Mix Maven’s Follow Up

Hey Pumps and Gloss friends,

First of all, I want to thank you for voting for my hairdo for my cousin’s upcoming wedding. If you are eligible, please register to vote for local, state, and national elections.

Ok, the moment some have been anticipating, the winning hairstyle is (Drum Roll please)….. Rihanna!!!


I am looking forward to rockin’ this ‘do. It is simple, yet tres elegant. Thanks again to all the P&G readers.

If you can recall my post, Shopping Serendipity, I discussed my friend, LH, and her “God really answers prayers” dress. Well, I have pictures of the dress.

LH-Beautiful Dress

LH-Beautiful Dress (Front)

My tip to all ladies with nice backs, FLAUNT it!! LH is killing them softly in this very sophisticated dress. I luvs the dress!! LH’s shoes are a huge hit in my book. Her strappy, metallic sandal is sharp and sassy. Pedicure, pedicure, pedicure. LH keeps the look fresh and easy with a French pedicure.

Like the Nanny said, “If it ain’t 50% off, it ain’t on sale.” I love a sale with an additional percentage off, as well as a coupon code. In this era of high gas prices and high cost of living, we like to know how you stretch your fashion dollar. Please share your discount fashion finds with us at pumpsandgloss@yahoo.com. The stories will appear in a future post of Pumps and Gloss.

Keep it Frugal,

Mix Maven

Glossy Picks – The ’80s Version

Happy Monday!

Today, we share our favorite songs from the 1980s!

Mix Maven takes us way back with “Don’t Disturb This Groove” by The System. Mix loved this song as a youngster in the 1980s. Mix says, “I love the melody and lyrics of this song, ‘Hang the sign up on the door, Don’t disturb this groove’… Pure deliciousness.” Every time she sees a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger, she hums the tune. Mix adds, “Now, his hair and look in the video are another story.”

Joyful Radiance loved Janet Jackson’s “Nasty.” The choreography was always fascinating to watch. Joy says, “Janet kept that cool, but ticked, look on her face through the whole video! She shares that it was a tough pick between “Nasty” and “What Have You Done For Me Lately.” Joy wants you all to know that “Janet still has her moves and ’20 Y.O.’ is a pretty good cd.”

Sensual Element takes us back to “Purple Rain” with Morris Day and The Time’s “Jungle Love.” Sensual Element says, “This was when Prince and Morris Day reigned! Purple Rain produced so many classic songs, it was hard to choose just one.”

We all agree that it was hard to choose just one song! We dare you to try!

The Ladies of Pumps and Gloss

The First Time

Do you remember your first time?

“First Time” by Yung Joc with Marques Houston and Trey Songz

Not your very first time, but the first time with your current love or a past love.

“It ain’t nothing like the first time…”

You know how it is when you prepare to be with your man for the first time.  You know when and where it is going to go down.  So you prepare –

  • You gotta shave your legs and any other hair on your body – we even trim up our vaginas!
  • Go through the process of getting your hair just right – just for it to get messed up
  • Go get the nails and toes done – those feet have to be soft
  • Take a long bath or shower with fragrant shower gels
  • Spraying perfume in the right areas
  • Fresh clean sheets, maybe some candles or incense to set the mood
  • Lingerie – lace or silk?  Boy short or thong?  Decisions, decisions.

I could go on and on, but you get my drift.

“Whisper sweet nothings, now you’re bushing, chills down your spine…”

Your man knows what’s going to go down.  He’s going to come over with his game ready.  Sweet talk, flirting, intense eye contact, touching on the sly – we are hip to the game.  As the old saying goes, one thing leads to another.

“Tell me your Vicky’s secrets, tell me all the dirt…”

When it comes to sex, it has been well reported that men are visual, unlike women, who are emotional.  That’s why your man wants to keep the lights on.  For the shy woman, this is where your candles come in to play.  Work out your lingerie pieces, your bra and panty sets, and in the grand scheme of things, you can walk into the room naked and I’m sure your man will smile.

“You smell like peaches, must be Bath and Body Works…”

Men love it when we smell good Ladies.  Side Note = Bath and Body Works has brought back their peach scent – Sparkling Peach is awesome.  We don’t invest in perfumes and body splashes for nothing.   Spray some on your sheets and pillow cases for good measure.  Never put perfume on your nipples or neck because it will burn his tongue = not sexy….unless your man is a freak like that.

The CD version says, “I blew yours, you blew mine“; The Radio version says, “You got yours, I got mine…”

In a perfect world, you will be satisfied and so will he.  While that does happen, there are times when dude doesn’t do his part.  I hate a selfish lover!  Ladies, in this instance, cut him from the team real quick.  You don’t want to be stuck with someone like that for the long run.  Now, if it was all good, keep enticing your man back for more.  Try to surprise him with something different each time, even if you just cycle through your bag of tricks.  It’s very important to keep your sex life fresh and new.

There really isn’t nothing like the first time, so I hope you have fond memories!

Sensual Element

Glossy Links

We can just imagine how many people will run out to get this!

Shout out to MissAVogue! Thanks for listing us on your blogroll!

Sephora has great how-to videos so we can perfect our make up looks, especially the smokey eye.

For ladies who are size 14 and up, check out ALight.com – cute fashions!

Bath and Body Works is having their awesome semi-annual sale. Stock up!

What pretty dresses!

Is it us or does this Via Spiga shoe look a lot like the shoe Joy found at Target?

Lessons from My Puppy

Lesson #1 – Always know what’s going on around you/Be Alert!/It’s ok to be nosey sometimes….

Nosey - Joy’s Pics of Pup

Lesson #2 – It is important to get rest…

Rest - Joy’s Pics of Pup

Lots and Lots of Rest…

Resting Pup on Blanket - Joy’s Pics of Puppy

Babpy Pup Sleeping - Joy’s Pic of Puppy

Lesson #3 – Make Sure You Eat Right!

Pup Eating - Joy’s Pics of Pup

Lesson #4 – Although life can sometimes be confusing….

Pup - Joy’s Pics of Pup

There is always a reason to smile!

Smiling Pup - Joy’s Pics of Pup

Lesson #5 – There is nothing like a good bath…

Bath Time - Joy’s Pics of Pup

Lesson #6 – There is a time to be serious…..

Puppy Love - Joy’s Pics of Pup

Lesson #7 – There is a time to play!

Play! - Joy’s Pics of Pup

Laugh = Joy’s Pics of Pup

Simmer Down Now

My dear friend, Joyful Radiance called me out last week. She referred to me as a MAC junkie. Truth be told, she is spot on. I love MAC cosmetics and Mac (Apple) computers. I was rather perturbed when Steve Jobs announced that there will be a delay in the new MAC OS X, Leopard. I will be finished with all my classes by then, which is probably a good thing because this delay will give me the impetus to sign up for business school sooner than later. Hey discount is my middle name. 😉

Back to this MAC junkie business. My name is Mix Maven and I am a MACaholic. I do not like every product the cosmetic company makes, but I enjoy a lot of the products. I decided to catalog my beauty items on a spreadsheet. I will not say how many items I have, but let’s just say I should be doing make-up artistry on the side.

I believe in self-awareness and I, first, noticed the problem when I found a certain website. This lovely website is a MAC and beauty resource. I have learned so much that I had to go back to the MAC store and purchase all those things that I had missed out because you never know when you are going to see the scary triangle, which means that a regular product is being discontinued. For example, I would never think of buying the Vanilla pigment (oooh that color is divine), Vex eyeshadow (great crease color and can morph into a new color when blending). [Note to self: stay on track, Mix!!]

What I have realized over the years, and especially in this case, saying no or denying myself wants can be the best thing to do. I am not saying we should go forth today and never purchase anything we want again, but I am saying we need to be mindful of why we want to make these purchases. What I know is that I am going to have let the C-Shock color story cup pass from me as well as the special items that will be at Nordstrom because I really want a few items from the RushMetal and Flashtronic color stories. (Note: the operative word few.) I have missed out on several color stories, but what can I do. Sometimes, we have to back away from the proverbial buffet of life because there is always going to be something new and better. Author Amanda Ford (2002) sums it on page 173 of Retail Therapy: Life Lessons Learned while Shopping,

It is so easy to get caught up in the moment, to think that the item you are admiring is the best thing you have ever seen and that if you don’t buy it right away you will never find something like it again….. I found the best thing to do when making any decision, big or small, is to slow down.

Sometimes slowing down means that the answer will be no. And another thing, always swatch make-up before purchasing because I have learned there are so many colors that can be created. This practice will curb unnecessary purchases. There are sites that showcases swatches and allow users to compare with similar color of various brands. Now, I only purchase 1 of a product because some of these products can last forever, which is why I love the MAC pigments.  I stay away from products that I do not use regularly and products that I do not have an idea on the purpose. Currently, my goal is stay away from duplicates.

I want to hear your retail therapy stories. Leave a message in the comment section or e-mail pumpsandgloss@yahoo.com

Live Triumphantly,

Mix Maven


I still want the MAC gift cards as a graduation gift. 😉

I want to give a birthday shout out to Mr. Mix Maven.


Ford, A. (2002). Retail Therapy Life Lessons Learned while Shopping. Maine: Conari Press.

Remembering Tony Thompson, Lead Singer of Hi Five

From EURweb.com

Tony Thompson, a member of the 1990s R&B group Hi Five, was found dead Friday night of an apparent drug overdose, friends told the Waco Tribune-Herald. He was 31.

Thompson’s body was discovered at around 10 p.m. outside of an apartment complex in his native Waco, Texas.

Immediately following the signing of Hi Five to Jive Records in 1990, the group found success with their multi-platinum self-titled debut album, which featured the hit singles “I Like the Way (The Kissing Game),” “I Can’t Wait Another Minute,” and “Just Another Girlfriend.”

Two years later, the group scored with hits “She’s Playing Hard to Get” and “Quality Time.”

Thompson, who grew up in Oklahoma City, released a solo album, “Sexsational,” in 1995 following the breakup of Hi Five during the previous year. He reformed the band with four new members – including his little brother – in 2006 and released their album “The Return” on his own record label, N’Depth.

The singer had recently moved back to Waco from Dallas and was working on new material at the time of his death.

Speaking of Thompson’s new material, if you go to his MySpace page (www.myspace.com/tonythompsonmusicpage) you can hear what he was working. One song that stands out is the incredibly groovealicious “Come Over.”

~ End of Article

Go to VH1 to see Hi Five’s video collection. Loved “I Like The Way (The Kissing Game) ” and “Never Should Have Let You Go.”

“I Wanna Love Like That” was the jam! We LOVED Tony! May he rest in peace.


A friend of mine recently asked me how to properly ride a guy.  She said the guys she had been with were all happy to be getting some and never had her on top.  What a crime against nature!  All women must master the art of riding because it helps us reach orgasm easier in this position.  Let me share the variations that I found on SexInfo101.com….


Ladies there are several positions where you can be in charge.  Sometimes it seems that sex is all about control, and so much of that sexual control is all about the man, and how he exercises it. That is what makes women-on-top positions so revolutionary in some ways. It is a chance for both parties to switch roles and try something new.

There is a general assumption that men have all the power in sex and that practicing women-dominant sexual position is somehow a completely female power issue. But if you look more closely it is clearly noted that in many ways giving up some of the responsibility for pleasure in bed can give men a break, and a chance to lie back and enjoy the ride. As an alternative men can have fewer worries about lasting and thrusting and making sure that the women orgasms.  With men being on the bottom and in a less active role, men can focus on their breathing and their pleasure.

Women can charge forward in search of their orgasm. Women can position their lover’s penis so that it hits all their hot spots, or so that they can grind their man’s pelvis against their clitoris. By taking control of their sexuality, women can sometimes be able to enjoy it more and more likely get what they are looking for from the sexual experiences. Men like to see women in dominated sexual positions. Pay attention men, this is for you as much as it is for her.

Here are some sexual positions for women on top:

Acrobat Position

An extreme form of the rodeo position, the acrobat is a very intimate transition from its more common cousin. The easiest way to get into the acrobat position is to have the giver lie down on their back then have their partner lie down backwards from the rodeo position. One side note; unlike the rodeo position, the acrobat requires the giver to take over stroking duties.

Amazon Position

Not for the timid, the amazon can be one of the tougher women on top positions. It is not the easiest position to get into, but it does give the receiver a sense of control and power that is absent or low in most positions. To get into this position, the receiver squats over their partner while resting on the back of their legs; which are brought towards their chest to expose them at a unique angle. If the receiver is comfortable with their balance, they can reach behind and under to give their partner some additional manual stimulation

Armchair Position

One of the more creative positions, the armchair is hours of fun once you can get the rhythm down. To get into this position, the giver sits up with his legs straight while their partner sits on top of them with legs on the giver’s shoulders and arms being used for support. Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of strength on behalf of the receiver to perform this position, so you may need to train before you can enjoy all of its glory.  

Cowgirl Position

A great modification of the armchair position, fusion allows for much greater penetration mobility, and thus increases the pleasure. To get into the position, the giver sits in a straight legged position while their partner sits on top of them while leaning back. Although it tends to tire the arms of the receiver, the position is a blast while their muscles are still fresh.

Fusion Position

A great modification of the armchair position, fusion allows for much greater penetration mobility, and thus increases the pleasure. To get into the position, the giver sits in a straight legged position while their partner sits on top of them while leaning back. Although it tends to tire the arms of the receiver, the position is a blast while their muscles are still fresh.

Reverse Mastery Position

The reverse mastery position is one of the highest rated; it puts the receiver on top while keeps penetration mobility high and its rear entry while remaining very intimate. To get into the position, the receiver sits, facing away, on top of their sitting partner. The reverse mastery position is incredibly versatile, so make sure to experiment with it on other furniture… a few ideas to help get those creative juices flowing: a chair, stairs, or the edge of the bathtub.

Inverted Missionary Position

The inverted missionary is exactly what it sounds like, the missionary position with the receiver on top and the giver on top. Getting into the position is very easy; the giver just lies back on the bed and has the receiver lay on top of them. Variations in the positioning of the receiver’s upper body can also allow for body kissing, breasts, neck, or sternum, so feel free to move around and experiment.  

Inverted Rear Entry Position

A variant of the acrobat position, the inverted rear entry position was one of our panel’s favorite positions for intimacy. Unlike its close cousin, regular rear entry, this position offers incredible access to the receiver’s chest and neck while offering a great penetration angle for g-spot or prostate gland stimulation. To get into the position, the giver lies on a bed with their partner lying on top in line with them. Note: since the receiver doesn’t have very much leverage, movement is mainly the giver’s responsibility.

Seesaw Position

A very intimate position, the seesaw will definitely bring you and your partner closer. To get into this position, the giver sits up with his legs straight while their partner sits on top of them with legs planted on either side. Although movement is limited, don’t underestimate the passion that can be experienced using it.

So Ladies, let’s enjoy the ride and make that man grin from ear to ear.

Sensual Element