Help Wanted

Hey P&G Readers,

We hope you all had a restful holiday, and reflected on the sacrifice of our Armed Forces.

Now onto today’s post.

First of all, I am not having a hair crisis. Secondly, I am not an indecisive person. Here is the story: One of my cousins will be getting married next month. I want to try a fresh, new look for the wedding.

In the past, I have worn a similar updo to the ubiquitous Beyonce, but putting a shower cap (more like 2 shower caps and a scarf around the edges) is problematic.

Beyonce - Source: link

I love this Kelly Rowland look, but the hairstyle would be too distracting as no one has ever seen me with long, voluminous hair. Everyone would be fawning over me, and that would not be cool, after all, the day/weekend belongs to the bride. 😉 {My hairstyles tend to be on the conservative side.} (Sidebar: Kelly Rowland has a flawless look. I am looking forward to the release of her new album.)

Kelly Rowland - Source: link

I like 3 hairstyles. Two seem no maintenance for the weekend (notwithstanding shower cap issues). The other hairstyle looks like slight maintenance. This is where your assistance is needed. I cannot decide which style I want to wear for the weekend. I will be traveling to another state, so the style must be able to hold up in those conditions. So it is time to vote!! In the comment section, please select 1 hairdo:

  1. Eva 1
  2. Eva 2
  3. Rihanna

The hairdo with the highest vote will be the one I will wear to the wedding.

Eva Mendes - Source: BeautyRiot.comEva Mendes (Bangs) - Source: BeautyRiot.comRihanna - Source:

In a future post, I will reveal the hairdo to everyone. I am looking forward to reading the comments. Thank you in advance. 🙂

My Coif is in Your Hands,

Mix Maven

19 Responses

  1. I see why you are having a difficult time making a decision. They are all gorgeous. My Vote is Eva 2.

  2. I love the Rihanna chignon. I vote for #3.

  3. I say work out the Kelly R. look – you would probably just have to wrap it up at night and just don’t get it so long. 🙂 But if I had to pick from the three you listed, I vote for Rihanna. Very classy look.

  4. Eva 2 looks nice – I like how there is a bun and then hair down in the back. Don’t do the big bang though.

  5. My vote is for #3.

  6. Mix, I say u rock #1 (Eva 1). That way you can party like a ROCK STAR at the reception!!!

  7. I”m torn I’m thinking more Rhianna it’s a classic look and can be worn with mostly any outfit. The Eve 1 is nice too!

    I just feel upon your blog would love to be on your blog roll and you on

    Truly Curvaceous

  8. Please add us to your Blog Roll. Ok for the heart of the matter, TC, you gotta be decisive. LOL. You see my struggle. So can we put you down for Rihanna or Eve 1? Thanks for stopping by P&G.
    Mix Maven

  9. Okay, I say Rhianna her look is extremely classic… and I just like it a little more

    Truly Curvaceous

  10. You should definitely rock Rihanna’s style and it looks easy to maintain.

  11. I’m voting for Eva #1. Chic, yet simple!

  12. rihanna! rihanna! rihanna! i’ve wanted this look myself..but where am i going? it maybe a bit of maintenance, but it will be worth it! yay! i also agree with joyful radiance that you can def shorten the kelly rowland look! good luck!

  13. […] we appreciate all of your votes on the hair style she should wear to her cousin’s wedding.  Voting is still open, so please feel free to let us know what style you like the […]

  14. #3 Rihanna

  15. I vote for Rihanna. It’s classic and very face-flattering. And it looks like once it’s done, it would stay in place so you wouldn’t have to worry about it all evening.

  16. the Rhianna is so retro…so glam…it’s hot!!!! but, it’s simple enough that you won’t seem to be vying attention that should be the bride’s…

  17. […] of all, I want to thank you for voting for my hairdo for my cousin’s upcoming wedding. If you are eligible, please register to vote for local, […]

  18. I personally love retro anything including retro fashion. Thanks for the post.

  19. i say eva 1 looks real cute!!
    its more of a wedding look,also,and i think you can rock it.

    eva 2,your hair’s all out,your gonna be dancing,and ther might be wind,and at the end of the day,your hair will be a mess!

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