Our Jams – Love Songs Version

You cannot say “love song” without thinking of Luther Vandross.  Here is “A House Is Not A Home.”  We miss you Luther!

We are big India Arie fans – here is “Brown Skin” (above) and “The Truth” (below).

Where is Jesse Powell hiding?  “You” is from his first cd, which was self titled.  GREAT cd for lovers.

We heard you Karen!  Here is En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go.”

One of our P&G readers, D-Dub, requested Ruff Endz’ “Someone To Love You.”  This was, and still is, the jam!  Thanks D!

Isn’t Kindred The Family Soul a great example of love?  “Stars” is a “great celebration of love” song.


One Response

  1. Yo, I luvs the India.Arie… Cant wait to see her in concert. One of my favorite songs is “Without You” by Incognito.

    Here are some of the lyrics:
    Lying awake in my bed, thinking things you said
    Everything that I do, somehow leads me to you
    (Closer to your love)
    Lift my spirit so high, you’re all I need to get by
    I’ve been counting days, forever thinking ways
    (To get closer to your love)
    This loneliness will end the day you reappear

    (Nice long-distance love song)

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