Clutch On This

Hey Pumps and Glossy ones,

Every woman needs several clutches in her life. These mini-handbags do not hold the kitchen sink, but the bare essentials to keep you looking fresh for night out.

I can always trust JCrew to have classic, yet unique products. Navy accessories that are not boring can be to find. I am totally in love with this navy clutch. I like the visual interest of the “hand-painted paillettes on linen.” This clutch is a must have for my collection.

JCrew\'s Paillette Mirabelle Clutch

Bottega Veneta’s Lizard Clutch. I love, love, love this clutch. This metallic lizard clutch is a must have for those women who have $4500 USD to spend. I also love the details, the knot closure, the gold/silver tones. Well done Bottega Veneta!!

Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, I love thee. I think this clutch is just breathtaking. The Tippy evening bag is made from “platinum leather with platinum resin stone detail.” Pure luxury!

Mix Maven

6 Responses

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  2. You can’t go wrong with any purse from Bottega Veneta! I covet that clutch as well!

  3. Totally in love with the Gucci purse! I wonder how much it costs.

  4. The Gucci clutch is over $2000 USD. We alway could get 30 other people to split the cost. lol

  5. love these styles! banana republic had some clutches similar to the bottega vanetta clutch a couple of months ago… tres cute!

  6. @ kia, really I do not recall. I think that BR has fallen off of its clutch game. Plus, the prices are on par with coach and that is a no go area for me.

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