When Really Bad Dancing Happens to OK People

I love Oprah’s show. She uplifts people, and gives them hope. At my church we sing a song that says, “we have this hope that burns within our hearts…” I tell you every time we sing that song, I mist up. Hope is great. You know what I hope for, the sight of middle-aged white people dancing on television will decrease. (Not that Oprah has rhythm either!) Choreographer Tweetie, bless her heart, had to teach some of those people how to do the Old Man and the Snap Dance. Tweetie was very patient, and hope that by doing the dance lesson for Dame O, her career will move into the stratosphere. One thing I know for sure, there will several stars in Tweetie’s crown.

Choreographer Tweetie and the Misfits (Well, not all of them)

I love Kelly Ripa. She is hip and cool. If you watch “Live with Regis and Kelly”, you know she likes to say “holla” and “Where Brooklyn at” often. She is hilarity and hi-jinx. I think she could teach Dame O how to do the Chicken Noodle Soup.

If you are going to dance in public, please practice, practice, practice or you will show up on the Internets, which I learned is a series of tubes. Tom Brady, I love you, but uhm noo!!

Looks like someone is droppin’ like it is lukewarm.

5, 6, 7, 8

On the Beat,

Mix Maven


5 Responses

  1. Too funny!! What is rhythm in their mind?

  2. I hope they know that Jesus still saves! 😀

  3. HILARIOUS!!!!!! LOL!!!

  4. when i saw kelly ripa doing the chicken noodle soup dance, i almost fell out of my chair!

  5. Kia,

    You should watch “Regis and Kelly” on Tuesday. Mims is going to be on and she is going to act a fool. I will post it, if I can find it. ~Mix Maven~

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