I Love Randy Jackson’s Presents America’s Best Dance Crew

Randy Jackson\'s Presents America\'s Best Dance Crew

I love watching MTV’s (me watching is a rarity these days) Randy Jackson Presents American’s Best Dance Crew (Dang that is a long A$$ name 😉 . (Sidebar: this is the only competition show I watch… No Idol, no America’s Got Talent, No So You Think You Can Dance et al.) As of now, I do not have any favorite dance crews, but I am not feeling Fanny Pak.  I do think SoReal Cru is pretty good and the Detroit Crew was also good (yay for the deaf dancer.)  I am looking forward to the rest of the 2nd season.

ASSID, Detroit Dance Crew

SoReal Cru, Houston Dance Crew

Fanny Pak, LA Dance Crew

I enjoyed hearing the heartfelt back stories of the dancers and the crews.  I wish all of them best and I hope they can parlay this show into something very successful.

Which dance crew is your fave?

5 Responses

  1. you know i’m rooting for aciid!

  2. I liked the “Walking the Dog” dance they did. Very cool.

  3. Joey on Aciid is very touching. I’m just humbled by his story and passion to do what he loves doing no matter the challenge set before him. That is very inspiring to me.

    I like SoReal Cru and Super Crew (even though they’re kind of cocky). I can’t wait to see how this season turns out!!

  4. I like ASIID. One of my cousins knows 2 of the girls in the group. They went to college together….

  5. I love the show!!! But I wish there were more girl crews. Most viewers are suckers for all the crazy athletic stuff like the back flips that some of the guys do well.

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