Glossy Friday ~ 11/09/2007

Happy Friday Glossy Ones!

Pumps and Gloss


J. Holiday is cute as he can be.   He can put me to “Bed, bed, bed” any time!  I am guessing his next single will be “Suffocate” – check out J. Holiday performing it on Apollo.

Pumps and Gloss


Remember when everyone was saying “knockin’ boots?”  Here is H-Town with “Knockin’ The Boots” (above) and Candyman with “Knockin’ Boots” (below).

Pumps and Gloss


Ladies, a very important aspect to any relationship is the element of surprise.  One great way to keep your lover guessing is to have a variety of panties.  Not bloomers, as my Grandma used to say, but some sexy pieces that will have him helping you take your jeans off.

I love this “Polka-Dot Mesh Bikini Panty” from Lane Bryant (Sizes 14-28).

I am a huge fan of boy shorts – I love that they are comfy and hubby loves the sneak peak that they provide.

I find stretch lace panties to be so comfortable.  These “All Lace Boy Shorts” are dainty and sexy all at once in sizes XS-XL at Target.

Old Navyhas a great variety of panties, boy shorts and thongs.  Love their colors!  Gotta get the striped pair at the very top!

Instead of posting a bunch of pictures of women’s backsides, go to the Panty section of Fredericks and check out the thongs and g-strings.  Victoria Secret’s Panty section also has some fab finds.  You can’t go wrong with either of these sites.

Now if you really want to surprise your lover, you have to get some crotchless panties.  Check out a collection of them HERE.

Pumps and Gloss


 from The Tyra Banks Show – Air Date: Thursday, November 8, 2007

  1. Don’t go longer than two weeks without sex
  2. Don’t be a b*tch
  3. Don’t be clingy
  4. Trust Him or Get Out
  5. Keep the relationship fresh
  6. Don’t let money rule your heart
  7. Love Yourself

Pumps and Gloss


Jodeci started off as the boys next door with their first cd, but, from then on, they blew us away with their sexy songs.  Here are some of my fave Jodeci songs:

Freek’n You

Let’s Go Through The Motions


Pumps and Gloss

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

~ Hot Stuff

2 Responses

  1. you took it back on this one! j holiday’s second single is suffocate… hey, he’s finally putting dc on the map lol…. bed is my jam!

  2. Dang, that H-Town and Candyman takes me back for real! Can never get enough of Jodeci – Devante was so fine!

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