Oral Sex vs. Intercourse

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Today, I am going to do something different.  Today, I am aiming my women readers.  Sorry men, you can provide input but I am looking mostly for my women to provide majority of the feedback on this topic.  I was talking with one of my friends and she mentioned a conversation she had with a male friend of hers.  The guy said that some women preferred to give oral sex rather than have intercourse.    

I thought this was strange to find a lot of women to prefer giving oral sex over having intercourse.  I tried to research to see if there was a study to see why some women prefer oral sex vs. intercourse.  Of course I couldn’t find anything so I had to ask my female friends.  Lets check out what some females had to say.

  • Some women feel as if they are still pure and virgins if they perform oral sex.  Once penetrated down there their no longer the so called virgin.  Now if they have a tongue ring and give oral their partners are enjoying them and would probably stay with them (freaks) and keep them around.  Men find the tongue ring as an indication of a freaky woman and now that men are hard to come by that is the best calling card.  Getting back to women preferring to give, I would think that it should not be one sided unless he’s giving it to her.  However, just to give it may mean to satisfy him quickly without you having to remove your clothes and all.  It’s purely a one-sided pleasure and women lose out just to please her man.
  • Some women believe they have skills that are beyond measure and get off on the sight of seeing their man give off similar gestures and sounds from his enjoyment.  It’s no different from men, it strokes women’s egos.
  • Women get pleasure from giving oral sex rather than sex itself, because they are turned on by the reaction of the man while they are giving oral sex. The reaction is probably drastically different or they don’t get much of a reaction when they have sexual intercourse which is probably damaging to her self esteem. Some woman are turned on by the moans, noises and facial expressions but if its not happening during intercourse but it is during oral sex they just stick to that and the more they do oral sex the better they will get!
  • It is my belief that women who prefer to give oral rather than vaginal sex don’t really like sex that much. Oral gives them a quick way to ‘please’ their man. The problem is after being with a woman like that, a man expects head every day and would rather get head than have sex. Oral sex becomes all about the man’s pleasure.  Oral sex is good but what about my needs?
  • After oral sex there must be some intercourse. Oral sex is foreplay, and should be treated as such.
  • Oral sex is great, but it’s just a “Prelude to Real Sex”. 
  • Most women prefer to have oral sex over intercourse because of reasons such as a yeast infection or some other womanly situation or she wants to please the guy rather than  receive feel the pentatraion.

As you know many women have their view on why women prefer oral sex over intercourse.  No one can actually give a reason for any other person.  So, lets take a look at this video as these guys and a female discuss oral sex vs intercourse.

As you see, I have various views on this hot topic.  Ladies, the women of pumps and gloss would like to know how you feel on performing oral sex vs. having intercourse.  I think a lot of men really want to know the answer. 

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