What Every Woman Needs for a Sexy Night

Ladies, its time to get sexy.  Below we’ve compiled a list of items that we believe a woman needs for a sexy night. 

  1. Candles or Incense for subtle light and scent
  2. Romantic and/or Sexy Music –
  3. Champagne/Wine/Sparkling Juice
  4. Fresh Sliced Fruit
  5. A Cube
  6. A Vibrator
  7. A Bullet
  8. Lingerie including a Thong
  9. A Chair for Lap Dancing
  10. A Pole
  11. A Swing
  12. Lubricant
  13. Ribbed Condoms
  14. Feather or a Boa
  15. A Zane book to be read out loud
  16. High Heels
  17. Shiny Lips
  18. Hand Cuffs and/or Polaroid Camera – ONLY with someone you trust
  19. A Wig for a different look
  20. Flavored Lotion/Powder or Body Chocolate
  21. Body Paint
  22. Bedroom Games

Enjoy and remember to stay sexy and have LOTS of FUN!!!!!! Men don’t feel left out because you can help your special lady feel sexy by providing some items from the list.  We know we all have a few of these items on hand hiding in the special top drawer closest to the bed.  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time…

Sensual Element


3 Responses

  1. A copy of Black Erotica!!

  2. errrr uhhhhh……….. I may be new to this but after 10yrs of marriage, all I need is imagination, and a good sense of my wife’s well being. I’ve had more 2 a.m. ravagings because I’ve told my wife, I wanted to hold off because she had a hard day and needed to get some rest. Washed the dishes and put the kid to sleep. I flirt with my wife from across a crowded room or send her notes like we’re still dating. Some of the other things sound fun, but I think once I start giving in to marketing, I lose as a husband because her sexual security is being handled by inanimate objects. Whatever happened to fog up the windows and put your feet on the celing??? LOL

  3. Ahhh…I forgot about that one. Thanks Jam Bella.

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