Layers has been a recurring concept over the past few months: in Photoshop, applying blush, layer cake, and one of my favorite bloggers did a humorous piece on the layering phenomenon in fashion. Then there is my favorite layer-er of all, the Queen of Blending, a super talented make-up artist from Southern California. She uses several different eye shadow shades to create an uber-chic blended look. The naked eye may not be able to detect the layers, but they are there. Because of Q of B, I had to purchase Blue Brown pigment from MAC Cosmetics. Below are samples of her work. Her work is totally AWESOME!!
Queen of Blending Sample - myspace.comQueen of Blending Sample 2 -

We are all complicated layers. None of us hold one moniker; we are daughters, wives, mothers, friends, lovers, girlfriends, employees, supervisors, church members etc. For example, my friend SB is a son, husband, father, chef, friend, photographer, entrepreneur (S&B seasonings) YUM-OOH!!!

S&B Seasonings - Source:

He is also a Regional Men’s Ministry leader (responsible for creating fatherhood initiatives, mentoring programs and even a blog and website) and he still has to time to have a BBQ at his house. He is one of my best friends in the whole world!! ( I will bring the cornbread to the BBQ. Uhm er a make sure to use turkey breast burger patties.. thanks YO!!)

Do not let people define you as one of your layers. You all know I love MAC eye shadows, but I also love politics. (I am too excited about the marathon debate on C-Span) [Mr. Maven, please bring home some popcorn. 😉 ] I am also a student, wife, daughter among other layers.

Discover all your layers today

So Much Better from the “Legally Blonde” musical.

Mix Maven

7 Responses

  1. I am Q of B biggest fans!! Love today’s post….

  2. she is the bomb.. i love her work!

  3. Girrl, I may break down and buy Ricepaper. Christmas is July 19, 2007. Woop woop!!

  4. CORNBREAD!!!!! Oh yessssssss… Turkey burgers are the Bomb, but I’ll let you be the bragger on that. Layers concept huh? I agree we all have some but some of us choose to hide behind them instead of using them to show how great we are. HOW??? If a rose had one petal, the flower would neva have made it into so many homes. Beauty is an accumulation of our experiences, knowledge, and inner joy, but just like flowers, we need nurishment. Good friends, positive environment, and ME time are essential. Layers huh? Excellent perspective. ……. and I’m out!

  5. Rude Boii, You are too deep!!

  6. Many thanks dearie!!! LOL I’ve often been told I do my best thinkin at night. (devilish grin)

  7. […] September 12, 2007 A few months back, I wrote a post about layers. […]

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