I was talking with my friends and the question of having sex before marriage came up.  Let me say this:  we were not discussing whether it’s moral or immoral. We were discussing the advantages and disadvantages of sex before marriage. 

The major advantage to having sex before marriage came as no surprise because basically everyone agreed that you know exactly what you are getting and there are no surprises. Nothing more and nothing less and you are able to determine if you and your partner are sexually compatible.  One other advantage to having sex before marriage was relieving stress on a regular basis resulting in better health. 

Now some of the disadvantages for having sex before marriage are

  • Getting STDs (if there are multiple partners)
  • Not being “pure” for your spouse
  • Feeling guilty (I don’t know too many people that feel guilty about having sex before marriage, maybe with the people they decided to have relations with)
  • If people have pre-marital sex with their spouse-to-be, there is a chance of less sex during the marriage because there was nothing to look forward to
  • Sex can get boring with the same person because you already know the moves of your partner

I am not telling anyone what to do with someone, but I do want your thoughts as to what are some advantages and disadvantages to having sex before you get married,  Remember people, I am not making this a moral or immoral issue.  I am just looking for the basics of should you have sex with an individual to know whether you are sexually compatible.

Do you wait a while? Or do you make it happen?  Give us your thoughts.

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