Parents, You Need An Intervention!

Last year I did a post entitled, Counting Up The Cost. The post was about how parents are buying their children expensive, luxury brands. Now, I stumble on another article about how parents are spending tens and thousands of dollars on kiddie birthday parties. America, we need a parent intervention!!

The problem did not start with MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16,” but I am sure that the show contributes to the excessiveness of parents and children. The CNN article highlighted a mother who spent $5,000 USD for a 3 year old toddler’s birthday party. The party had expensive favors, lavish entertainment, a four-layer cake. (That sounds like a wedding reception to me!)

Cake with bow

Another family spent $10 million on a bat mizpah. According to the CNN article, “former defense contractor David H. Brooks of Long Island reportedly spent in 2005 on his daughter’s bat mitzvah. That soirée, at the storied Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center, featured 50 Cent, Don Henley and Aerosmith, among others.” (Sidebar: please note his career choice!!)

Above picture is a Coach™ – themed cake for a birthday party. This cake runs about $1500. I know many brides who spent less on their wedding cakes.

What kind of values are we passing on to our children, when we spend lavishly on a birthday party? To be honest, I do not think most of the parents have the money to spend on these parties, but they want to look like good parents by giving their children the “best” of everything.

I feel like children today do not have anything to look forward to in life. Parents shower them with expensive everything and when they get older, they will try to maintain the lifestyle and realize they cannot. At some point, these excessive acts must end. Parents have to realize that affection, love and care cannot be bought.

We are destroying our children by giving into their every whim or creating these whims. Parents need more backbone and learn how to say no. I tell you my parents had no problems telling my sibling and I “NO!!” on a regular basis. I do not even know how I would live in the world, if my parents spoiled me.

I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let the lead the way. BUT we cannot do so if parents do not have any self-control.

Let us move up a little higher,

Mix Maven

6 Responses

  1. Great post. This is beyond spoiling. It’s insanity. That’s why we have a nation of brats.

  2. First, I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by the blog and for leaving some love 🙂 I truly appreciate it.

    And I completely empathize with this entry. I think it is important to teach children the ethics of working hard and to appreciate what you put your energy towards. I believe every parent does their best to give all that they can to their children, but that shouldn’t discount the lifelong lesson of appreciation and taking pride in working hard. Sure some people can AFFORD to give their children those kinds of luxuries, but teaching the future that it’s only about material possessions only breaks down our unity.

    Sorry for rambling, guess I am a little passionate about that, hah.

    Anyhow, thanks again for stopping by my It was nice meeting you and I do hope you’ll stop by more often 🙂 Have a great week!!

  3. ah! i hate it! seriously my biggest pet peeve is when people spend a ton of money on bat mitzvahs. mine was all about the ceremony (as it should be) with a small dance party afterwards. very low key. people tend to forget that it’s actually an important religious ceremony, not an excuse to party.

  4. As a teacher, I thank thee.

    Note: The easiest “type” of kid to identify in the classroom are the spoiled ones.

    They are also the toughest to deal with, in my opinion.

  5. I dont think spending lavishly on parties for children makes them brats. I think parents turn their children into brats. Parents have no control over children anymore. Theres no such thing as punishment or reprimands for their childrens doings. If your kid did exceptionally well in school and wanted a lavish birthday party, then go for it. Who cares.

  6. Could we find one of these super rich, spoiling men, and introduce them to ME?!?!? I need spoiling and I don’t have to worry that being spoiled will rob me of coping and life skills since I am not a kid!

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