What’s Really Going On?????

Has anyone heard of Alexyss K. Tylor?  She is an advocate on Vagina Power.  She started off as a TV host in Atlanta.  However, I guess she was too bold about her vagina, so her show was cancelled.  Now, Alexyss has a book and let us just take a look at what Ms. Tylor has to say. 

Honestly, I couldn’t figure out if she was serious or not.  When I realized she was, I just looked at the video and watched her mother’s facial expressions as her daughter talked about penises and vagina’s.  She wants women to pilot the pussy (be the pussy police).  I do agree that sometimes you have to distinguish between sex and love. 

Okay Ladies, now is her talk valid or is she talking nonsense?  I know there are many women that actually believe her talk.  Most women use that mentality when with their man.  A lot of us believe that if we work the man he won’t leave us.  Yeah right because if your vagina is that good, he may turn out to be a stalker. I ask, do we really want vagina power over the penis?

I’ll leave with one more video of vagina power.  

 I have heard ladies say that the penis was so good that they wanted to slap their momma.  Like why didn’t you warn me that dick could be so good.  I never heard of the woman slapping the man because it was so good.  Now I must admit that if the penis was so good, I have reminisced about the penis.  I concur with Alexyss on if the performance is not what we as women like, we view the man to be inert to our needs.  I agree if the man is not equipped with our standards, the man is not to satisfying.   I may not agree with Alexyss totally, but I must admit she is a very candid and interesting. 

Ladies, get at us and let pumps and gloss know how you feel when it comes to VAGINA POWER. 

Sensual Element