Best Places to Have Sex

I bet everyone can remember this jam…

“Anytime Anyplace” by Janet Jackson

Did it bring back some memories?  I know it did for me.  I bet it got you thinking about where was the best place you had gotten busy? Better yet, you reminisced about an escapade with your man or lover and it sent chills up your spine?Well below, I gathered some places that would be the best place to have sex: 

In The Ocean – This is a little bit more daring than your own personal pool, but it can be pulled off. Try going to a secluded beach and getting hot in the waves, or even trying the more difficult task of having sex on a raft or floater.

 At The Office – If one partner or the other has a private office at the workplace – preferably with a lock on the door – it might present a “forbidden” place to have sex. Surprise your significant other with lunch at noon – and you for desert.  Don’t forget to work the entire office from the desk to the chair.

In An Airplane Restroom — join the mile high club! – What more can I say about this one!!Outside in the rain – It’s something about the rain that is sensual.   Don’t forget to try in a screened in porch in the middle of a thunderstorm or in your house during a thunderstorm, with a window open and rain misting all over you.  The balcony is a great place for love as well.

In A Hot TubGo to a hot tub spa in your area.  Don’t forget take the lubrication. This can be one of the best times for a half hour or an hour.  I suggest the later of the two. You two can make the best of the time while in the hot tub. 

On A Baseball Diamond At Night – If you have a man that loves baseball, he will definitely be thrilled at the idea of escapade on the pitchers mound, or the third base.  Ladies make you have easy access for this kind of adventure.     

In Front Of A Video Camera – Take the time out to make a movie and see how you work.  This is a good way to play roles and film them for viewing later.  Just make sure when u decide to destroy them both are present.  We don’t want any of those films ending up on the internet. 

On an Old Sheet with Chocolate Body Frosting – Make a game out of this.  Better yet rethink 9 ½ weeks for some real fun.  Take the sheet to a hotel.  Or if you just want to stay at home spread on the frosting and don’t forget to lick every spot. 

If you have any great places to add to this list, hit us up in the comment section or you can email us at  

Sensual Element


3 Responses

  1. I love that song…brings back fond memories. Ok, what if your spouse works in a cubicle. Is the copy room an option? 😉

  2. Cubicles could be optional on the weekend when no one else is around. I never thought about the copy room. Wow, that is a good one!!

    Senusal Element

  3. Wow, I haven’t heard this song in years! Thanks for the trip down makeout lane, ha ha ha!

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