Alert: Free Suze Orman Book

Suze Orman is giving away free copies of her new book, Women and Money on

Women and Money - Suze Orman

You will be able to download a free copy of the book (pdf file.)  The book is available in English and Spanish.

Ok, there is a catch.

The deadline to download this free copy is

February 14, 2008 June 27, 2008

5PM (Pacific Standard Time) /8PM (Eastern Standard Time)

To download Adobe Reader, go to Adobe Reader download page.

Download your copy ASAP!!!

Thanks “happy mom” for the update!!


5 Responses

  1. Too bad it’s expired now – but they still have an excerpt up.

  2. About Suze: You can always catch Suze (and get her books) on the PBS ‘fund drive”….Now– for my version of “pumps and gloss and etc etc etc” catch me at: About Renee Ashley Baker (On WordPress):

  3. Hello!!!Is there anyone who could share the pdf file from this e-book with me I´d be very grateful because I missesd the free download!!!Thanks!!!Ezidia

  4. I too missed the deadline to download Suze’s book. Anyone have a link or email address that I could send a request to so I could download the book? Any help appreciated, I love Suze Orman and her ideas.

  5. Yay! Suze’s book is being offered until 5 pm on FRIDAY, JUNE 27th ONLY at Oprah’s website below (Thank you, Oprah, and THANK YOU SUZE!!):

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