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  1. O.K., I’m watching Clean House right now and Niecy is not on it. It is a up-to-date show and no Niecy. What happen to Niecy. I’m not feeling the love of the show. There is no umph in the show. It’s boring. Hopefully, she is on vacation or something, because it is not going to be the same without her. You see Trading Spaces brought Staci back.

    And Niecy if this is directly to you, please come back. Please send me a response.

  2. No Niecy – No show!

    Niecy is the charasmatic energy behind this show that gels so well with the other three. Lisa Arch is boring, no charisma, and needs to go back to hosting Sponge Bob.

  3. OK It’s like this, Niecy IS the show. This Lisa character is just NOT Niecy. She (Lisa) looks really stupid trying to be Niecy. Get her off the show. And, get Niecy back on the show. I will not watch and wish that I had Clean House in my home anymore. Without Niecy I guess I’ll have to live with my foolishness and mayhem.

  4. Where is Niecy Nash?????????????? This replacement is dry and boring and I refuse to acknowledge the show anymore! Bring Niecy back!

  5. Please forward your concerns to

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