Glossy Links

Oprahs shares with us Things Every Woman Should Know – we wonder if she saw our list

We must be in touch with our bodies and we must be aware of breast cancer and how it affects women of color.

Stay on top of the NBA playoffs at – who says Ladies aren’t into sports?

While it is long overdue, this story proves that God is a God of justice.

Are you tired of junk mail? We have done this and it really works!

Looking for a low-calorie snack? How about a snack that gives you a negative calorie intake!

We agree with Bishop T. D. Jakes – a reality check is indeed in order! And we certainly need more LOVE music! No one does it like Stevie…or Luther, or Teddy, or….you get the picture. 🙂

AOL has a great site focusing on Soul and Spirit. We love to see celebrities share what really matters.

Do you have any Glossy Links to share?  Feel free to tell us in the Comment Box below or e-mail us at

2 Responses

  1. I signed up to opt out of credit card offers a little less than a month ago so haven’t seen a big decrease yet. I’m definitely looking forward to it, tho.

  2. Cool. Let us know the progress. The Do Not Call list actually works, so I am very pleased with that. 😉 ~Mix Maven~

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