Unnecessary Mistreatment

Just because you are related to or involved with someone does not mean you have to accept their mistreatment.  “That is just how he/she is” is an unacceptable excuse. 

Life is too short to be miserable.  You do not have to tolerate anyone’s foolishness, emotional or physical abuse.

“…and she loves me more than you’ll ever know!”

“Being strong and not letting people break me down – you won’t get that joy this time around!”

Don’t settle for less.  Protect your heart.  Guard yourself against people and things that hinder your growth and joy.  If that means distancing yourself from family, friends, or lovers, do what you have to do for your well being.  I am not about being conceited, but you have to put yourself first.  Women often put others first – kids, men, family, work, church, etc. – do not sacrifice yourself to your detriment.

Joyful Radiance

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  1. Would be nice if Tamia had a hit!

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