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On behalf of Mix Maven, we appreciate all of your votes on the hair style she should wear to her cousin’s wedding. Voting is still open, so please feel free to let us know what style you like the best!

Shouts out to Snazzy Finds, Yummy 411, The Clothes Horse, The Trendsetter and Daddy Likey for showing us love by adding us to their blogrolls. All of these ladies have great blogs! If you would like your blog listed on our blogroll, feel free to let us know.

We think you know that the Ladies of P&G love to shop. 🙂 We found a great Ebay page that offers great deals on M.A.C. products. We have received great customer service from this seller! It has come in handy since a certain Lady of P&G is a M.A.C. junkie. (Joy and Element point at the same time to Mix) 🙂

For all you internet shoppers, here are tips on how to be safe while shopping online.

We were in Banana Republic recently and this top looks way better in person. You must go see for yourself and the store has this in a gorgeous shade of royal blue.

Carol’s Daughter has some beautiful shades of nourishing lip glosses. Yum!

3 Responses

  1. Can I give another shout out to my enabler, Yummy411? I am getting ready to go MAC right now!! Today is like Christmas .. Woop Woop!! 😉

  2. I want to say that Pumps and Gloss has the best logo.

  3. […] 5th, 2007 My dear friend, Joyful Radiance called me out last week. She referred to me as a MAC junkie. Truth be told, she is spot on. I love MAC cosmetics and Mac […]

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