MAC DressCamp

Hey MAC Lovers,

Did you get any or all of the DressCamp collection? To be honest, I am totally surprised at how quickly this collection sold out. I did get a chance to order the Face Palette because I am totally in love with the design of the packaging.

DressCamp from MAC Cosmetics

Since the collection will be in a couple of American stores (I believe 1 store in San Francisco and 1 store in NY Soho), will you order from the stores or pray that MAC online will restock as soon as possible? I read that some items have been seen on eBay for double and triple the original price.

Well, if you were fortunate enough to get something from DressCamp, have fun!

Mix Maven


3 Responses

  1. The design is so gaudy!! I love it. Too bad I missed it. 😦

  2. This one kinda snuck by me. Maybe someday I’ll do an eBay search to track it down.

  3. Sorry to hear. I do know that from, time to time, MAC has restocked this line. I am enjoying my DressCamp face palette, but I will say that the colors are dupable.

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