Multiple Sex Partners = Better Sex

Recently, Kool Kitty and I were chatting and the topic came up about whether multiple sex partners made someone a better person at sex.  Well, we asked a few friends their opinion.   

Having multiple sex partners does not necessarily make anyone better at sex.  Some feel it does not make you skilled at pleasing your sexual partner.  A female friend believes all it takes is a one person to really show you how to perform certain acts to make them go wild.  Because we all know every individual you sleep with is different from another.  She states some key areas to having better sex are: 1) your partner has to teach you; 2) learn about sex and 3) practicing with one person could make you better.      

A young man agrees that multiple sex partners makes someone better at sex.  He believes you have to practice to get the experience.  The more you practice the better you become.  It’s the ride your bike theory.   

I personally believe one should learn what makes their partner crazy in bed (unless it’s a booty call) otherwise your sex life may not last very long with the one person.  I am not into how many partners you have been with, its more can you satisfy me.   I know no one wants to teach someone but sometimes I think we need to teach each other what makes one eyes roll to the back of the head.  So that one day when you reflect back you can feel the chill going up the spine because the LOVIN was so good.     

Ladies and gentlemen, let us know your thoughts on what equates better sex.  Do you believe it has to do with multiple sex partners?  Email us at   

Sensual Element


I was reading the latest copy of Marie Claire with Salma Hayek on the cover. Salma Hayek - Source: I hate the way the commentators on the post-awards shows, which I love to watch, describe her as being fat or euphemistically as curvy. Makes me sad because it is not cool to be gaunt and sickly. (See Kate Moss and the new and not-so improved Amy Winehouse.) As Rick James said, “Cocaine is a helluva a drug.”

Salma Hayek is one of the executive producers of “Ugly Betty”. I enjoy watching this show because, on some level, I can relate to the character on the show. I can relate to the general aspect of being different (eating, speaking, and having a different sensibility than my peers.) I had to embrace that an early age, as I was an immigrant child trying to navigate my way in the world in the early to mid-1980s. I adore Betty’s confidence and drive. If she were a real person, I would want her to be my friend because of her caring nature.

What I do not get about the show is why do they have put Betty is such ugly clothes. I cringe every time I see her wardrobe. I mean could they just make her look plain.
Have you ever seen “What Not To Wear” or “How Do I Look?” ? Why do the participants cry over their ugly clothes. It is so unnecessary. My aunt M and I have a name for the condition where people hold on to stuff, especially ugly things. We call it idolatry. These people define themselves by their unattractive and unflattering clothes. As I said in the Clean House post, “they are emotionally attached to the memories, not realizing that the things do not replace the thoughts in their minds.” I know if Ugly Betty was on one these shows, she would be crying over her hideous Blue winter jacket. The funny thing is, I would never ask UB to lose weight, just her attire for a fresh, affordable look. There has to be some happy medium that we could all agree to, but would that take away from the underlining ugly theme of the show. As my beloved Stacy and Clinton like to say, paraphrasing, bring the inside out!

I predict that in the final episode, seasons later, she will finally get a makeover and she will marry her boss, turned lover, Daniel.

I love this song because it was the theme song (different singer) of my favorite show, Coupling. How I miss that show…..

~Mix Maven~