I Wanna See Me » Shilpa and Shamita Shetty – Source: http://gallery.techarena.in/showphoto.php/photo/5466

9 Responses

  1. shilpa is more prettier then shamita in my opinion

  2. in my opinoion shamita is better lookin

  3. Both sisters are sexy, there must be competition between Shetty sisters and Arora sisters!

  4. shilpa and shamita both are very sexy. i love both of them. They both look more sexier in bikini.

  5. i want to meet them atleast once in my life b’coz they are very beautiful.

  6. shilpa and shamita you both are the golden beauty of my dreams.

  7. i think both are good

  8. ya they r pretty but u guys r fckn weird and obsessed like they r normal ppl like get a fckn life

  9. come on people ya are crazzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy they are just like you get a really life stockers

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