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Soul Star here with your celebrity news…

NAACP Image Awards

The NAACP Image Awards were given out on Friday. The show was great and positive. It was hosted by the oh so sexy LL Cool J. Bill Cosby received an Image Awards Hall Of Fame Award. Bill gave a speech about his dying friend baseball player Joe Black. To me it seem like the audience didn’t get the meaning of the speech because they were kind of quiet after he finished but they clapped because if it came from Bill it just had to have a meaning behind it. His wife Camille still looks beautiful. Singer Bono received the Chairman Award for his humanitarian efforts. He took them to church with his speech. I heard “Preach” in the crowd while he was speaking. Oscar winners, Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker both took home awards. Both were thankful to be recognized by their own people. Jennifer thanked Randy Jackson, who presented her with her award for picking her as a wild card on American Idol. Prince won for Best Male Artist and spoke of lawyers and accountants destroying the music industry. Prince always talks about that I guess he has experienced it. CNN’s Soledad O’Brien received a President’s Award for her jounalist work. Here are pictures from the event and Bono’s speech.
jennifer hudson -
ll cool j -
mary j and anika -

Kelis Gets Arrested

kelis -

Ms. Bossy was arrested recently in Miami for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Kelis was screaming racial slurs at two female cops posing as prostitutes. Some friends had to restrain her when she rushed toward the women. The disturbance caused a crowd to form and block the street causing traffic to stop. Time for anger management classes with Foxy.

Speaking Of Foxy Brown

foxy brown - associated press

Foxy is at again. According to The New York Daily News, Foxy parked her SUV illegally at a bus stop in front of a restaurant in her hometown of Brooklyn. While she was eating, the cops pulled up and she dashed out of the restaurant to prevent them writing a ticket. Someone from her crew ran back in the restaurant to pay the $53 bill but the owner said that was okay and told him just not to come back there anymore. Apparently Foxy has skipped out of this restaurant before and not paid the bill. Plus the wait staff does not like to wait on her because she is rude and known for cussing out people. Foxy you need to get it together girl.

Kayne West’s Takeout Order

kanye west -

Here’s one person who likes to pay for their bill and then some. Rapper Kanye West put in a order for take out food from a restaurant in … the UK. British Raj’s received a call Sunday from a music production company for an order to be delivered in New York on Wednesday. A menu of Indian food including onion behajees, chapati bread, biryanis, pappadums, a specially prepared fish dish, was requested for the rapper and seven guests. The head chef agreed to deliver the food beyond its usual three mile radius if his airfare and hotel stay would be provided. The meal will be prepared, cooled, shrink-wrapped and packed in dry ice before being carried by helicopter – along with the head chef Keysor Ahmed- from Wales to London’s Heathrow Airport. From London the chef and his food flew to Manhattan where the meal was to be served during a meeting Wednesday. So a bill for food which normally would have totaled $17.50 ended up totaling $3900. Boy that food better be good if he went through all that. You mean to tell me they don’t have Indian restaurants in New York. I tell you some people in the industry are so extra.

Bobby Brown Bails On The Radio Station

bobby brown -,,tvland_7wsq107b,00.html?ice=iv,en,ln,fly,tv
Looks like Bobby backed out on the deal to work at Washington, DC radio station Hot 99.5 in exchange for them bailing him out of jail. Apparently he got into an argument live on the air with DJ Kane and hung on him. You can listen to the argument here. There is also more on the drama at their web site. No word yet on whether Bobby will go back to jail after this. Bobby when will you learn?

Ginuwine and Robin Givens?!!!

ginuwine -
robin givens -

Page Six reports that oh so fine singer Ginuwine got really close to Robin Givens at the club Stereo recently as they partied with Jermaine Dupri and Kanye West. Ginuwine got up on a table in Jermaine’s VIP section and did a sexy dance for Robin, followed by a lap dance. His wife, Sole, a born again Christian, is rumored to wanting him to get out of the music business and now I can see why. Check out her interview with Minister Jay Cameron.

American Idol Drama

frenchie davis -,6115,435094~3~0~ewchecksinwith,00.html
antonella barba -;_ylu=X3oDMTBsYnVxczg1BHNlYwNwcm9mBHZ0aWQDSTA2N184OQ–/SIG=135d7vai1/EXP=1173397484/**http%3A//

Some drama is stirring up on American Idol one again this season. Twenty year old contestant Antonella Barba had some very racy pictures surfaced of her on the internet of her lying on her back covered with rose petals, sitting on a toilet, posing in her underwear and performing oral sex on a man. The show has spoken little about the incident and Barba as well. Outside of her saying it isn’t her of course. Barba was not released from the show either but four years ago Frenchie Davis was released for posing in lingerie on an adult web site. Sounds like a double standard to me. Davis says that she wishes Barba well but would like a public apology from the show. She feels her situation was handled much differently than Barba’s. Project Islamic Hope activist Najee Ali has taken up the singer’s cause and organized an “Anti “American Idol” Rally” in support of Davis. He wants to meet with Fox and American Idol producers to set some guidelines down because they can’t have a rule for white contestants and have different rules for black contestants. He felt their punishment should have been equal. There was a rally and a press conference in front of the Kodak Theater in Hollywood where the show is broadcast on Tuesday. Season one producer Tarvenia Jones, Davis (via phone), and Davis’ manager Belinda Foster participated in the rally. Even The View co-host, Rosie O’Donnell says that the producers are racist for letting Frenchie go and keeping Antonella. She said it’s possible that Frenchie’s weight played a factor too. Here’s The View ladies talking about it on website.

I also think Frenchie was treated unfairly. She let the producers know up front about the pictures and they still let her go. This is not the first time this has happened. They let Nikki McKibbin from the first season stay and she was a stripper and an unwed mother (what they ripped Fantasia apart about). I have never even seen Frenchie’s pictures anywhere but I know they could not be worst than Antonella’s. I think they were afraid that Frenchie would win that season because she had such a big voice and they had to stop her. This Antonella chick can’t even hold a tune and she had the nerve to get mad when they didn’t give her good reviews last week. She told Simon “Well you were wrong about Jennifer Hudson” please you can’t sing they weren’t wrong about you. Oh well Frenchie keep on going because you are fantastic. She is currently on tour with the play Rent.

More Idol News

simon cowell -
jennifer hudson -

Simon Cowell spoke out about comments Jennifer Hudson made recently at 24th Annual Paley Festival at the Director’s Guild of American In West Hollywood. Simon (who told Hudson she was out of her league on the show) was quoted as saying that “Jennifer Hudson said “American Idol” was a ‘stepping stone’ for her. Stepping stone? It was her big opportunity to become noticed and she got noticed and she got Dreamgirls.”

He also said that other past contestants have turned against the show that made them successful. He says the reason people come on the show is because all the doors had been slammed in their face.

I do agree with him somewhat about others that have turned against the show but I don’t really think Jennifer is bitter like they are. She recently said on the Tyra Banks Show that she was misquoted in an article saying that the show was abusive. She said she recognized that Idol gave her the exposure she needed in order to get the part in Dreamgirls. Oh well Simon is going to be Simon.

Michael Jackson News

michael jackson -

Michael Jackson’s rep, Raymone K. Bain, has denied rumors that Jackson will tour with his family because his funds are low. Jackson is currently staying in Las Vegas but he denies that he is looking for a casino to do a Vegas act. He is there working on a new album. He also denies that Jackson tried to get tickets to the NBA All Star game and was turned down. He said he was invited by several owners and players to be their guest but he turned down their offers. He also will not perform or appear on American Idol this season. One rumor that is true about Michael is that he will be appearing in Tokyo today for a meet and greet where fans can talk to the star for 30 seconds to one minute at a time for $3500. Wow I couldn’t do $3500 for a minute that could be a down payment for a car or something. Also Jackson is having a fan art contest. The fan with the best picture drawn of him could win brunch with Jackson and have their picture taken with him.

LeBron James Expecting Second Child

labron james -

LeBron James and his girlfriend Savannah Brinson are expecting a second child in June. The couple already have a 2 year old son, Lebron James, Jr.
She is set for life.

Nick Cannon Ain’t A Player No More

nick cannon -

selita ebanks -

Nick Cannon says that his new girlfriend, Victoria Secrets model, Selita Ebanks has changed him. He said he is no longer a player. Selita said that she had to “clean up his act” and he had made her the happiest she’s ever been. She denies rumors that the two got married in Las Vegas. Everybody is not happy about the relationship. It seems that Ebanks’ ex and former manager, Marc Chamblin said that he was still with Ebanks when she went to Las Vegas with Cannon. He said she fired him as her manager because she wanted to date him. He was her manager a year before they began to date. He claims he was with her Valentine’s Day and brought her expense gifts from Tiffany’s and Cartier before she flew off to Vegas. He also claims she was dating a third man at the time Tad Kornegay, a Canadian league football player. He met Ebanks through his ex, stylist June Ambrose on the set of a Kanye West video. He said June thinks she is a “homewrecker” and used her to get to him. Chamblin claims Ebanks apologized to him and said she is doing all of this for press. Ebanks said that Chamblin is a jilted, obsessive ex lover who won’t let her go.

Baby Mama Drama

50 cent -
Rapper 50 Cent has filed papers in Family Court to make the child support arrangement with his son’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins formal for the first time in their relationship. According to the New York Daily News, 50 was forced to act when Tompkins began to demand more money. 50 lived with Tompkins for four years and in that time their son, Marquise was born. The couple has been apart over five years and 50 moved them in a upscale Long Island neighborhood in a new house so their son could attend a better school. It seems like with some of these women they can never get enough it’s not like she is out there making money I could see if he was not taking care of his kid but it seems to me (and I’m not the biggest 50 Cent fan) that he takes a lot of time with his son. We’ll see how this turns out.

jay z -,1169,888526,00.html
Rumor has it that a model from Trinidad is claiming that Jay Z is that father of her baby. Shenelle Scott met Jay Z when he was in town shooting a video for “Big Pimpin”. She is now currently dating Lil Fizz from B2K. Here’s some pictures and a story about her at this website.

This Week On TV

I Love New York

new york -

This week on I Love New York, New York was down to her top five guys. New York had a surprise for them. She surprised them with their ex girlfriends and one of the guys sister. The ex’s dish the dirt about the guys. The big shocker was that 12 Pack’s ex revealed that he used to work at a gay strip club. He still swears he is not gay. Okay whatever… I was also surprised at Chance’s girlfriend I never suspected he would have been with someone like that. Real’s girlfriend was pretty and I think he still has a thing for her. New York gave her usual drama when she thought Tango was paying more attention to his ghetto fab ex than her. Tango threatened to leave until New York talked him into staying. In the end 12 Pack was sent “packing” after New York overheard him talking to his ex about him blowing up in New Jersey after people see him on the show. New York said she felt he wasn’t there for her. Oh well maybe him and Chamo have a chance.

Top At The Box Office

1. Wild Hogs
2. Zodiac
3. Ghost Rider
4. Bridge To Terabithia
5. The Number 23

In Theaters Next Week


The Ultimate Gift

Top On The Charts

R and B / Hip Hop Album

The Evolution Of Robin Thicke – Robin Thicke

R and B / Hip Hop Singles

Lost Without You – Robin Thicke

Celebrity Birthdays

March 8th

Kameelah Williams (Singer-702), 29

March 9th

Bow Wow (Rapper/Actor), 20

Chingy (Rapper), 27

Jeffrey Osborne (Singer), 59

Emmanuel Lewis (Actor), 36

C- Miller (Rapper/Formerly C-Murder), 36

March 10th

Timbaland (Rapper/Producer), 36

Jasmine Guy (Actress), 43

March 11th

Terrence Howard (Actor), 38

LeToya Luckett (Singer), 26

Cheryl Lynn (Singer), 50

Bobby McFerrin (Singer), 57

March 12th

Marlon Jackson (Singer), 50

Courtney Vance (Actor), 47

Al Jarreau (Singer), 67

March 13th

Khujo (Rapper-Goodie Mob), 35

Common (Rapper), 35

Terence Blanchard (Jazz Trumpeter), 45

March 14th

Quincy Jones (Producer), 74

Penny Johnson Jerald (Actress), 46

I’m signing out for now.

Be Blessed,

Soul Star


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  1. Fascinating stuff. I learned a lot from Sole. That preacher did seem kinda smarmy to me. Good post!!

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