Okay, this week I will digress on sexual desires and give my picks on what my mother would like for Mother’s Day. The first thing she hinted toward was Coach.  So, here are a couple Coach picks.Signature Medium DuffleLarge Signature Gallery Tote

My mother is also a shoe fanatic.  Here are some of her shoe picks sandals.jpg shoe2.jpg.  That is all I can put at this time.  She asked for so much stuff!

My mother and I really have the same taste, which is wonderful when you are looking for something different;  yet it is bad when you can’t find your own clothing, shoes etc. and your Mother has jacked your stuff and tells you, “I meant to bring that back.”  She is definitely in my corner when I need her.  Nothing but love, I tell you.  I say to all the Mothers out there Happy Mother’s Day. 

Sensual Element