy rather than  receive feel the pentatraion.

As you know many women have their view on why women prefer oral sex over intercourse.  No one can actually give a reason for any other person.  So, lets take a look at this video as these guys and a female discuss oral sex vs intercourse.

As you see, I have various views on this hot topic.  Ladies, the women of pumps and gloss would like to know how you feel on performing oral sex vs. having intercourse.  I think a lot of men really want to know the answer. 

Sensual Element

Feel The Vibrations

Hey yall, I am Sexual Carob (long story) and I will be filling in for Sensual Element while she is away at a stiletto and whip convention. Of course, the convention is in an undisclosed location.

I subscribe to the DailyCandy weekly e-mails. Daily Candy is a lifestyle website that sends readers information regarding travel destinations, new products gadgets, sales, etc. Most of the time, I read the article and delete, but Wednesday’s edition was different.

OhMiBod / iPod -Source -

The product featured was the OhMiBod, a massager / vibrator to be used with an Apple iPod. (I see why Joyful Radiance and Sensual Element have the iPod on their wish lists.) The rod pulsates according to the rhythm of each song. The unit measures 5 1/2″ long (insertable) and 1 1/8″ in diameter. The DC suggests ” a slow rise from Sade to Shaggy” or whatever kind of music you like. OhMiBod retails for $69. (hmmm interesting price). The reviews have been glowing, but I think further research needs to done on this product. 😉

The same company offers a mobile phone version call the Boditalk. The Boditalk functions the same as the OhMiBod. The vibrations occur when calls are made to or from your phone. The cell signal triggers a unique 3 pattern vibrating sequence that lasts for the entire call. Boditalk gives a new meaning to the term “phone sex” Fortunately, if you do not want to use up your minutes, the Boditalk sex wand can be used alone. This product also retails for $69.

Boditalk - Source -

FYI, if you try to order the OhMiBod from the manufacturer’s website, the item is on backorder (ok well, I am curious about it!!) But there is a coupon code for $10 off. See the OhMiBod site for details.

Check out the promotion for OhMiBod.

Have a Delicious Weekend,

Sexual Carob

Sexy Shoes

Since we are Pumps and Gloss, let’s talk about sexy shoes today!

Now, we are not going to talk about stripper shoes! Check out Chris Rock’s take on clear heels….

Today, we present our picks for shoes to make your man do a double take. A sexy shoe will always have a heel because heels make our legs longer and provides a leaner stance. According to Love To Know Shoes, there are many great reasons to wear high heel shoes:

  • The height of the heel alters the wearer’s center of balance, creating a walk that makes the hips sway and the bottom protrude
  • The shape of the shoe elongates the legs, making legs appear longer and leaner
  • The foot is arched sexily
  • The wearer looks taller and slimmer, creating an air of confidence and sophistication, which, in itself, is sexy

Frederick’s of Hollywood has some really hot sandals on sale right now.  I simply love metallic looks!

I saw these at Target recently and thought how they look so much like the 9West “Wisteria” shoe.  Jessica Simpson has a similiar design out too.  All in all, a sexy shoe!

When I told my P&G Ladies what topic I was doing today, they excitedly wanted to share their picks.  Check out Sensual Element’s picks….

Sen loves Aldo shoes!

Sen picked these Baby Phat boots, which goes to show that a boot can be just as sexy as a shoe.

Mix Maven picked out fab boots too.  Check out this one from Victoria’s Secret. You will turn heads all day in these….

For you Ladies who like to do it big, Mix has us checking out these Christian Louboutin boots… 

I found that JCPenny is even providing the quintessential sexy shoe for the home….

Get your lingerie and stroll in the room with these on – you will have his full attention.

Check out Ashanti’s new song with Nelly called “Switch” – this should be the official anthem for sexy shoes!

“My Two Inches Is Everyday,

Three Inches, Its Party Time,

Four Inches Is When I’m Feelin Naughty And I’m Gettin’ Mine”

There are SO many shoes we could list here, but you get the idea. Nothing sets off an outfit – bedroom attired included – like a sexy shoe (or boot)!

~ J.R. a.k.a. Hot Stuff (on Fridays! LOL!)

Reasons to Have Sex

Recently there was a study that compiled a list of 237 reasons why people have sex; in this study researchers found that men and women have sex mostly for the same motivation. 

Remember the saying Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus?  Well according to this study, men and women are basically thinking the same language…SEX…

Here are the top ten reasons from Men and Women…

Men’s top 10 reasons:

1. I was attracted to the person.

2. It feels good.

3. I wanted to experience physical pleasure.

4. It’s fun.

5. I wanted to show my affection to the person.

6. I was sexually aroused and wanted the release.

7. I was “horny.”

8. I wanted to express my love for the person.

9. I wanted to achieve an orgasm.

10. I wanted to please my partner.

Women’s top 10 reasons:

1. I was attracted to the person.

2. I wanted to experience physical pleasure.

3. It feels good.

4. I wanted to show my affection to the person.

5. I wanted to express my love for the person.

6. I was sexually aroused and wanted the release.

7. I was “horny.”

8. It’s fun.

9. I realized I was in love.

10. I was “in the heat of the moment.”

Here are the bottom five from Men and Women…

Men’s bottom 5 reasons:

1. The person offered to give me drugs for doing it.

2. I wanted to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease.

3. I wanted to punish myself.

4. I wanted to break up my relationship.

5. I wanted to get a job.

Women’s bottom 5 reasons:

1. I wanted to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease.

2. Someone offered me money to do it.

3. I wanted to get a raise.

4. It was an initiation rite to a club or organization.

5. I wanted to get a job.

I can agree with top ten reasons, but I certainly cannot identify with the bottom five.  “To give someone a sexually transmitted disease” is so horrible, I can’t stomach it.

I was a bit surprised that the top three reasons for women were all physical based responses, versus emotional responses.  We typically have to feel some type of love or affection to have sex, but we all know of instances when this is not necessarily true!   Mix Maven wonders how many women had to perform sexual acts to join a club or organization (assuming the organization was not gang-related.) 

The number 10 item for men is “I wanted to please my partner.”  Where are these men hiding?!

If you are interested in learning more about the study click on this link:

Sensual Element

Talking Dirty

Since I am filling in for Sensual Element today, I feel the need to offer this disclaimer – I do not, in any way, shape or form, possess sexpertise like Sensual Element! LOL!  With that said, let’s talk about talking dirty in bed.

When you are in the heat of the moment with your lover, I think that is the best time to be uninhibited.  Be free to say and do what ever it is you are feeling – as long as it is respectful to your lover.  Why not spice things up a bit by talking dirty?

I found this hilarious clip about talking dirty – funny stuff, but offers some good tips:  

Here is a Q&A I found on – they have a great Sex and Love site!

Question:  My boyfriend keeps asking me to talk dirty to him during sex, but I have no idea what to say.   Do you have any suggestions?

Answer:  Whether you’re saying something sensual, making raunchy remarks or sharing a wild fantasy, you don’t want your carnal comments to sound forced, so just share the sexy thoughts that pop into your mind rather than trying to rack your brain for something racy. And remember, you don’t need to talk the entire session, let alone every time you’re doing the deed.

Conquer your nerves by starting simple. Tell your guy that you like the way he’s touching you, saying something like “It feels so good when you stroke me like that.” Try complimenting his body or telling him what you want himto do to you (“Lick my nipples,” “I want you inside me,” “Thrust deeper,” etc.). You may even find that voicing your desires can make the encounter more intense for you, too.

If you’re really tongue-tied and can’t think of anything to say, turn the tables and let him take the lead by asking what he wants to do to you or what you should do to him. Then you can take your cue from his lusty lingoand respond with some titillating talk of your own. After a few sessions like this, I bet your bedroom bantering skills will be top-notch.

Like Neyo sings, sometimes you just have to “Say It!” Great song to get things going!

Does talking dirty mean you have to be crass?  I don’t think so, but all that matters is you being comfortable with what you are saying.  If are aren’t feeling it, it will come off fake and that is so not sexy!  Be confident in your approach; otherwise, don’t do it!


What Every Woman Needs for a Sexy Night

Ladies, its time to get sexy.  Below we’ve compiled a list of items that we believe a woman needs for a sexy night. 

  1. Candles or Incense for subtle light and scent
  2. Romantic and/or Sexy Music –
  3. Champagne/Wine/Sparkling Juice
  4. Fresh Sliced Fruit
  5. A Cube
  6. A Vibrator
  7. A Bullet
  8. Lingerie including a Thong
  9. A Chair for Lap Dancing
  10. A Pole
  11. A Swing
  12. Lubricant
  13. Ribbed Condoms
  14. Feather or a Boa
  15. A Zane book to be read out loud
  16. High Heels
  17. Shiny Lips
  18. Hand Cuffs and/or Polaroid Camera – ONLY with someone you trust
  19. A Wig for a different look
  20. Flavored Lotion/Powder or Body Chocolate
  21. Body Paint
  22. Bedroom Games

Enjoy and remember to stay sexy and have LOTS of FUN!!!!!! Men don’t feel left out because you can help your special lady feel sexy by providing some items from the list.  We know we all have a few of these items on hand hiding in the special top drawer closest to the bed.  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time…

Sensual Element


I was talking with my friends and the question of having sex before marriage came up.  Let me say this:  we were not discussing whether it’s moral or immoral. We were discussing the advantages and disadvantages of sex before marriage. 

The major advantage to having sex before marriage came as no surprise because basically everyone agreed that you know exactly what you are getting and there are no surprises. Nothing more and nothing less and you are able to determine if you and your partner are sexually compatible.  One other advantage to having sex before marriage was relieving stress on a regular basis resulting in better health. 

Now some of the disadvantages for having sex before marriage are

  • Getting STDs (if there are multiple partners)
  • Not being “pure” for your spouse
  • Feeling guilty (I don’t know too many people that feel guilty about having sex before marriage, maybe with the people they decided to have relations with)
  • If people have pre-marital sex with their spouse-to-be, there is a chance of less sex during the marriage because there was nothing to look forward to
  • Sex can get boring with the same person because you already know the moves of your partner

I am not telling anyone what to do with someone, but I do want your thoughts as to what are some advantages and disadvantages to having sex before you get married,  Remember people, I am not making this a moral or immoral issue.  I am just looking for the basics of should you have sex with an individual to know whether you are sexually compatible.

Do you wait a while? Or do you make it happen?  Give us your thoughts.

Sensual Element

Hot Tips for Sexual Satisfaction

I was reading a magazine and ran across this article talking about sensuous suggestions for women. These suggestions come from Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, M.D. who composed Pleasure: A Woman Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need and Desire. I thought it would be interesting to see what some the good old doctor has to say when it comes to women and sexual satisfaction.

1) “Traditionally, we’ve been told sex is for procreation and male pleasure.”

What about female pleasure? Women its time to learn how to initiate sex- it’s normal and healthy. Good sex is a woman’s birthright.

2) “Many women deny masturbating; we think it’s nasty.”

It’s not. Women who are sexually frustrated have increased the risk of hypertension and heart disease, as well as insomnia and anxiety.

3) “Sex shouldn’t end at menopause.”

You’ve got to keep the juices flowing. Use a lubricant. Get a vibrator if you don’t have a partner. Regular orgasms keep the vagina from shrinking and drying out.

4) “Women need to talk more about sex…”with our partners, friends and children. Desires, consequences and safer sex practices should be discussed frankly.

5) Oral sex is fun “not just for his birthday.” You can bring a strong man to his knees – it’s so powerful.

Personally, I believe women should be open to discussing what excites them and try out their sexual desires. Why as women do we believe sexual topics are taboo? I believe it goes back to being a lady at all times. I believe we can be a lady in the streets but when it comes to the bedroom, its time to unleash the rebel that we hold inside. When you really think about it, what do you have to lose? You may actually discover something you like and want to include it on a regular basis for sexual gratification. I’m not saying if your man wants a ménage a trios to be like Nike and just do it. You have to want, desire and need it yourself. Not just because your man wants to indulge. I’m going to purchase her book to see what else she has to say about women and their sexual satisfaction.

Sensual Element