Glossy Picks – The ’80s Version

Happy Monday!

Today, we share our favorite songs from the 1980s!

Mix Maven takes us way back with “Don’t Disturb This Groove” by The System. Mix loved this song as a youngster in the 1980s. Mix says, “I love the melody and lyrics of this song, ‘Hang the sign up on the door, Don’t disturb this groove’… Pure deliciousness.” Every time she sees a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger, she hums the tune. Mix adds, “Now, his hair and look in the video are another story.”

Joyful Radiance loved Janet Jackson’s “Nasty.” The choreography was always fascinating to watch. Joy says, “Janet kept that cool, but ticked, look on her face through the whole video! She shares that it was a tough pick between “Nasty” and “What Have You Done For Me Lately.” Joy wants you all to know that “Janet still has her moves and ’20 Y.O.’ is a pretty good cd.”

Sensual Element takes us back to “Purple Rain” with Morris Day and The Time’s “Jungle Love.” Sensual Element says, “This was when Prince and Morris Day reigned! Purple Rain produced so many classic songs, it was hard to choose just one.”

We all agree that it was hard to choose just one song! We dare you to try!

The Ladies of Pumps and Gloss

2 Responses

  1. wow yall went way back! lol.. you all have been tagged! check my latest post!

  2. OMG – don’t disturb this groove. Take me back. And although Kia technically tagged you first, I’m gonna tag you as well!

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