Dear Mama

Every time I hear this song, although my childhood was nothing like Tupac’s, I can’t help but feel such appreciation for my Mother.

I am the only child and thanks to my Father, I am not completely spoiled rotten. My Mom does all that she can for me and she has certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty.  I can admit that I am a little spoiled. 🙂  With that said, I love to spoil my Mom in return.  Not only do I go all out for her birthday, Mother’s Day and Christmas, I find great joy in picking up little things for her throughout the year.

I appreciate my Mom and I work hard at letting her know that.  Even if it is simply an e-mail saying “Love You,” I encourage you to make your Mothers feel special.  It’s not all about money.  The old saying “it is the thought that counts” is so true.

Here’s to all the Mothers out there – Oprah says you have the hardest job in the world and I second that.

And here are pictures of my baby……raising a puppy is a whole ‘nother post all together!

JR’s Baby GirlBaby GirlPosing             She’s pretty photogenic, huh? 🙂

Joyful Radiance

2 Responses

  1. Did I not tell you my godbaby is cayute… She needs to have an agent!

  2. aww your doggy is adorable!!!

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