Stimulate the Package

I know many of you are looking forward to the tax rebate. (To be honest, I am not sure how well the rebates will stimulate the economy.)


Please make sure you mail or complete taxes (online) by April 15, 2008, so you can receive the tax rebate. You will receive your payment, how you received your tax refund (assuming you did not have to pay this year). If you sent or received tax payment via DIRECT DEPOSIT, you will receive tax rebate payment DIRECT DEPOSIT. So, if you sent or received tax payment via PAPER CHECK, you will receive tax rebate payment PAPER CHECK.  The payment schedule also correlates with the last 2 digits of your Social Security number.

Direct Deposit Payment Schedule


Paper Check Payment Schedule


Have fun today, check out this video. (Gotta love YouTube.)

Walk It Out – Fosse Version

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Hair Today

Rihanna is not apart of my playlists, but I do love the evolution of her hair dos.

When she arrived on the scene, she had classic updos (i.e. chignon), spiral curls, very girl next door. Now, she has morphed into a chic baby Vicky Beckham and I love her 80s-inspired hairdos. I also like the fact that she is looking less Beyonce and more like her own person. (Great job, Team Rihanna!!) Here are some of my favorite looks:

rihanna-4.jpg Link

rihanna-3.jpg Link

rihanna-2.jpg Link

rihanna.jpg Link

I also love her make-up in most of these shots. I hope she has longevity, so we can all admire her style transformation (on mute though!!) 😉

Mix Maven