No Regrets

Wonderful Wednesday to You!

I decided some years ago to live with no regrets. In spite of some of the bad choices I have made, along with mistakes, I look at them as learning experiences. I do not carry a load of guilt or shame around (think about Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady”) and I regret nothing.

My Pastor once said, “Do not let your past or your current situation define you.” I was not the only one saying AMEN that Sunday morning! When he said that, I actually felt a wave of relief, as if a weight was taken off my shoulders. This from a person who felt they had no regrets.

When a friend of mine from high school died at the age of 28, I was devastated. I was comforted in knowing that he lived his life to the fullest. Death always causes self reflection for me, so I wondered why I had not been living my life to the fullest…

I encourage you to enjoy your life – day to day, moment to moment – because I do not want us to look back and have regrets. Take a risk, take a chance, do something different, and do something you want to do with no regrets!

Joyful Radiance