StarFlash Collection Dupes – FOTD

I decided to “Shop My Stash” for today’s FOTD.   I wanted to use the StarFlash dupes suggested on and  Nessasary Makeup Blog.

All MAC products unless noted

I used colors that are supposed to be dupes of certain StarFlash e/s.


  • MSF Dark
  • NYX Concealer in Nutmeg


  • Matte Gel
  • Fresco Rose Paint Pot
  • Mancatcher e/s on lid (is supposed to be a dupe of Lotusland)
  • Circa Plum p/g
  • Thunder e/s on crease (is supposed to be a dupe of Top Hat)
  • Brown side from the L’Oreal Hip Duo Brazen
  • Retrospeck e/s – highlighter (may be a dupe of Dreamcatcher)
  • LA Colors Lash Building Mascara in Black
  • NYX Eye Liner – Sapphire


  • Fab Blush
  • Warmed MSF


  • Pucker Tendertone
  • NYX Baby Pink Round l/g

I am totally looking forward to MAC’s StarFlash collection.  I have been looking for a shimmery mid-tone pink eye shadow and I, strongly, believe that Sunset B will be my HG eye shadow.  I got NYX’s Dolly Pink, but the fall out is excessive, which means that I do not have the appropriate base for that shadow and some other NYX eye shadows.  In my humblest opinion, paint pots do not work well with certain NYX shadows.  (Could be just me!!)

I know that I will not get any of the lip products nor kohl pencils.

What products are you getting from the StarFlash collection?

OOh I cannot wait to see the man in brown on Thursday!..woohoo!!

Mix Maven

6 Responses

  1. pretty purples!! I love it.

    I will be getting Bold & Brazen, Top Hot, Smoke & Diamonds eye shadows and maybe Talent Pool and Go.

  2. Beautiful FOTD, sis! I’m wearing Thunder today too. Not too excited about Starflash. I haven’t purchased a shadow since Naughty Nauticals. I just have soooo maaaany.

  3. Hey Cuz!!! I just wanna say that this makeup stuff is actually trying to grow on me. Just a little bit though…don’t get too happy. LOL! Nal, but I think the pictures are really pretty and you are my favorite and coolest cousin EVER!!!! LOL! Love ya!

  4. Nice job with the eye shadow.

  5. pretty purple look! I’m glad you were able to find dupes! I still want top hat!

  6. Top Hat is cool. The texture was kinda different, but definitely worth the purchase. I love StarFlash and I hope this texture becomes permanent!!

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