Tie Me Up

I love ties and I love when men wear ties that please my eyes.

When I was a youngster, I used to wish I could wear a uniform to public school. Papa Maven gave me one of his school ties from high school, a lovely purple and silver(white) one. O how I loved that tie!

When I was working at the “Fun Shack” (not actual name of company), there was an architect who wore a knit tie with a plaid shirt. He seemed to wear the tie shirt combo for special business meetings. I always thought that, maybe, he did not have that special lady in his life to help him select some great ties.

Knit Ties. Source:

These ties should NOT be around anyone’s neck, but these ties would make lovely ladies’ belts or headbands. Never, ever do I want to go on the street and see this fashion travesty. (OK, now I am going to see the ‘hugly” ties everywhere!)

So Mr. Architect should have chosen a tie like this khaki olive tone tie to wear with a blue shirt or a white shirt.

Brooks Brothers Tie - Source:

I heart the Greens, which is why I am like this tie. This classic option looks great on all men.

Navy Blue/Green Silk Tie. Source:

Nordstrom Silk Tie -

A pattern tie with a superb suit/tie/shoe combo can be irresistible. This tie must be matched and coordinated carefully. For example, Mr. Architect could have worn this olive green, soft blue, gold tie (hmm reminds me of MAC’s Quarry Mineralize eye shadow, without the bronze) avec a neutral color shirt.

Ladies, I implore you to NOT let your men pick their own ties. (For the good of the land!) Men can and will run a muck, and get something tres unattractive. Ladies, if I see your men wearing flags, animated characters, other unapproved themes and knit ties, I am going to have to call the Fashion Police… And it will not be pretty at all!! 😉

Keep It Right,

Mix Maven


9 Responses

  1. I love the ties. I thought the title would have been about a “Rope Burn”. I loves that song…Tie me up, tie me down….

  2. Now you’re in my area. Believe it or not, I can pick my own ties but I do show a lil discretion when need be. When I can’t make up my mind, I show “Mrs. Rude One” my selections and she has final choice. I, however have the say if I buy it or want her to buy it. (cause I gotta wear it) I’m really diggin “CLUB ROOM”, their style, patterns and selection. A lot of their pieces are cutting edge and a little conservative, which suits me just fine. Another stylish line is “ALFANI”, I love their shirts, a little chinsy on the collar inserts, but stylish none the less. I can’t wait to see their fall selections.

  3. lol we need to pick the ties lol… i’m sure i can pick a tie, but can you help tie one? i don’t want to bug my dad, but i’d love to tie my s.o.s. up! lol

  4. i’d even like to wear a tie… the cute ones my polo and kenneth cole… or the ones from h&M!!!

  5. Rude B, Mr. Maven and I said the navy/green tie looked like something you have. Yes, you are one of the few that can pick ties on your own. But you know BS needs help w/ the red tie and 80s grey suit!!

  6. @Kia, no I can’t tie one as Mr. Maven is tie-free.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. ROFLMFAO… on BS. But we must include “AR’ ; LOL and I must add that “XG” has stepped up his gameon dressing for the occasion. Kudos to him.

  8. I love buying ties for men. Hugo Boss ties are especially nice. And when I can afford it, which is not often, I like to go to Hermes. I have to admit I do like the occasional geek tie, like a Spiderman or Star Wars one. But you best not have reached puberty yet if you wear one.

  9. […] 30, 2007 When I saw Mix’s post title on Tuesday, I thought she was going to go there.  Since she didn’t, I […]

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