Why We Settle For Less

Our wants and needs lead us to settle for less in many areas of our lives – love, work, purchases, goals, and the list goes on.  Let’s examine why we settle for less and how we can reach our wants and needs in a positive manner.

We settle for less because….

We are IMPATIENT.  “I want it now!”

We have LOW SELF-ESTEEM.  “This is the best I can do.”

We think it is GOD.  “My blessing has come!”

We know it is the DEVIL.  “I know it’s wrong, but it feels good.”

We are LONELY.  “He is here, so I will take what I can get.”

We feel a VOID.  “This temporarily brings me comfort.”

The above reasons do not lead to blessings.  Remember, a blessing does not bring sorrow or regret.

In order to reverse our thinking, we must:

1.   Learn to be Patient

2.   Trust the Lord

3.   Pray to the Lord and Know His Voice

4.   Have Confidence

5.   Believe in Yourself

6.   Think Outside the Box regarding Resources and Solutions

7.   Do Not Lower Your Standards

Good things will come your way when you least expect it.


Joyful Radiance


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  1. Very inspirational!

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