Have Some Fun!

We have all heard the saying, “Life is too short.”  As a society, we work hard, but don’t play enough.  Oprah has done a number of shows where she talks with women from around the world and all the women said the same thing – Americans work too much and don’t have enough fun.  I don’t want to look back over my life and say, “I did not have enough fun.”  So today, I encourage you to have some fun!

I do not have to make a list of fun things – you know what is fun for you!  So do it!

  You tell ’em Cindy!

I have a snow globe from Universal Studios Orlando (talk about FUN!) that has a picture of the Cat in the Hat and the phrase, “It is fun to have fun!”  Don’t be all work and no play.  No time?  MAKE THE TIME.  Already having fun?  Good, keep up the good work. 🙂

I recently watched “Women and Money” by Suze Orman on television and she said, “Be as generous to yourself as you are to others.”  Keep that in mind as you have some fun this week.

Go Play!

Joyful Radiance

3 Responses

  1. Loved the post. The song took me back. 😀

  2. Joyful Radiance, Why don’t you give us some suggestions?

  3. […] lemonade on the veranda, hanging out with friends at the beach, family reunions. There are many fun things to […]

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