Sensual Element’s Birthday Wish List

As you already know, Mix Maven and I share the same birthday in September.  To keep with the birthday season wishes…here are some of my picks:

Like Joyful Radiance, I also love Coach.  I saw some totes, wristlets and purses I would love to have.  Decisions, decisions, which one to get?





I love their swingpacks.  It makes it so much easier for nights out on the town and vacations.  All you need are the essentials.

I love to read books,  so a gift card from Borders or Barnes and Noble works just as well.

bn-giftcard.gif birthday_20061.jpg

I am feeling J.R. AKA Hot Stuff on joining the iPod revolution.  I am even feeling the iPhone. 


You undeniably need to have music with an iPod!

If I cannot get that, I will upgrade my XM plug and play.


I know it’s Friday, so I have to throw in a little sexiness.  I must have a sexy lingerie piece to wear to celebrate my big day!


Sensual Element


One Response

  1. You have to get that swingpack! It’s too cute.

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