Top 5 Lingerie

As we get to the end of 2007, I am taking out the time to give the top 5 choices of Christmas lingerie I saw in Fredrick’s of Hollywood.  I will admit trying to determine which ranking these lingerie pieces would receive. 

At number 5:


I love the look and but if you are top heavy you may not be able to find your size.  So we just gaze at this one from the window.

at number 4:


This is a wonderful piece for those role playing games and the Mr. wants to see his Mrs. Santa Claus strut around the bedroom.  The whole ensemble is lovely and I just love the hat.

at number 3:


This is just sexy and there’s not much more to say about this lingerie piece.

at number 2:


There’s something about long splits that I just love.  The split on a skirt or dress can drive your man ready to pull it off your body.  

And our sexy lingerie is…….


This lingerie piece gives you the role of Mrs. Claus for playing and the sexiness we all want to maintain.   

I told you these choices were hard.  I loved all of the lingerie pieces and as I look at them over and over, I would move them up and down on my list.

Have a Sensual Weekend

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